How To Balance Estrogen With A Healthy Diet

Hi Eric Bakker here, thanks for coming back. We’re going to talk about estrogen, estrogen
in the body. Estrogen has been very malaligned for many
years and many people see it as a bad hormone, but when you’ve got a healthy, functioning,
normally balanced body, estrogen is a perfectly fine hormone. But the problem with many people today is
we’ve got so many larger people there and obesity is becoming quite the norm in many
countries, so high saturated animal fat intake in particular is really bad when it comes
to estrogen. Because this kind of fat intake will really
influence certain types of intestinal bacteria to produce an enzyme called beta glucuronidase. beta glucuronidase is something then that
can make estrogen a lot more available to transfer through the bloodstream and get into
the body and create damage. Estrogen is a proliferative hormone, it makes
things grow. It’s been linked with many different types
of cancers when it’s in excess. You don’t want a whole lot of beta glucuronidase
activity going on in the body. This is why vegans, vegetarians, or people
who are very cautious with their diets tend to have a different body shape and also a
more streamlined, more balanced estrogen, progesterone profile than women who tend to
eat whatever they want and who have a very high saturated fat intake. That’s the problem. When you’ve got a lot of saturated fat in
your diet and you get a lot of those beta glucuronidase happening, you’ve got far too
much estrogen going on there and that’s not really what you want. By changing your fat intake and types of fats
that you eat, having really lean protein and having more fish protein, which is an anti
inflammatory fat. Because if you look at, for example, beef
in particular, it tends to be prone to inflammation in the body, through a particular pathway. Arachidonic acid, we don’t really want to
have too much inflammation going on. I’ve got my trusty book here. We’re going to talk about a few points today
on how you can really balance estrogen and get a lot better effect there, and reduce
its ability to build up in the body. We’ve spoken of obesity, xeno-estrogens. You may have heard of that word xeno, or foreign
estrogens. These are coming through the diet, also through
the plastics. There’s been a global awareness on plastic,
be careful of things like Saran Wrap or cling wrap, that go on top of food. It’s good not to use those, especially on
high fat foods, where these artificial estrogens can get sucked into that fat. Try and stop using those things and if you’ve
got food that you want to store, put it in containers with a lid, but don’t put any Saran
Wrap or plastic wrap on them. Dietary fiber has been known to reduce estrogen
and it’s been shown both through blood, stool and urine studies that you can really make
a change there with estrogen, just by increasing fiber in the diet. Have a look at some of the videos I’ve completed
on fiber. I’ve completed many videos on that on this
channel, the different types of food you can eat. And also, you may have seen a previous video
where I’ve showed you this list of these foods. I’ll hold it there for a second so you can
take a screen shot. Those foods there are some of the best ones
when it comes to really increasing the probiotic content on your gut, because they’re pre biotic
foods. The probiotics particularly lactobacillus
acidophilus, has been linked with a lowering of beta glucuronidase, and also a lowering
generally of estrogen in the body. It’s good to eat a little bit of yogurt in
your diet and to take a supplement containing lactobacillus acidophilus. There are many papers I’ve looked at that
have shown a link between a positive reduction in estrogen, by way of the lactobacillus. A little bit of yogurt in the morning or in
the evening is quite a good thing for you to do. Phyto-estrogens, plant based estrogens, you’ve
got certain plants you can have, like soy for example. Which again has been kicked in the guts and
malaligned for years, I’ve heard all these stories about men who grow breasts and develop
retardation, even [inaudible] the homosexuals when they drink soy milk and all this sort
of junk. I’m sure it won’t be long before gluten has
been malaligned and they’ll put it in the frankenfoods category, that you’ll grow horns
when you eat bread and stuff like that. There’s some crazy people out there. Don’t fall for the hype.I still believe that
a non GMO soy product is fantastic food for females, especially those going through peri
menopause and menopause because it supplies a plant based estrogen. Phyto estrogens have also shown to lower the
activity of beta glucuronidase and they also work on stopping excess estrogen in the body
jamming up receptor sites. Because phyto-estrogens will will dock to
these receptor sites and act like a kind of estrogen. They’ll stop the excess burden from occurring. That’s a good one. The other one is the cabbage family. Brassicas, broccoli, cauliflower, these sorts
of things, they contain a substance called indoles which have a fantastic effect also
on lowering this excess estrogen. Indoles competitively inhibit estrogen and
seem to inhibit the growth of breast cancer cells. Particularly, brussel sprouts are one of my
favorites. You can get supplements which contain indole
three carbinol, I3C for example. Many studies link I3C regular consumption
with the reduction of excess estrogen in the body. You may also want to get testing done to see
where your estrogen is at. A really good test you can ask your doctor
to get done, let me write it down for you. Just because I’m Dutch doesn’t mean to say
that I like the DUTCH test, dried urine test for comprehensive hormones. I’ll say that again, dried urine test comprehensive
hormones. That’s a fantastic test that will give you
a good idea of the hormone levels in your body. There are three types of estrogen, [inaudible]
three times. Also, progesterone, testosterone, melatonin,
cortisol, cortisone, all the stress hormones. In fact, the whole hormonal pathway will be
revealed through that test. It’s a very good test, it’s worth doing. Ask your functional medicine doctor or naturopath
to get that test done for you. Arrange that one so you can do that one. It’ll give you a pretty good idea of your
estrogen numbers in the body and what you can do about it. Because you don’t want estrogen to get out
of hand and cause a lot of problems, because it has been linked with many different types
of illnesses in excess. The key message is get your weight down, eat
the right foods, get plenty of fiber in your diet. Eat lean protein, keep away from deep fried
foods, too much alcohol and you’re going to be in way better shape. Thanks for tuning in.