How protein works on your body | Nutrition Time – EP4 | Lifesum

we have heard that high-protein diets
can help us lose weight or build muscle but how? during the last episode we’ve learned
how the keto diet works and why it is effective for fast weight loss for keto
one of the main macros is fat but today we will talk about another macro that
also plays a big role in our health protein protein is a macronutrient
that is responsible for lots of functions in the body including
repairing muscles and tissues which means every time you damage the tissue
protein is responsible for fixing it cool right oh here’s a fun fact: did you
know that approximately 15% of our body weight is made of protein we can find
protein in almost all foods animal products such as eggs and dairy meat
fish and poultry are very rich in protein but also plant-based foods such
as nuts seeds and vegetables one gram of protein contains four calories just so
you understand 100 grams of eggs steak almonds and edamame beans contains
different amounts of protein but they’re all good sources the general
recommendation for protein intake is 10 to 20 percent of the total energy intake
a slightly higher protein intake can be beneficial when striving for weight loss
or muscle gain but why should I eat more protein if my goal is to lose weight
after eating a protein-rich meal the satiety feeling is more present compared to the
feeling after meals that are low in protein or contain the same amount of
calories besides that a high-protein diet can
help you keep or build muscle mass and a combination of carbs protein and weight
lifting is what you need every time you go through gym and lift heavy things
your muscle tissue breaks the muscle growth happens when your body repairs
this breakage and what is the macro that works on repairing muscles and tissues
yes protein make sure your pre and
post-workout meals include protein but also carbs to supply energy for your
game life some just released a new meal plan focus on high protein it’s called
protein weight loss check it out if you want to lose weight without feeling
hungry a high-protein diet can be delicious and nutritious make sure you
find healthy and diverse protein sources also remember to always include carbs of
high quality and unsaturated fat for balanced and healthy meal leave a like
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