How does a paleo diet affect your gut health?

Ok so people that follow the paleo
diet are generally quite health
conscious. So we want to compare them and
compare the bacteria living
in their bowel with people that are health conscious also
but just follow a normal
sort of healthy diet. So the paleo diet is a diet
which excludes grains and
dairy and legumes. What we do know is that it
might help people who are
overweight. Help them lose weight quicker.
And it might be of benefit
to people with diabetes. But we don’t know that for
sure there just hasn’t been
enough studies done on the diet. On a traditional healthy diet
most people would get a fair
bit of their daily fibre from
consuming grains and legumes. but on a paleo diet most of
the fibre comes from fruits
and vegetables alone. And the type of fibre that’s
present in grains and legumes
might be quite important for maintaining the bugs in
the bowel. So what we want to do is
actually look at the
differences in the bacteria that are
living in the bowel
between those two groups to work out if the difference
in the fibre that you’re eating
is important. What we’re doing for the current
project is we’re looking at
people who’ve been on a paleo diet for a
year or more. This study is a very good
opportunity for those people to you know come forward
and show the scientific world
what they know. We’re going to compare that
to people who follow just
a normal standard healthy diet.