HOMEMADE PROTEIN SHAKE  – Cheap and Easy Recipe for Muscle building and Fat loss

HOMEMADE PROTEIN SHAKE – Cheap and Easy Recipe for Muscle building and Fat loss

Hello Friends! Welcome to Fit Tuber. Not everyone can afford to buy a protein supplement
and nor does everybody likes to buy a protein powder. So, in this video, we will make a homemade
protein shake using 4 simple ingredients which are very easily available near you. We will talk about this protein shake in detail,
the timings when it should be consumed, the do’s and don’ts but let’s checkout the
recipe first. As you have seen, it is a very simple recipe. One serving of this protein shake will give
you about 21 grams of protein which is great. This is because if you are a man or a woman,
you are a beginner or you have been working out from quite sometime now, your body can
easily absorb 21 grams of protein in one serving. Moreover, 1 serving of this protein shake
has just over 40 grams of carbohydrates which makes the carb: protein close to 2:1. Now, 2:1 ratio is great for muscle building
and is also good for fat loss. Now, I have seen people adding raw egg whites
to a protein shake to increase the protein content. Please don’t do this mistake. Raw eggs contain a bacteria called Salmonella
which can mess up with your digestive system. It may cause food poisoning leading to dehydration
and diarrhoea. So, if at all, you want to increase the protein
intake you can have 2-3 boiled egg whites along with it. Now, you can vary the recipe of this shake
according to your choices. For example, if you are lactose intolerant
in that case you can replace dairy milk with almond milk or soy milk. The peanut butter that I used in this recipe
is the homemade peanut butter. If you do not have peanut butter, you can
use 1 handful of unsalted roasted peanuts, almonds, cashews or any other nuts. You can even replace banana with your choice
of fruit. The macronutrients will remain almost the
same. You can have this protein shake at any time
of the day. Have a maximum of 2 servings a day. Like you can have 1 serving in the breakfast
and other in the evening. Only thing is that you can have this drink
post workout but it will not be a great option. So friends! It is a cheap, simple recipe and serves the
purpose. So, it has started raining. I hope you found this video helpful. Well, If you did, please do give it a thumbs
up and also please do remember to subscribe to my channel. My name is Vivek, I thank you so much for