High Protein VEGAN Full Day of Eating | PLANT BASED | 120g of PROTEIN!!

Hey, you guys! If you’re out there thinking
about possibly changing over to a plant-based diet – which I, myself, recently have – I’m
just going to show you what I eat during the day, so you can get an idea of how to put
different meals together and make sure you’re getting in enough protein for those workouts. Okay, you guys. Let’s take a look at a snapshot
of what I’ll eat within one day. I recently turned to eating more plant-based foods just
because of some health issues I was having. Some allergy issues, maybe you have some things
you’re like “Gosh, what’s going on?” A lot of times taking a look at our food is
probably the first place we should start. Why don’t we take a look quickly at breakfast?
This is what I will eat most of the time. This is just going to be oatmeal. I have about
½ cup of oatmeal here, and that’s going to be about 5g of protein. I’m going to go over each item and tell
you how much protein, and then how much protein I’m getting in per meal. We have 5g with
the oats, whatever kind you like. You can just do an old-fashioned oat, an overnight
oat. I have 1Tbsp of chia seeds, which is about 2g of protein. 1Tbsp of hemp seeds,
which is about 3g of protein. Then we’re going to go into ¼ cup of walnuts.
That’s going to give us another 5g. I have a handful of blueberries and strawberries.
Those two together, maybe about 2g. Then I’ll add about ½ cup of my protein milk, 5g there.
Basically, just with this alone, it will give me about 32g of protein. That’s a pretty good chunk of protein in
the morning. You can a little bit of cinnamon. If I’m still a little hungry I may add in
another cup or so of this, which will give me another 10g of protein. So that could be
up to 42g of protein, just in my breakfast alone. That’s a lot. Next, we’re going to move to lunchtime.
Lunch, a lot of times, if I’m in a hurry during the day I love just getting a lot of
veggie burgers. This is a high protein veggie burger. This is going to offer me 26g of protein.
That’s about 260 calories. Super easy. I just throw that together. A lot of my vegetables, I’ll just throw
in a big pot at night. I’ll cook up a ton of broccoli, I’ll put a ton of sweet potatoes
in the oven. So, my broccoli here, I’m getting about 2.5g of protein. My sweet potatoes,
I’m going to get another 2.1g. The walnuts are going to give me another 5g of protein. So, my total intake of protein for my lunch
is about 36g. Pretty amazing, once again, while getting a ton of protein in. Let’s
say I’ve eaten, maybe I’m a couple hours out from the gym. When you’re eating plant-based
foods you’re going to notice you’re getting hungrier faster, at least I do because it’s
so efficient for our bodies to burn that up. I may do a plant-based protein drink before
I go to the gym, and that could give me another 20g of protein. I’m really almost up to
my full intake of protein just with that. Here’s looking at dinner now. Dinner, I’m
usually going to cook up some quinoa, which I love. Quinoa here is going to be about 5.5g
of protein. I’m adding in black beans because I might
want to get a little more. 7.25g of protein with my quinoa. Then, of course, we always
want to make sure we’re doing at least one, or two big salads a day. So, I’ve got spinach
here. That’s going to give me about 10g of protein. My avocado is going to give me
another gram. I’ve got some hemp seeds on there, 3g. More
chia seeds, another 2g. Some tomatoes. So, altogether – then I just usually do a splash
of a little bit of olive oil and a little bit of balsamic vinaigrette to get some healthy
fats in there with my avocado and my oil here. My dinner, once again, 32g of protein. So, with all of these meals, that’s going
to give me 120g of protein. I weigh about 133lbs right now. So that’s a pretty good
intake. That’s definitely, probably a little over what I need for the day, or pretty darn
close to what I should be eating. So, during the day I’m not stressing like
“Oh my gosh, I need more protein”, because I know people who work out are always looking
for that protein. Making sure we’re getting it in after those hard workouts. Now, with eating a plant-based diet I’m
definitely comfortable in knowing I’m getting all those nutrients, I’m getting all the
vitamins, I’m really getting a good, healthy selection of foods in, and I’m getting those
grams of protein in every day. So, hopefully this is helpful for you. If you’re thinking
“I’m just really scared.” I know I was, making the transition. As soon
as I did I remember opening the refrigerator door one day and going “Oh my God, what
do I eat?” I was so out of my comfort zone. I had no idea what I was doing. The more you get into blending the foods and
making sure you’re getting your fruits, your vegetables, your nuts, your seeds, your
oils, all that stuff; it’s pretty amazing how you’re meeting those goals every day,
making sure you’re getting the protein and calories you need. So, don’t worry about that. All right, you
guys. I hope this was helpful. Thanks for joining me today. I hope you get yourself
off to a healthy start. Food is definitely a great way of doing that. Thanks for joining
me. Hit the like button, subscribe, and I’ll see you guys soon.