Healthy Recipes: Strawberry Banana Oatmeal Protein Bake

[music] I’m Natalie Hodson,
and I’m here today in the kitchen,
showing you how to make one of my favorite recipes. It’s a strawberry banana
oatmeal protein bake. And I like to make this sort of
as a healthier version of banana bread so if I’m craving
banana bread but I know it’s not very healthy for me,
I’ll make this instead. And it’s also a really good
meal that you can make on the weekends. You can make it in bulk and
you can keep it in your ‘fridge during the week or you can also
freeze it so if you have to get out the door really
quickly in the morning, this is a great item you can
eat for your breakfast meal. So for today’s recipe, these are
the ingredients that we’re going to use. And we have dry ingredients and
wet ingredients that we’re gonna mix separately. So for our dry ingredients, we
have 2 cups of old-fashioned oats and I prefer the
old-fashioned oats to the instant oats just
because they’ve been a little bit less processed. The instant oats have
actually been flattened, cooked and dehydrated and so
the old-fashioned oats have just been rolled and they’re
a little bit better for you. And then we have 4 scoops of
vanilla whey protein powder. You can use any
brand you prefer, just keep in mind that the
different brands will make it taste slightly different. We have 2 tablespoons of ground
flax seed and this is actually optional but flax seed has–is
full of omega 3 fatty acids and they help reduce
the LDL cholesterol, the bad cholesterol, and it’s
full of fiber and antioxidants so it just makes the recipe
a little bit healthier. And when you buy the flax seed,
it comes in a bag like this, it’s already ground, and you
usually can find that in usually in the baking aisle of your
grocery store by the other flours and things like that. Then we have 1 tablespoon
of ground cinnamon. We have 1 teaspoon
of baking powder, a fourth of a teaspoon of salt
and that’s just to help the baking powder rise. And then we have a 1/2
cup of Stevia in the Raw. And that’s what I
used for this recipe. If you had Truvia or Xylitol,
you can use that as well. And then for our
wet ingredients, I have a 1/2 cup of unsweetened
applesauce which is also 4 ounces. This is the kind I got. When you get your applesauce,
you just want to make sure that you get one that says no sugar
added or natural applesauce and the most important thing you can
do is read the ingredients list so try to find one that the only
ingredients are apples and water and maybe ascorbic acid and
that’s just vitamin C to help keep the applesauce
from turning brown. And sometimes I even–what I’ll
do is I get the little Mott’s containers that are for kids and that way it’s like
the perfect serving size and I have those in
my cupboard for my son anyways and I’ll use those sometimes. So that’s a 1/2 a cup and
then we have 1-1/2 cups of unsweetened vanilla almond milk. And I like to use almond milk
in my recipes instead of milk because it’s lower in calories
and it has less sugar. And this is the kind I like. I like the Almond Breeze brand,
unsweetened vanilla almond milk. It only has 40 calories. Just be careful when you’re
buying your almond milk because some of the flavors add quite
a bit of sugar so, again, just read the ingredient list
and make sure that–like, this one has 0 grams
of sugar in it. And then we’re gonna use a
fourth of a cup of plain Greek yogurt and this is the Greek
yogurt that we have today. Just, again, make sure that
you’re getting the non-fat plain Greek yogurt. Make sure you don’t get one
that’s vanilla flavored or any other flavor because they’re
gonna add a lot of sugar. If you look at the back, it
might have anywhere from 5 to 8 grams of sugar and those
are the sugars that naturally occur in lactose so. And then we’re gonna
use four egg whites. I have my whole eggs here. We’ll crack them when
we make the recipe. And I have two bananas. We’re gonna slice these really
thin and then we have four or five strawberries and you
want to get big strawberries. If they’re kind of small then
you can go five or even six. And those are all the
ingredients we’re gonna use today in our recipe. All right. So first what we’re gonna do is
mix all of our dry ingredients together in a bowl. So you’re gonna take a larger
mixing bowl and you want to put the dry ingredients in a larger
mixing bowl because later we’re gonna mix the wet ingredients
into the dry ingredients. So just put your wet ingredients
aside for a second and then we’re gonna mix 2 cups of oats,
4 scoops of protein powder, our flax seed,
1 tablespoon of cinnamon, 1/2 cup of Stevia in the Raw,
1 teaspoon of baking powder and a fourth of a teaspoon
of salt. And then I’m gonna take my whisk
and just make sure everything gets mixed together really well. Sometimes I have gotten lazy and
not mixed it together very well and my baking powder doesn’t
evenly distribute and then when it cooks, half of it kind
of is flatter than the rest. So you just–you want to make
sure that the cinnamon taste gets evenly distributed
and the baking powder. And just until you can’t
see any more, you know, brown spots or white spots, just
until it looks nice and mixed. So this looks pretty good. So we’re just gonna set this to
the side and then mix together our wet ingredients. And it doesn’t really
matter what order. We’re gonna take
our almond milk. Put that to the side. Our Greek yogurt. And the Greek yogurt just adds
some moisture to the recipe and actually in any recipe you can
substitute Greek yogurt or applesauce for the butter
and the oil in the recipe. So now we’re gonna put in our
applesauce and just make sure you use a rubber spatula
to get it all out. And then we’re gonna
put in our egg whites. Now a little trick
that I learned. I used to just throw my egg
whites in the trash can and for some reason, I
could not figure out why, my house smelled
bad all the time. And then one day I went to go
take out the trash and it was gross. I could tell egg whites–or egg
yolks were seeping through the bottom of the trash bag. And my–we’ve realized that it
was because I was eating so many egg whites and I was throwing so
many egg yolks in the trash can and so now I just throw them in
the garbage disposal so that way it doesn’t stink up our house. I know some people who have dogs
actually let their dogs eat the egg yolks and it’s good for
their coats but we don’t have any pets so I just do
the garbage disposal. There you go. And last one. You also could do the liquid
egg whites if you wanted that come in a carton. Just make sure you use a little
bit less than the ratio calls for when you bake. And then I’m gonna take
my–whoops–I’m gonna take my whisk and just mix this
all together really well. Sometimes the egg whites can
kind of stick together a little bit so just mix it until
it looks nice and mixed. Then we’re gonna bring over my
mixed dry ingredients and we’re just going to combine these. And then stir it all together. I have a 2-year-old and
this is his favorite part. I let him usually do this while
I’m cutting up the bananas or sometimes I’ll let him
cut the bananas with me. It’s kind of fun to get the
kids involved with this recipe. It’s also a really healthy meal
that you could get your kids to get some whole grains
into their diet. All right. So now that that’s mixed,
we’re gonna prepare our pan. Let’s move this to the side. And we’re just gonna
use an 8-inch pie pan. You could use a 9-inch pie pan
as well and if you don’t have pie pans you could even just
use a square casserole dish. And then just really
lightly spray that. You don’t want to use a lot of
this stuff but I just use the non-stick cooking spray. And then just take your cutting
board and we’re gonna take one of our bananas and we’re just
gonna slice it really thin. So take your knife and you just
do pretty thin slices because you want enough banana slices
that you can layer the entire bottom of the pan. Now sometimes bananas turn color
after they’ve been exposed to the air. And so I don’t always but
sometimes I’ve made this dish before and if I let it sit in
the ‘fridge for a couple of days, it kind of turns almost
a purplish color so if that happens to you don’t be alarmed. That’s not–there’s
nothing wrong with it. It’s just because the bananas,
once they get exposed to the air, they can change color. So now what I’m doing, is I’m
just taking the banana slices and lining the
bottom of the pan. And after I’m done lining this,
then we’re gonna pour the batter on top of the bananas. So this way, when
you bite into it, you have banana taste on the
bottom and then we’re gonna put another layer of
bananas on the top. All right. So this looks pretty good. Now what we’re gonna do is
pour the batter on top of the bananas. And you just evenly
distribute it there. It’s gonna fill the pan up
all the way to the edge. And then just
scrape out the rest. All right. And then what we’re going to do
is slice our second banana and we’re gonna do the same thing so
we’re gonna put a nice layer of bananas on the top and not only
does this make it taste good, but it also makes
the dish really pretty. So the thinner you
slice your bananas, the more you’re gonna be
able to put across the pan. All right. And this recipe makes four
servings so one serving really just has one egg white, a scoop
of protein powder and 1/2 a cup of oats plus a little
bit of Greek yogurt, a little bit of almond milk. It does have half of a banana
and a little bit of spices. So this is a really good option
for breakfast and if you are kind of getting tired of just
regular old egg whites and oatmeal. Okay. So I didn’t distribute this
very evenly so I’m gonna try and scoot some of
these bananas over. That looks pretty good. Then what I’m gonna do is take
my strawberries and again, I’m gonna slice
these fairly thin. And you don’t have to add the
strawberries if you don’t, you know, if you
don’t have them, you can just do the bananas. The nice thing about this recipe
is it’s really versatile so you really could use
any kind of fruit. I’ve done this
before with peaches and that was pretty good. I’ve done it with blackberries. You could do it with apples. You could do it
with raspberries, really whatever fruit’s on sale
that week, you could do it with. Raspberries would
be really good. And then I just put the
strawberries on top like that and I did four–I did
four strawberries or five strawberries and just so
it looks about like that. So that’s it. We have the oven. I already preheated the
oven to 375 degrees. So I’m gonna stick this in the
oven and we are going to cook it for about 40 to 45 minutes. Basically the top is gonna get
golden brown and you know it’s done once you put a knife
in the center and the knife comes out clean. All right. So I just took this
out of the oven. We cooked it for 45 minutes and
I’m just gonna test it to make sure that a knife
comes out clean. It looks pretty good. And as you can see, the top
of this is gonna be kind of a golden brown color and what I’m
gonna do is let it sit here and rest for between 5 to 10
minutes just until it cools. If I tried to cut into it now, it would all sort of collapse together. So we’re gonna let it cool and
set for about 5 to 10 minutes and then after that I
will cut it into fourths. One serving is one wedge. So I just usually just use a
butter knife and cut through. And then sometimes I like to
take my knife and run it along the side just in case–just
so it doesn’t stick. Right. Then I’m just gonna
take a serving utensil and pull out one wedge
and there you go. So what I might do is cut it in
half again or just eat it like that so this looks really good. I’m gonna try a bite
and see how it tastes. It tastes really, really good. I think you’ll be surprised. This is one of my
favorite dishes. So for the full recipe, check
the page below and for more of my recipes and for nutritional
tips and motivation check out [music]