Healthy Pasta Substitutes for Low Carb Diet, Keto, Vegan, Gluten-free

Hello, well, what is a particularly
troubling problem with pastas? Well, it is that they are energy-dense.
Meaning they facilitate weight gain. So is it possible for you to eat pastas
without actually worrying about weight gain? Are there pastas that you can eat
that will actually facilitate weight loss? Of course there are. And that’s what this
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or future videos that I publish. So pastas and weight gain. Well in actual
fact you can have pastas and weight loss You just have to eat the right pastas
and you’re in luck because I’ve got a selection of 10 pastas here for you that
you can eat and still lose weight. In fact, some of the pastas on this list
have zero carbs. Yes, Zero carbs and oh by the way if you’re interested in getting
your hands on any of these pastas there are gonna be links right below this
video in the pinned comments just below this video. So without further ado, here
they are. Enjoy! Our first brand of low carb pasta is the Chickapea brand of
organic chickpea lentil pasta. For anyone looking for a protein boost in their
diet, this is one pasta to go for. This is a high-protein pasta. It carries more
flavor than your regular pasta and this pasta has what could be described as a
nutty taste. It is gluten-free if you cook this pasta with lots of
vegetables and sauces, you will have a supreme nutritious food on your hands.
One bonus of this pasta is that it can be actually eaten cold if that’s your
thing and even the children will love this chickpea lentil pasta. So this is
one pasta for the entire family. For me this is one of the best low carb pastas
around and it’s my first choice Our next low carb pasta is the organic
edamame spaghetti this is a really low net carb spaghetti.
It is very filling, so you don’t feel hungry at all and it’s suitable for all
diet types whether is paleo, whether it’s Atkins,
whether is vegan, whether it’s keto or plant-based, it really doesn’t matter.
This organic edamame spaghetti is one to go for. It’s got a decent taste and it’s
got this chewiness that feels just about right. This is a heart-healthy pasta that
makes a very nice substitute to rice and your regular pasta. This pasta also has
my blessing. # 3 on our list is the wonder noodles. If you are looking
for a wheat-free noodles, this is the one to go for. Apart from being wheat-free,
these wonder noodles are also sugar-free These noodles have a low glycemic index
and as a bonus they’ve got low glycemic load as well. In fact, the wonder noodles
have zero net carb and a lot of noodles usually have monosodium
glutamate in them to boost your taste these wonder noodles have no monosodium
glutamate which is an extra bonus. #4 on our list is; the slim
pasta spaghetti. The slim pasta spaghetti is very simple to use. It is a
nice tasting pasta with zero net carb It’s also wheat-free and is gluten free
so if you’ve gone gluten allergy this is one pasta to go for. The best way to make
this pasta is to add the pasta to a sauce heat it up and you got a very nice tasty
dish to savor. Highly recommended. If you are looking for a nice pasta that
will give you a decent protein boost, well look no further than the number 5
on our list. This is ‘The Only Bean’ pasta It is made from soya beans. A very nice
substitute for refined grains and wheat products. The taste of this pasta is
totally different from your wheat pasta It’s got very high protein, like I
mentioned earlier on and is ideal for vegans and anyone who is actually
looking for a decent protein boost. The texture is pasta-like and it pairs very
well with sauces like Pesto and Marinara. So you really cannot go wrong with
‘The Only Bean’ pasta. For anyone looking to accelerate their weight loss efforts
well look no further than number 6 on our list. This is the skinny noodles
shirataki. These noodles are great for Asian-style stir fries. They’re a very nice
way to dial down the calorie density of your meals.
Now these noodles are presented differently. They come in soaked in a
liquid medium that has a peculiar fishy smell and to some people this can be
off-putting. The solution to this is to strain the noodles. Rinse them thoroughly
in running water. The next thing you do is you boil them and once you boil them,
this smell disappears. The taste and texture is comparable to regular noodles.
They are fantastic for weight loss. Just imagine getting only 10 calories from a
bowl of noodles. How cool is that? These noodles are a dream come true for anyone
looking to lose weight very fast. If you are looking to boost your fiber intake
from pasta sauces, well number 7 on our list is one to welcome into your life.
This is the great low carb bread company fettuccine. This pasta is fantastic on
tomato or cheese based sauces. This is a high-protein pasta and like I said is
got high fiber content. One tip for this pasta is to soak them in a sauce for a
while to soften them up before serving One disadvantage could be that they need
a longer cooking time and a good 15 minutes cooking time is all that is
required. If you cook them for 15 minutes that will diminish the Al Dente texture
of this pasta and you’ll still love them for what they are so long as you obey
the 15 minute cooking time rule. Number 8 on our list is, the Atkins cuisine
pasta. This pasta is made from semolina and wheat protein isolate. It’s a high
fiber pasta and also a high protein pasta as well. It’s a nice pasta for the paleo
and the carnivore gang. The downside to the Atkins
Cuisine pasta is that, it needs a long cooking time and the flavor is a little
bit on bland side. If you can deal with that,
then of course it’s a nice pasta to go for. #9 on our list is the
skinny pasta. This is made from Konjac and very good for blood glucose
management. This pasta like most of the pastas on this list is ideal for the
weight loss enthusiast. It’s got very high fiber content. It’s gluten-free and is
also wheat-free. The skinny pasta is odorless and has a very short cooking
time as an advantage. The main disadvantage of the skinny pasta is that
the texture can be somewhat rubbery but this could be salvaged by cooking it
a little bit longer. #10 on our list is the Explore cuisine organic black
bean spaghetti. This pasta is a lot more filling than any wheat-based pasta out
there. Of course it’s made from beans and that means it’s a high protein pasta too.
It’s soy free. Now for anyone who’s looking to reduce your salt intake, this
is one pasta to go for. It is sodium-free. The taste may be a little bit acquired
to some people and the dark color may be odd to the unaccustomed eye. If you can
deal with the color issues and the fact that the taste may be acquired, of course
this is one pasta that is really filling and will keep hunger at bay for a very
long time. Also highly recommended. So there you are. Now you can actually enjoy
your pastas without having to worry about weight gain. Now if you got some
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