Healthy Meals Without the Drama

Yuck! I don’t like to eat cheese. I don’t like
to eat any cheese. I don’t like mushrooms. They make me sick. I don’t like fish. I just don’t like the smell of it, or the taste of it. I don’t like tomatoes. mushrooms. Brussels sprouts. I don’t eat that much peas, and I do not like peas. Their faces whenever they’re given
something that they don’t like. I don’t like it, I don’t like it. No! I’m not gonna eat it. Ehh! I don’t want that. Ehh! This is disgusting. I’m not having that. And then the tears start. They almost accuse me of trying to poison them. Em…it tastes like vegetables. A delicious dish. Smells like biscuits. Oh! Very nice. I love it. This feels like heaven. Yeah! [Sings] Corn. Eh…carrots. Yum! Nice! This would be a really nice lunch. Love it. Delicious. Can I have another one?