HEALTHY Grocery Haul & Meal Prep | paleo, keto, low carb

everyone and welcome it back it to my
channel today I am doing a healthy grocery haul with you guys if you watch
my Instagram you guys know that on March 1st I started keto I thought I would
experiment it with it for the month of March just to see how I feel because of
all the research of the benefits of you know it heals your gut it helps with
weight loss it helps with inflammation and so much more so I thought I would
put it to the test for you guys which means I needed to stock up on some
really great things for it but this is also just great things that I already
had in my pantry or that I normally buy but I just got extra for it so you no
matter if you follow keto or not you’re gonna find a benefit with this and I’m
also going to show you some meal prep and some ideas for you as well so let’s
go ahead and get into it but first off is Costco Costco is great because you
can get a lot of healthy things for cheaper and Canada isn’t as good as the
u.s. the u.s. Costco guys is so good so if you live in the u.s. I would highly
recommend belonging there because you pay a lot less of for your produce and
organic things to organic meats and stuff so it’s super worth it but I live
in Canada so I did get some things first off I got some almond butter I love
using their almond butter because it’s a lot more affordable than buying the
small jars so I buy this one again this was I think $12 for the big one which is
huge this is almost a kilogram another thing I always stock up on at Costco is
the chosen foods avocado oil so you get a whole liter I feel like it’s 12 or 13
dollars it’s really a go super good price so that’s why I always get this
and anytime you’re cooking above 350 degrees
you want to use avocado oil so those coconut oil and olive oil have a smoke
point of 350 degrees which means if you’re roasting or baking at 400 or 425
with those then what’s gonna happen it’s gonna cause oxidizing free radicals
because of the smoke point it physically denatures the oil so to be safe you
definitely want to use avocado oil keeping on the trend I did find these
two avocado oil sprays just to make it easier if I don’t want to pour the oil
and it was a good price at Costco also picked up a huge tub of coconut oil now
this Virgen you want to make sure you get the
virgin one and not the refined one but again look how like huge this is this is
definitely a really good buy at Costco and so yeah at Costco I also picked up
some boneless skinless chicken thighs these are just organic you want to make
sure your poultry is organic it’s super important because you don’t want to be
eating everything you eat like every animal product that you eat you eat
without animal eat so that animals eating genetically modified corn then
you’re eating that so you definitely want to get organic and they have a
really good price I did at Costco I got all of these for $25 and I would say
like three thighs or a meal so I’m gonna get five meals for $25 which is really
good and chicken thighs have a little bit more fat than breath so it’s gonna
be good for me on keto and another thing they had at Costco was some organic
blueberries I got this giant tub for less than seven dollars and normally by
me the small clamshells for organic blueberries are $6.99 so I was able to
get I would say there’s at least three clamshells in here so moving on to do
some other things that I picked up I got these Pacific organic chicken bone broth
low sodium and they come in like these little tiny tetra packs so I thought
they’d be really good for on-the-go or bringing to clinic they have one net
carb and two grams of protein so it’s not super high in protein but I can add
like collagen to it like the collagen peptides and then have a sip of this or
just take it on the go for something savory disap I’m definitely a savory
person so if I don’t want like a tea I feel like this is just a savory tea in
my opinion so got that got some frozen cauliflower now this is a cool thing I
learned from one of my friends is that frozen vegetables are actually like
flash blanched a little bit so that when you defrost them they actually are
really crunchy and crispy already so what I plan to do for this is just to
like open it and let it thaw out and then keep it in my fridge to throw into
meals throughout the week and frozen’s can also be a lot more affordable too so
don’t be afraid of frozen because frozen is actually frozen at its peak freshness
and like nutrition wise so it can actually be more
nutritious than fresh and like I said a great hack is just to let it defrost and
then it’s perfectly like al dente guys I forgot produce bags so please did you
not leave me hate in the comments and also Whole Foods does have recyclable
plastic so I will put these in recycling but I loaded up on zucchini with keto
and you want to load up on lower carb vegetables
that’s your leafy greens zucchini bok choy let’s go in there leafy green you
basically need to stay away from like sweet potato and carrot those are kind
of the more hard higher carb vegetables but anything that’s like green for the
most part is more keto friendly so I loaded up on four I also loaded up on
broccoli again cruciferous vegetables are really good for lower carb broccoli
is one of my favorite things in the world to like more my vegetables so load
up on that I did get some green beans that I already opened well we had some
for dinner last night but these were actually from Costco so you get this
huge bag and they were already trimmed already so I mean a little bit of
convenience but green beans again I just try to diversify as many vegetables as I
can so I still get all my nutrients I feel like a lot of people when they do
keto they think it’s bacon and cheese and I don’t even eat cheese so that’s
not gonna happen and I’m definitely like bacon might be a once in a while if it’s
a got paleo or nitrate free but you want to build your meals around healthy fats
a little bit of protein and then lots and lots of like green veggies so
spinach and I already had some spinach otherwise I would have bought some but
like bok choy and all those leafy greens are gonna be great for you a huge staple
in like healthy keto is avocados so avocados are really rich in fiber too
you get 9 grams of fiber per half an avocado which is good they’re loaded
with healthy fats and they’re really versatile you can make salad dressings
sauces you can make a chocolate mousse like a avocados pudding dessert I
honestly plan on just carrying an avocado with me to clinic and around
because it’s a great snack that’s lower carb and lots of healthy fats and you
can just literally scoop out and be Nava kado I picked up some butter leaf
lettuce so this is my favorite lettuce to use for lettuce cups you can also use
romaine but these are good for boneless burgers or for any kind of protein
sandwiches or like a wrap like you see here again it’s basically just
bread for that I picked up some unsweetened almond milk this is just
plain organic unsweetened and it only has zero net carbs per cup which is
gonna be good and smoothies and things I also got some Free Run eggs these are
just the vitae eggs brand these are ones have really nice dark yup they’re my
favorite brand of egg again egg is gonna be a staple just for the breakfast is in
the morning for good things that are on the go like making those cups and stuff
like that so definitely got some eggs and the last thing I picked up was a few
cans of the coconut milk from Whole Foods this is my favorite brand is a 365
so it’s their house brand and it is 1 net carb per half cup but it’s loaded
with healthy fats so I really plan on what chia pudding for this week for my
breakfast with a little bit of the blueberry so with berries you have to
watch because they are higher in carbs but you can’t have like half a cup so I
plan on having like chia pudding which you’re gonna see me prep really soon
because it’s super simple but guys I make the best chia pudding promise so
the first thing we’re gonna make is some chia pudding
my secret to chia pudding like I showed you guys is using a canned coconut milk
so this one you just plain almond milk it’s not gonna taste as good it’s not
gonna fill you up because unsweetened almond milk doesn’t have fat bats
fill you up so we’re gonna make that it’s literally just coconut milk chia
seeds and then a little bit of vanilla and then the collagen is optional so I’m just gonna let this kind of
defrost till tomorrow morning and then it’s gonna be ready to throw into salads
and bowls and everything like that so for the chicken thighs I have my cast
iron pan I’m gonna add in just a little bit about piccata oils it doesn’t stick
and then for seasoning I’m just using this to keep it fairly neutral so that
throughout the week I can use the chicken thighs for many different things
I also got some broccoli just ready to be steamed the broccoli is now in the
ice bath just to stop it from cooking and then I have my green beans which I’m
going to steam for about three minutes so I’m gonna make some little cookie
dough bites that are gonna help get me through the week when I need something
quick and I will leave the macros in the description in case you’re following
keto but each of them only has half a gram of net carbs which is really good
so you’re gonna need some hemp seeds some coconut oil two tablespoons of
stevia-sweetened chocolate chips I like these ones from Lily’s some cinnamon and
some vanilla so to make them you just add everything into a blender and then
we’re gonna pulse it a few times so that it’s gonna stick together so once you have your pulse make sure I
literally post it three times with my blender one two three just adding in the
two tablespoons you’re gonna mix this together and chill it for 30 minutes so
to measure is I’m out I’m just using a tablespoon I find miss easier and so all
the macros would be for like wine a tablespoon of the cookie I’m going to go
ahead and throw these into the freezer for about thirty minutes until they’re
set and then you have these perfect little bites or bombs that you can snack
on during the week so now that they’re hard they’ve been in the freezer for
about 25 minutes she’s gonna store them in my stash bag and then I can have them
throughout the week so this is my prep I divided the chia pudding into three
different breakfasts my broccoli is cool as well as my green beans and then my
chicken thighs so thank you guys for watching this video I hope you got some
inspiration for your meal ideas and my next one is going to be a what I eat in
a day so you can see how I took all my prep and I make a bunch of different
meals for throughout the day don’t forget to subscribe if you haven’t
already and I’ll see you in my next video bye guys