Healthy Eating – School Scrans – Week Two  –  To The Shops!

Healthy Eating – School Scrans – Week Two – To The Shops!

previously on school scran hello we St George’s School we are working with HeadStart I’m Sam and I am Lucas and we’ve just done the first week of school scan and we’ve planned a bunch of meals Including Healthy Lasagna got to make a shopping and then we have got to go to ASDA it’s really important that we do a risk we all want to end up with eight fingers and two thumbs quick maths that! we don’t want any extra digits! ending up in the food So we are just going to do a really simple risk assessment bit more complicated one which will
refer to towards the end I just want you guys to maybe
try to think about what some of the risks are going to be over the next five
weeks and what’s in the control measures just burning yourself and others when your walking around don’t walk around with hot stuff and don’t touch the oven? and wear oven gloves use a cutting board Can anybody think of any other control measures? measures around burn yourself or others
so maybe one or two people max in front of the oven? risk assessment that we’ve just done
today we’ve looked at all the possible risks anything that could go wrong in the
kitchen we could look to how we’re going to mitigate it and what controls we’re
put in place you to think about a resilient move that
you made this week since we last saw you you’ll see a lot resilient moves on here
so each one of these little things everyday steps is what we call resilient moves Recently we have lost a family member obviously we were all upset but I had to be brave yeah that’s really thanks very much for
sharing that, very brave indeed Because I’m not allowed to see my sister I got really upset I had to calm myself down have you got any tips kind of
stuff to do to make myself down Cry that’s a really
really good and honest thing to share people are reluctant to cry sometimes Sometimes it’s ok to cry So Owen has made his mum Tea Can anyone throw a resilient move in there life skills responsibility for yourself
anybody got any others being safe healthy eating there you go mate the moats and now what
was your have simple ask you for loans resilient
going over to West and out to buy stuff need to buy ingredients we’re separating
into teams of two yeah in teams of two so we need to make
sure to get all the ingredients ready I can see one of these right in front of
us please please have some shallot once an
IEP I want three pounds we prevail the man so we might be cheaper for looking
for cheap Tomatoes what I’m supposed to do is divide the price of that by four
we’ve got the cheaper pasta sheets Master we’ve got Asda zone Jory to make the vegetarian nacho cheese you need to
go to the back because shops so we are making curry for one of our
meals so we do do some we’re deciding whether we love cheese flour and what
kind of fun we should get its what sort of things in that consider and the price
of it increasing great look at the trolley up the trolley
vegetables start in a stir and we’re gonna get the 25% less salt want to be
even happier we don’t really need the big brands either doing so we’ve got
everything we need no ya think so yeah we actually got that we’ve got the
vanilla extract we’ve got the coconut oil oh this is nice we are doing pretty
good for ourselves we have got everything we still fat free and cheap
so cool curries for the win and say we are going to be cooking you see the disaster we make like you