Healthy Eating Plan – My Best Tips For Cravings And Eating Out

Hey guys! This is Heather from
Okay, so it’s one thing to know how to eat healthy and how to do things well for yourself.
It’s another thing entirely to take that into the real world where there’s cravings,
there’s temptations, there’s people at parties wondering why you’re not eating
potato chips, all of these things make it so so difficult to stick to your healthy eating
plan even when you know in your head that that’s what you want to do. I’ve definitely dealt with this, I definitely
have dealt with this, I use to have crazy cravings for cookies and gummy bears and sugary
things like that and I also find social situations are one of the hardest because number one
I don’t really want people to think that I’m weird for not eating junk but I also
don’t want them to think that I’m judging them for eating junk by not eating it myself. So, it can take some time to get over these
things but there are some things that you can do, some ways to think about it to make
it a lot easier for yourself. For me one of the most important things is to have plan,
to have in my head a set goal of what I want to do and that helps me stick to it, just
knowing flat out what it is and then also the feedback that my body gives me really
helps reinforce that that is what I want to do so when I eat good food I feel awesome
when I eat crap, I feel like crap and I’m in a crappy mood. And so that feedback and realizing it can
really help me stick to my plan. It’s not about trying to not eat something because
I think it’s unhealthy, its about trying to reward my body by eating the things that
makes it feel good. So last week I talked about how to set up
a plan and how to keep a food diary to track those reactions to your food so that you can
stay motivated by the food that makes you feel good. And this week what I’ve done
is put together 8 of my best articles with tips on how to take that knowledge and actually
do it in the real world. So going to restaurants, parties, dealing
with cravings, knowing what type of restaurant to pick when you go out and knowing what to
look for on the menu can really help so I put some articles about that together along
with the most common mistakes that you might make on a healthy eating plan and how to avoid
over eating, on holidays or when there’s a lot of treats around. So, I’ve put them all around together on
one handy page for you guys. You can check it out at I’ll
put a link specifically down on this video to that page and as always I would like to
know what you guys think so leave me a comment and I’ll see you next time.