Healthy Diet for Women

How important is diet and exercise for
women who lead a very busy life? It’s important obviously for their health we
that’s the key to maintaining health now and health for the future and we want to
grow older but grow older with being healthy. And we know it takes a
little bit more time to do sometimes even eating healthy like we’re seeing
right here sometimes may even cost a little more but I think in the end it’s
worth it if you choose those meals that I mean not that we can’t once in a while
you know splurge but choose those meals that are good for our bodies,
it pays off. Absolutely, it’s an investment on your health and I tell
patients if you had unhealthy habits in your younger years you can’t expect to
grow older and be healthy and not have any diseases it will catch up to you so
this is it’s never too early to start leading healthy lifestyles and I know
that eating healthy and a lot of the food tends to sometimes run a bit
more expensive and of course than fast food but again that’s where you have to
do your research you have to shop around there are certain places that you may
find some ingredients versus going to a different market to buy some others but
it’s definitely doable it’s there’s many options out there.