Healthy Chocolate Chip Blondies | vegan, low carb, paleo recipes

so this is everything you are going to
need for the Blondie’s it’s only seven ingredients I’m starting off with some
coconut oil and to that I am adding in some coconut sugar which is a great
alternative to white sugar and to that I’m adding in some almond butter but you
can definitely do any kind of nut or seed butter so pumpkin seed butter you
can even do tahini whatever you have on hand
they’ll just be a slightly different flavor depending on which one you use
I find almond and cashew to be the most neutral tasting but if you love sesame
tahini would also be great here in a separate bowl I’m combining some cast of
the flour as well as some almond flour and some baking soda which is gonna help
them kind of create that nice cakey consistency in our Blondie’s and I
really find that this blend of caspo flour and almond flour works really well
together but if you don’t have one of them you probably can substitute one for
the other and just do either all almond or all cassava though I haven’t tried
but I feel like I’m gonna get that question so if you do it and it works
let me know and then I’m adding in the liquid to the dry ingredients and we’re
going to fold that together until you get a nice dough consistency now I
really find that with nut butters both nut and seed butters they really vary
depending on their consistency some are a lot more running than others so if
yours is a little dry I’m try adding in a couple tablespoons of almond milk or
any kind of nut or seed milk until you get a consistency like you see on the
screen and then I’ve just lined a pan with parchment paper but if you don’t
have this just make sure you spray it because we definitely don’t want these
guys to stick and transfer your dough in to the pan so as you can see it’s not
gonna pour like a brownie batter it’s gonna be closer to a cookie dough batter
put that into your pan and then I just use my hand to kind of push it down
until we get a nice even layer and my pan is eight nine by nine inch pan but
you can definitely use one that’s like an eight by ten that’ll work well and
then I am doing a drizzle on the top which is just optional with a little bit
of cook oil maple syrup and almond butter I just
find that everything tastes better with a little bit of a drizzle on top but
this part is totally optional as well and I’m drizzling that on the top so
that when we bake it in it gets nice and gooey and just a little something extra
to do on to the top and I will leave all of the baking directions down in the
description box too in case you guys want have questions
about that or just want to see the whole recipe written out I always link it in
the tip ssin box I did save a few of the chocolate chips to put on top again
because I when mine melt and you create this nice swirl it’s just kind of more
aesthetically pleasing but you can definitely add in all of the chocolate
chips into the batter itself once you bake them off you have these wonderfully
thick gooey Blondie’s like a little bit of chocolate but they overall just have
this wonderful texture their paleo no refined sugars and tastes so delicious
plus they freeze well too so if you’re not gonna be all eating all of them I
would suggest freezing them so I hope you guys enjoyed this video don’t forget
to subscribe if you haven’t already and I will see you in the next one bye guys