Healthier Diet Helps Young Member Avoid Childhood Diabetes  – Kaiser Permanente

Healthier Diet Helps Young Member Avoid Childhood Diabetes – Kaiser Permanente

I moved down here in Vancouver
a couple years ago in August and then I was eating like
junky foods all the time. I had pneumonia for a
couple of days and then we went to the doctor. And then she was asking
questions to my mom like if she had borderline diabetes
before she gave birth to me. And she said yes. And then after that, they
gave me some antibiotics and then they got
my blood drawn. And so we looked at his
laboratory studies just screening him for diabetes
and cholesterol levels and it showed that Austin was
in the pre-diabetic range. I guess I was like really sad
and disappointed because I never thought it would be
like to me that would happen because I thought I was
doing okay at the time and I think I weighed
like around 150. Part of the evaluation in our
pediatrics group is we try to refer these patients who come up
in the higher risk population to our dieticians
who are phenomenal. And she told us some things
that we could do. Every meal that I have it’s more
protein and vegetables and stuff not like fatty foods and
greasy and all that. When my mom found out I
had borderline diabetes, she instantly just started
buying more vegetables at the grocery store. And then most of the
foods that she made I didn’t like at the very
beginning because I wasn’t used to it,
but after like a couple weeks I started getting used to
it and then I liked them. And then we’re still doing that
and then my family was just a big part because they started
eating those foods too so now we’re all used to it. A couple months ago I
never thought that I’d be eating healthy. I thought I was
but I really wasn’t. Well, a couple of my friends
all the time call me “fancy salad man.” They noticed that I’ve
been doing well. So I just sent him a note
just letting him know that I appreciated the hard work
he’s done and was really impressed with what he’s done. It made me feel really good
because she sent me a note saying “Keep going. “Keep doing what you’re doing
and it will pay off in the end.” And soon enough it did. He has influenced other
kids at his school and people at his church. A couple more friends every day
keep bringing cold lunch. And it’s been really
exciting to see how he has brought his own weight down. He’s no longer in that category. His repeat labs look wonderful. He feels good. It seems like he has a
lot more energy. I feel like I can do
more sports. I can do more running because
in PE this year I didn’t lose as much breath and I felt like
I can do more activities than I could last year. And I probably would
have diabetes right now if I kept my lifestyle
how it was. So I’m glad that she told me and
I could get it under control.