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you hear about hash tag a meal prep Sunday all the time but you are not sure
how you could possibly prepare a full week’s worth of meal in a few hours
if so definitely keep on watching because I’m going to be showing you how
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I know meal prepping everything for the entire week and sound like a lot in a
few hours but trust me it is honestly the best way to save time in the kitchen
and honestly just money in general because you’re not going to be eating
out as much it also makes sticking to a certain way of eating it alike but the
Paleo diet so much easier because trust me when you come home from a long day at
work the last thing you want to do is cook a meal so you’re most likely to
grab something that’s quick and easy that is probably going to be nutrient or
some kind of refined food but if you have these nutrient-dense Whole Foods in
the fridge waiting for you that’s what you’re gonna eat so by the end of this
video you’re gonna know exactly how to prepare your meals are for the week and
and then I have a really exciting surprise for you guys at the end of this
video so let’s get right into it so we’re going to be making a breakfast
cauliflower fried rice some grain free granola we’re gonna prep
the ingredients for a delicious nourish bowl we’re also gonna prep the
ingredients for a salmon s salad and we’re also making for dinner
the bullying needs a stuffed sweet potato dish and a shrimp fajita bowl so
guys that doesn’t sound absolutely delicious
I don’t know what does so if you’re excited for those meals definitely give
this video a thumbs up right now and let’s get right into it okay so I have
almost all the ingredients in front of me
we’re going to divide this and link to section so there’s going to be the oven
and then stove top so we’re gonna get going with the oven because a lot of
stuff takes a little bit more time in the oven so we’re gonna start with the
breakfast recipes some time start with putting some bacon in there that will be
included in the breakfast cauliflower fried rice and then after the bacon we
will get the granola in there but while the bacon is baking we will prepare the
granola and then once the granola is baking we will prepare d cauliflower
fried rice you see how we’re being very efficient here let’s go alright so the
bacon is in the oven and now we’re gonna start cropping the corn Ola the granola
and it’s so easy all you’re going to need is two cups of nuts of your choice
I’m going to do a combo of almonds and walnuts today and then 1/2 a cup of
pumpkin seeds 1/2 a cup of coconut chips quarter cup of honey and then 2
tablespoons of melted coconut oils so super easy all you do is you throw
everything into food processor except for the coconut chips I find when I put
the coconut chips there’s not much left afterwards yeah this is such a stigma
it’s so easy to make and it makes them the best like clusters alright and I’ve
melted the well we’re just gonna add that I forgot
to mention we also need one teaspoon of the vanilla that in a lot just makes it
so delicious and then with pretty much anything I made I have all this salt
salt just enhances flavor so why would you not
okay so we have everything in here we’re just going to go ahead and a pulse a few
times donut will repulse it because then you’re not going to get those big we’re
no look saucers so just a few pulses I’m gonna break down the almonds and the
walnuts and then they’ll be ready to bake so the granola is looking good I have a
baking sheet with parchment paper here and this is the part where I got coconut
well all right that looks pretty good so now I’m gonna wait for the bacon to
be done and we’ll put that in and then we’re gonna get going
on the cauliflower fried rice recipe so we got rid of it from the processor and
now I got my cutting board I just chopped up some carrots and onions
and I got some frozen peas here and that’s going to be the base of like the
vegetables for breakfast cauliflower fried rice if you just watched my recent
video which was how I tell you on a budget this recipe would have been
included in there along with other really cool recipes that are very
budget-friendly so if you’re interested in that I’m going to link it up here
we’re going to be making that so I’m going to toss everything in the pan
there’s some coconut oil in there right now and we’re going to add the
cauliflower the bacon that’s in the oven is almost ready and it takes absolutely
no time to make all right so the carrot peas onions are
doing well over there I’m gonna add this right here so this just is a little hack
that again will save you some time and money my pink so it’s rice color flour
it’s just cauliflower in here so I use this all the time I always have it in
the freezer in case I just want to bulk up a meal with some cobbler rice I’m
also gonna be I had some coconut aminos the bacon and then they’ll be it I
actually even though it’s a breakfast color for our rice and we have eggs in
it I store it in the fridge just like that and then the morning off you can
just quickly heat it up in a pan add two eggs and make the scramble of fresh or
you could add all eight eggs right away I just prefer to do it fresh and it
takes not even five minutes okay so the cauliflower rice is just finishing up
and the Grand Prix granola it has 11 minutes left so we’re gonna start
prepping the ingredients for our nourish bowl so if you guys follow me on
instagram you know I love my nourish bowls before lunch it’s such a great way
to make sure you’re getting a good bulk of vegetables every single day so I
always include vegetables greens that kind of stuff and then a source of carb
usually especially in the winter months I want something a bit more warming and
comforting I’ll usually have a source of protein most will sit down it’s chicken
and I usually add a good source of fat in the form of like avocado or some nuts
and seeds on top or well my dressing it’s always avocado oils I always have
that source of five for sure so this is pretty easy to prep the greens done I
just buy my greens like washed and chopped already saving some time there
I’m gonna chop up this cute we’ll be ready to go and with these
nourish bowls I wouldn’t have semble them right away because then they can
kind of get like soggy so I prepare all the ingredients put them in containers
glass containers individually and once it once it’s lunchtime or the morning of
you can just assemble it really quick so we’re gonna I’m gonna chop this up in
little cubes because that’s gonna go in the oven right after the Grand Prix
granola and then the chicken were actually gonna poach it so if you
haven’t post chicken yet definitely give it a try I really like it especially I
wouldn’t do it for everything but if I’m doing a nourish Bowl that push chicken
is great and again it’s just it’s easy you just boil it alright we are
progressing well my friends so the granola is done I just took it out the
granola takes about like 30 minutes to fully hardened so when it comes out the
oven is actually still really soft you just let it sit and it’s gonna like all
I cluster up and it gets crunchy now I’m actually going to put my sweet potatoes
in the oven right now that’s gonna take a little bit longer so we’re gonna let
that gel the oven is also going back up because granola needs a little bit less
heat than the sweet potatoes and then we’re going to get started on the
chicken so as I said post chicken it’s just super easy you had the chicken
breast in the pot fill up with water bring it to a boil and then lower it
down and that’s it I’m gonna use my like meat thermometer
to know if it’s ready I remember what that I always just google it what the
temperature needs to be so I’ll put it on the screen here and yeah we’re gonna
keep going that’s we’re not done yet right so we’re doing it a pretty good we
technically only have that three things left to cook so we just have the bowling
genius and then we have to bake the sweet potatoes before the bullying is
because it’s like Bellinis stuff sweet potato and then we’re gonna make these
shrimp fajita mixture along with just some simple cauliflower rice and Dalby
it for our meals all right so we’re making a good progress here so behind me
were there the beef is cooking so I got some grass-fed ground beef for the
Bolognese the chicken is still going and then I
just chopped up the onions of the celery and shredded carrots so you could chop
it up but I like to shred it because it just cooks faster so yeah no time we’ll
have a bull he’s ready I’m adding some tomato paste and coconut milk to that as
well and that’s what makes it like nice and creamy it’s so good guys you really
have to try this recipe it’s my go-to Bolognese it’s the only one I make I
will never like buy one already made because this is super easy to make and
so delicious yeah I will give you an update on that a very soon so it’s time to add the sauce and the
Bolognese so I have 3/4 of a cup of coconut milk which I’m just gonna put in
this big bowl and then 3/4 of a cup of the tomato paste just equal parts you
could add less and more it’s just gonna dip determine like the level of
creaminess it of your Bellinis and then you just have to mix this in together
sometimes I’ll just throw it into my nutribullet and it just makes it like a
super smooth sauce right off the bat but again this is not a problem to make as
well you can just whip that up so they’re well combined makes just like
super creamy tomato sauce it’s so good all right so we’re good we’re going to
add that into with the meat and vegetables okay another meal a done so the nourish
Bowl as I said it’s just kind of assembling it so it’s just preparing the
food so we got our chicken which I shredded with two forks then we have the
sweet potatoes they’re just cubed and yeah I’ll just grab like a big bowl put
some greens at the bottom this week I got some arugula some chicken soup
potatoes we have our fresh cucumber that I chopped up there actually right over
here that’s like ready to go as well and then avocado and I’ll kind of oil salt
and pepper and that’s kind of it so yeah so that will be going on to our second
lunch second lunch which is the salmon salad is super easy and I usually prep
that most of it in the moment when I actually need it and since we already
have some cucumbers chopped up this is gonna be for a deist named in solid and
to nourish bowl now I just have to chop up some celery and some red onions
celery red onion and the cucumber are the vegetables that I will mix in with
some it can salmon and some Mayo and that’s actually it and then I use potato
chips to like scoop it up so it’s super delicious again I made a variation of
that in my last video which is like a budget-friendly paleo and some of you
guys were really excited about that one so let’s move on to our last cooked meal
which is our shrimp fajita bowls what this one is one of my favorites oh my
the sweet potatoes for the Bolognese is in the oven so those I just chopped them
in half and poked some holes put a fork but they take a while so we’re just
gonna let them chill in there for a little while all right let’s get back to
the shrimp fajita Bowl so I got my three a peppers right here which I’m gonna
chop up and then get going in the pan with some onions once that’s almost done
I’m also gonna add the ship so you don’t overcook this trim so I start with the
peppers first and then I’ll add some taco seasoning I used the one from
primal palette you could totally make this on your own but again this is just
a way to cut on time and I really liked a14 primal pilot it’s
nice and like a good quality though yeah I don’t mind just using like a premade
spice in this case and then along with that mixture in a bowl it’s just gonna
be some plan cauliflower rice and then some mash avocado and those sweet
together oh so good I love bowls guys if I can
just like put different things in a bowl and eat it it’s perfect
please like that dude because you’re gonna see a lot of fat on this channel
so yeah so let’s just get going I’m gonna chop this up and we’re almost
there guys hello Oh welcome back okay so the shrimp
fajitas are pretty much done now cauliflower rice also kind of done let
me give you full so again this is going to be in a bowl
together so it’s gonna have this shrimp you know the cauliflower rice and then a
some guac and also a little sprinkle of cilantro but those two things you can
just do it the day of always tastes a little bit better or fresh anyway so we
are all finished up I’ve moved over here because there’s a little bit of natural
light left I’m really sorry if the lighting got progressively worse over
time I think I picked one of the gloomiest days to shoot so I had a very
small window of like decent light but anyways that was it for the meal prep
now for the big surprise I am really excited to share with you guys that I
have made a seven-day a meal planner for you guys free of charge so in that seven
day meal plan is going to be exactly the meal prep that we just did now if you’re
thinking oh dear I don’t want a meal prep that’s fine you can just go day by
day and follow or just make the meals as you need them but now you have both
options so this seven-day paleo meal plan will
include a guide on the diet all the recipes with detailed instructions the
ingredients and the nutritional value and then you’ll have the actual meal
plan and the grocery list so you’re all set to have like a very successful week
of eating healthy nutrient-dense foods and all paleo friendly so if you want to
grab that it’s going to be the first link in my description box you liked
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