Fruit Raita Recipe – Mixed fruit raita- How To Make Fruit Raita

Welcome to Today, we will make Fruit raita. We will mix curd and fruits. This means that this raita will be rich in calcium, minerals and vitamins and will be very delicious. Let’s start making Fruit raita. 2 cups curd. ½ cup milk. 1 apple, pear and banana and 2 tbsp of pomegranate seeds. 2 tsp sugar. 8-10 fresh mint leaves. 2 green cardamom. ¼ tsp black rock salt. Firstly we will stir up the curd. Add some milk to remove any sourness. If you have fresh curd then there’s no need but if you have kept it for a day or two in the fridge then add ½ cup milk in it. The curd becomes sweet and tasty. Add milk in it. Stone grind the cardamom. Cut the pear into tiny pieces. Peel the apple and cut them also. And do the same with the banana. Cut it directly into the curd and the other fruits. Add some sugar and black rock salt and mix. But if you are making this raita for fasting then don’t add salt because salt is added to enhance the flavour. Add cardamom powder, fresh peppermint leaves (if not available, not necessary). Mix it. Raita is now ready. Now put pomegranate seeds on top to garnish. We have added apple, pear and pomegranate in the raita. But you can anything fruit of your choice or whatever is available you can add that. Like mango, pineapple, grapes or litchi. Taste best when served chilled. You can serve it with food or just eat a bowl of it, it’ll give you coolness. Make your Fruit raita, eat it, and enjoy it and share you experiences with us at We shall meet again with a new recipe.