Fitness Vlog| My Gym Routine and Healthy  Diet Routine

Fitness Vlog| My Gym Routine and Healthy Diet Routine

are sort of Commons welcome an hour ago
kinda wanted to do a little blog my fitness long I’m going to be working out
today first time do business was gonna run to spread workout is holiday break
and they do expect me to sprint on my own so I will be spending on my home
I’ll be doing that I won’t be filming that because I really don’t have
somebody to film but I will be doing weights today and I will be filming that
for you guys to see kind of excited for that so mister making the borough are my
favorite meal of the day really I love breakfast show you I’m gonna go get up
and make breakfast and I’ll show you when I’m alright guys though I totally
forgot the film what I ate like my balls cereal that I thought that I was so
hungry I’m sorry guys but I will show you the box of cereal and i got I got go
lean cereal what I ate this morning really delicious I got the last one is
the honey flat the honey almond flax evil and also about 200 calories for
two-thirds Cup I don’t know why they put two-thirds cuts and I know what the
Kashi cereal I had two percent milk the consciousness about 300 calories with
the markets about a hundred and blogs about 230 calories of work in 30
calories with that I also hard-boiled eggs with out the opener so
with all that’s going to be about seventeen counties each week 34
countries so I also five calories so that will be five hundred and sixty nine
calories that ate for breakfast I like 20 500 700 calories you mean we all main
will be breakfast lunch and dinner and I am NOT in between so my from a crazy but
we don’t hundreds of 300 calories I snuck a lot a lot so I probably have
3324 snacks in between my main goals so that would be like to reach up to maybe
253 not to over 2,400 2,500 calories youth but I personally for me because I
work out very vigorously I tried to eat I never actually really reach 220 400
calories I probably reached 2,000 calories if I’m lucky but treaty between
500 to 700 calories but like that but like I said that’s because I workout
vigorously I wouldn’t recommend eating much if you’re sedentary if you are
mildly active 300 to 400 calories per meal but for me I don’t approach to 700
700 mostly for breakfast because that just sets me up for the whole of that I
don’t really eat lunch in because I’m usually practicing her during that time
so I usually skip lunch or my lunches like up to 200 calories and I and making
dinner 700 calories if I know I’m gonna have a hard work go for breakfast and
dinner right to breathe I wanted to real quick you peep toe type grow by making a
statement with this or was I don’t we great for this break but my friend this
Christmas so I thought I was having heard will give them a video from how
God time yes we made out of my apartment and I just wanted to document how
beautiful how beautiful it looks out tonight and lovely Los Angeles to the
campus of must hear I a.m. at the office right now the work gets done all the work most
Montreal most of the work gets done here but I can understand these are some
previous there I will do a workout for you featuring these days even the best their
city work out on you look how many there is there are those who live in your
browser to work out due to a most everybody at least not everyday that I
once a week I gotta do these stairs there and back of my truck but I work at
all amazingly beautiful great campus cuz I
am in my locker room for their I approve the start this workout so I will not be
feeling the workout for you guys either film or workout and you know I changed
the world cup portion but I did want to show you where I get my work done mostly
here beautiful campus beautiful alright I just finished by portion house jim because by globe and my friends house and he will let me
know I’m gonna be one of those guess I can’t this week make sure I get that that after I
finished my workout I want something kind of way recovery but just feel like I let me
show you why when I’m in right now kind of fuel for weight that I E grounded no sodium low sodium nitrate
I’m also eating and Hamas and a little container eating turkey and ham is because they’re
both provide protein really good protein are the weights workout then I have
going into and I just want to make sure that I was also you don’t know what kind
of my lunch because I eat lunch lunch there like I like during lunch periods
so I don’t really get to know them a little bit I was gonna be tricky and
hummus for but really get protein if you tryna something will click on the doubt my initial post workout after you finish
you know just be punished I’m at Chipotle dinner plan want to go out improvised forgot I O la familia yeah I would recommend dinner really want to go out ganic here here not be held they have my my body home hard closing out one so in the end I put that
in my chopped up it was kind of a shirt and there was a very very work was still
very effective for because so you can train eat more rain the next thing I
think my videos gonna be something about gonna be at the talks have not I mean
I’ve been eating well but definitely have been slipping a little bit of
winter break like this Christmas Chris Murphy there so I wasn’t the bath
with respect to eat he talks to kick off the new year will show you how that goes
like I love you guys