[Eng sub] Alkaline healthy diet    الفكيرة 249 | نظام غذائى  جديد صحى

[Eng sub] Alkaline healthy diet الفكيرة 249 | نظام غذائى جديد صحى

Welcome to Fokaira channel Today I will share with you something will affect the channel in the coming videos which is as you know I am always trying to follow a healthy diet but as I usually repeat that I try to follow a healthy diet what will happen is that in the coming days I will not try I will defiantly follow a healthy diet and I will tell you the details and why I started this change in this video Of course you know that I try to eat healthy all the time I am so much concerned with healthy food since long time more than 15 years but as I said it is confusing because sometimes I can begin to eat something and then to be honest I find that is doesn’t make me feel comfortable although every one wrote it was healthy so or many people shared their experiences about it and how it is healthy and there are scientific researches that supports this so what I will do in the coming 2 months because I noticed that although I am taking a multivitamin but my energy level is not I don’t feel active yes I do stuff but I feel I am pushing myself so I will begin in those coming 2 months and this should continue I will tell you in details I discovered recently something called the alkaline diet the idea when I started investigating it I found that it comes from that the human body is 70 % water or liquid and it has something called PH The PH of any liquid even oceans, seas, ..etc is supposed to be alkaline not so much there must be balance The scale of PH is from 0 to 14 so for example the human’s body tends to be on the Alkaline side so it is around 7.4 so it is more of an alkaline so the Concept of the Alkaline diet is that everything for example the orange has a PH the watermelon has a PH The Zucchini has a PH and so on anything you eat has a PH so when you eat a lot of acidic stuff this makes your body becomes acidic and so diseases show up some people disagree with this I said it is confusing some people disagree with this and say that each part of the human’s body has it’s own acidic or alkaline measures so for example the stomach can’t be alkaline it has to be acidic to be able to digest I will not go into the details I will not go into the disagreement details What I saw in it is the same idea of Macrobiotic which is the balance between the yin and the yang so to eat balanced diet and I started to research what can I eat that is alkaline or how can I know my alkalinity level or the acidity I began to read and search and I began to get more confused as I can find here orange is acidic and in other place it is alkaline so I began to get confused I started searching more I found that the founder of this is Dr. Robert Young and Robert young was a microbiologist checking things under microscope and he was specialized in blood and from this he starting checking blood and how food affects it during his researches he was able to reach the Alkaline diet so the one you can trust his search results is is Dr. Robert because he founded this issue Dr. Robert young is in California he began to treat or improve the life people and celebrities so he became so famous and be known and he began to be attacked to the extend that one year ago was sent to prison 8 years of prison under the claim that he practice medicine without a license anyway it is not our topic so what I will do is that or what convinced me in his diet that the person must eat stuff that has lots of green according to your case if you have a disease it should be 80% 20% 80% alkaline food and 20% acidic food and if someone just want to keep in good health so it should be 60% alkaline and 40% acidic 40% of the food you eat and so in the coming period I am supposed to try to eat I will not try I will defiantly eat healthy diet I will commit big time for example now summer began when I go out I find Ice cream shops so I eat icecream Ice cream has a big amount of sugar all this will stop I will commit and follow the diet and I will for sure share any recipes or any discoveries on the channel so wait for such videos The other thing is that I will not only apply the alkaline diet I will also if you remember this book Meals that heal inflammation I talked about it in a previous video in this book I liked something so I will do a mix of the two diets she talks about how each person should discover what food makes him comfortable and what not so the first 2 months many things should be avoided such as soy there are many soy beans the is GMO it also increases the estrogen if a woman has excess estrogen this can cause diseases soy is in many products that you may not be aware of they put soy in everything I don’t know why so no soy no milk no dairy and no grains this is one of the things maybe someone says it is healthy to eat brown rice for example for me to be honest when I ate brown rice I felt bad it was difficult to digest as they say you are what eat you are not what you eat you are what you digest what can you digest so this brown rice made me really feel bad It is healthy and has fibers and all that but it didn’t work for me so the first two months you stop all this Grains, dairy and soy and you eat certain things after that you start to add after those two months you add one thing after the other you add the tomato because she says some people maybe allergic to it and oranges after first two months we add the tomato and oranges and see how my body reacted to them does it accept them or not I will depend in those two months on smoothies Green stuff that will be the most I don’t eat much greens even when I do I cook them so what is new is that I will eat it fresh mix it in the smoothie or juice it that will be most of my food Maybe I will lose weight and this what worries me because I don’t want to lose weight I think that I should gain weight so I will apply the two diets and for sure during this time I will share on the channel some of the things I eat from the alkaline diet or meals that heal inflammation of course it will still be vegan this is even more advanced than veganism because for sure meat, dairy and cheese has an amount of acidity but as I said in the alkaline diet you are allowed to have 20% acidic food if you have no disease this will be the change in the channel I will continue also the series of healthy products you may not be familiar with and see you in a coming video