Eating Healthy when your Family Doesn’t | What to do?!

Welcome back to another video guys I’m Krissy if you haven’t seen any of my videos before. I’m a mother of two, a FIFO wife And I am just super passionate about making your life easier when it comes to health and wellness Today I am answering a question that I get asked quite often And I think the reason being is that my husband and I are on slightly different wellness journeys I’m super passionate about wellness, it really encompasses everything that I do. It’s a really important value for me My husband however is perhaps on a different path, or at a different stage of his journey. Wellness is important, but it’s not a focus for him It’s certainly not one of his priority values, so yeah one of the questions that I get asked often And so what do you do how do you approach? What do you do when your Partner or someone you live with or someone you love isn’t on the same wellness journey as you is a question that comes up quite often It’s often referring to even grandparents or people that your children spend a lot of time with It can be really tough. Whether it’s you whether you’re a parent or whether you’re starting out on your journey Whether you’re well into your journey it can be tough at any stage to carry on with your journey When you are so passionate and you spend so much time and invest so much in Wellness and and improving your health and someone you love or someone you spend a lot of time with is opposite Or doesn’t value it the same way as you. I think that can be really tough And that’s why I wanted to come on and address this question because it comes up so often. So obviously I have a real-life example where my husband and I are on quite different journeys I’ve got two children who I’m very passionate about making sure that they’re given the nourishment that they need but also creating a really healthy relationship with food so that’s where I am He however is obviously like I said a little bit further back. So what are you going to do? What do you do when You know your children are going to the grandparents house and the focus is on the lolly jar. What do you do when you Love someone and you spend so much time with them But they just not on the same journey as you. A lot of people come with the approach approach of being really hard and really just saying well This is this is the way it is. This is how I feel about it non-negotiable. I however think that it’s important to really think from the other person’s perspective and remember It’s all been a journey for us to very few of us right from the start of had a really smooth sailing health journey I’d say a lot of us can relate to the feeling where we’ve come from a place where we’ve once been that person We’ve once not really care. It’s not been a value for us. It’s not been a priority for us We just haven’t made it the forefront of our mind like perhaps it is today Remembering that is a huge huge step in Understanding and also supporting these people so one thing that I always try to do is come at it from a place of love I’m obviously super passionate about wellness, but I know not everyone is and that’s okay It’s really important to come from a place of understanding and be like “you know what, it’s okay that we’re not on the same journey” where can we kind of meet in the middle and both feel comfortable and happy. It really comes down to How you feel as a person and how someone else feels and how they respond to learning and development for me? I know that if I push and push and push. I’m just pushing someone further away Whereas if I come from a place of love where I’m like “Hey. This is what I’m making tonight I’d really love you to try it”. Maybe not talking too much about what’s in it? And just kind of like offering it as an option but also knowing that the person that you love has a backup option if they don’t like what you serve. I think that’s a really good approach to have when it comes to being on different journeys I know it’s frustrating and it’s annoying when you have to make more than one meal but sometimes simply It’s like a child like you know. I sometimes Approach food with my husband exactly the same as I would with a child where I’ll serve up something that we are super used to, that we have all the time and Then on the side, I might go “hey, I made this really nice salad Do you want to try it?” and you know what? He does and I think that’s a really cool step.
And another thing that is often coming up and a lot of Conversations that I have is what do you do when you drop you kids up at the grandparents, and they’re feeding your kids Sugar, sweets, cake, candy, and you don’t serve those at home to your kids? a lot of people have said “well, I’m just going to say no and that that’s it” That’s the end of the story I don’t have that Situation because my parents and my husband’s parents don’t even live in Australia (they live in New Zealand where we’re from) However my suggestion to approach this would be much the same What can you suggest to them to help them understand? So for example instead of saying no my kids don’t have that, that’s not even an option, you could go by Taking something with you. Something that’s healthy, nourishing, but maybe a little bit fun and indulgent And saying “hey, my kids absolutely love this as a treat So if you want to give them a treat you are more than welcome to give them this”. Not only does that give them an opportunity to learn a little bit more? But it also gives them an opportunity to see what you’re buying, see what kind of treats you give your children And then perhaps next time they might go “hey I saw that brand, I went and bought more treats” Most people almost every person wants the best for you and your kids It’s very rare that people don’t but they just don’t understand. They’re just not on the same journey as you. They’re just not viewing health and wellness as a passion like you do. So that would be my approach – Showing them what they can have instead. And the next is SWAPS, healthy swaps. What can you swap out of Someone’s lifestyle and swap them to show them just how amazing good eating is? And sometimes it’s progressive swaps so for example I had a conversation recently about “what could I do to swap out protein bars because I’m having a lot of protein bars as snacks” and my first question was why did you swap to protein bars in the first place – was it to swap from chocolate bars because Protein bars instead of chocolate bars is going to be a better option. If you’re going then to go “right I’m really happy with what I’m swapping to. Now I now want to take it to the next level and start having more Whole Foods”. Maybe making my own bliss balls You can see that there’s a real progression in the journey It’s a real progression in the journey so what I would suggest if For example you live with someone you love who is not on the same journey as you Still drinking cans of coke or energy drinks or whatever it might be for you What you could do is start kind of bringing into the house some slightly better options – they may not be the best, they may not be what you’re having, But if you start that transition really slowly and show people what foods are available and what foods are out there and what you can replace some of the favourites with you’re going to start Curiosity and I think that’s a huge important step when you are on this journey. Because not everyone like I said not everyone finds nutrition or wellness as a value for them often-times a lot of us come to a place of valuing health and wellness when we’ve come from a place of disease or not being well. That’s where it becomes a value for us, but if people go through life And they’ve never really been sick or they don’t connect sickness to wellness Then it’s not a value for them So it’s about creating awareness and creating options for people so that they can see what food does for them. I really think coming from a place of love is the best place possible to come from. I know it’s so challenging when you’re so passionate But I think the more you come from a place of love than pushing, the more response you’re going to get. I would love to hear from you if you are in this situation – if you are surrounded by people who perhaps aren’t on the same journey as you or at the same stage as you I would love to hear how you approach it. What do you do? What do you find really challenging? What do you find works really well, are any of these tips helpful? I would love to hear from you, and if you want a part two where I go more in depth about this Maybe talking specifically about examples, please let me know below. I’d be more than happy to chat about it more I hope this has been helpful for you. As always please like if you’re new, subscribe And I will see you all in my next video. I am trying super hard this month to get three videos up a week, so I will be uploading Monday, Wednesday and Friday So I’ll see you back in the next one! xxx