EASY PALEO SNACK RECIPES | vegan paleo recipes

so the first snack we’re making are
these pumpkin spice cashews I’m starting off with 1 cup of cashews but you can
definitely sub this for any kind of nut or seed adding in some coconut oil as
well as a good amount of pumpkin spice it’s got wonderful delicious warming
flavors and then a little bit of vanilla for flavor and we’re going to stir that
up until everything is coated and the great thing about this is that you can
definitely switch the cashews for your favorite nut you could do pecans walnuts
almonds or even seeds like pumpkin seeds or sunflower seeds so spread that onto a
baking sheet with some parchment paper or a silicone mat we’re gonna bake them
for 12 to 15 minutes at 350 and you have these wonderfully delicious roasted
pumpkin spice cashews next up we’re making an apple Bowl if you guys saw my
video where I did this with blueberries my new obsession has been doing it with
apples it’s really good to eat seasonally and to eat fruits and
vegetables that are in season so I’m cutting up a Honey Crisp which is my
favorite type of Apple though I think this would also work well with a Granny
Smith because the Granny Smith is nice and tart so then I’m just slicing that
up in two chunks and this with the almond butter or any kind of nut or seed
butter that you’re going to use really makes a good combo so then I’m just
transferring that into a bowl kinda just breaking up the pieces so they’re not
all still stuck together and then I am going to be adding on just
a little bit of cinnamon you can also do pumpkin pie spice if you have that but
again cinnamon with apple really works well a drizzle of almond butter on the
top but you can do sunflower seed butter or cashew butter even coconut butter
would work really really well here as well and then to finish it off I’m
putting on some cacao nibs and cacao nibs are great because they kind of give
a chocolate feel without the sugar and it adds a little bit of crunch which I
love in this little snack next up we’re making a very quick avocado dip so I’m
using half of an avocado great healthy fats which are gonna help to keep you
full it’s full of fiber and to be honest it has a wonderfully creamy
texture to it too so I’m just mashing this up and this is definitely also a
dip but you can make a big batch of as well and then keep it in the fridge or
if you just want a quick little dip like I’m doing I just make kind of like a
single serving like this and use it like that and then to that I’m adding in this
dairy-free coconut yogurt I do use a natural one as opposed to a vanilla one
so it’s just neutral in flavor that way you can use it both salty and sweet so
adding that into it and then for both preserving purposes and for flavor I’m
adding in the juice of half of the lime so this really kind of gives it almost
like a creamy guacamole type feel and then finishing that off with a little
bit of Himalayan salt on the top and then all you have to do is mix it again
you could definitely blend it or make it a big batch if you want to be super
smooth but it’s kind of just like a really good quick dip that’s more than
just avvocato it’s a little bit more hearty and you can pray this with
vegetables with a grain free cracker whatever you kind of want and also works
well as a spread next we are making squash fries if you guys saw my
Instagram and you know I’m obsessed with these two Helicon a squash fries so I’m
just slicing up a delicata squash I keep the skin on because it’s actually full
of fiber and has so many vitamins in it squashes are also really good to eat
right now because they’re in season so this is the first year I’ve really
gotten into delicata squash so I encourage you to try new like fruits and
vegetables that are in season where you are I’m slicing it into thin slices the
key to getting them are nice and crispy is to not make them too thick so I kind
of make them about a quarter-inch thick I sprayed them with a little bit of
avocado oil sprinkle of Himalayan salt but you could definitely want to do the
spicy if you wanted to do chili flakes on here but I just keep it simple
you bake them off and they have this wonderfully crisp texture that would
also work well with the avocado dip going to leave my healthy snacks
playlist and my last healthy snacks video on the screen here so that you can
watch them and I will see you in my next video bye guys