Delicious Chocolatey Paleo Bites – Amrita Paleo Bites

Good Morning how’s it going just finished up a ten-mile run and it’s time for a snack so we’re running over to the
pantry grab some AMRITA BRAS these are wonderful pre post run I always use them and today is no exception we’ve got a 50-miler coming up
this weekend so you can see we’re packing up here trying to try and get all these guys in there for some nutrition this weekend but today we’re
going to talk about the PALEO BITES these are new by AMRITA got chocolate coconut mango coconut chocolate mint apple cinnamon chocolate espresso my
favorite and honestly guys are very tasty just like their bars coming
bite-sized pieces like this and you should go over the website at wonderful products plant-based non GMO grain free vegan you No added sugars gluten dairy soy egg and nut free (outro music)