Decreasing Breast Cancer Risk Factors

So this is the million-dollar question. First of all, there are risk factors that
you can change and there are risk factors that you can’t change. The number one risk factor for developing
breast cancer is being a woman, so that’s not something you can change. Number two is age. The older you are the more likely it is to
happen. Again, something that you can’t change. Family history is something else you can’t
change. If you have a significant family history of
breast or ovarian cancer, prostate, pancreatic, melanomas, those are all things you can’t
change. But there’s a lot of things that you can change. What we’ve discovered more and more is that obesity is major risk factor breast cancer. That’s why I’m always encouraging women to maintain a healthy body weight. Exercise is very important for the risk reduction of breast cancer. Exercising, previously we said up to three hours a week, but now actually we’re seeing that two hours a week can reduce your risk
of breast cancer by almost 20%, which is huge. Obviously quitting smoking. That’s horrible for every type of cancer but breast cancer included. And then diet. I’m a huge advocate of a healthy diet. I tend to think a lot of our problems come
from eating a lot of processed foods. So I highly recommend at least eliminating processed foods from your diet to help reduce your risk of breast cancer.