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What’s the difference between collagen peptides
and gelatin, and how do they differ from your average protein powder? Let’s break it down. When we talk about whole animal protein, or protein powders like whey, for example, we’re getting all of our essential amino
acids from those, which are the amino acids that our body can’t make or manufacture
from other amino acids. So similarly to the way we have essential
fatty acids; our body can’t make them, we have to consume them in our foods. The same thing goes for amino acids. But, when you’re looking at gelatin protein,
and collagen protein. The collagen peptides is really just a slightly
more processed form of gelatin, and I don’t say that in a bad way. It’s just that the protein chemical structure
is more broken down, and all that does is allow for this stuff to be dissolved in liquids
without it gelling. The gelatin will gel. It will give you that gel-like consistency
and texture that we want for a lot of things, and we don’t want it in a protein shake,
for example. But, honestly, we’ve not been able to get
enough of this stuff in our diet since we’ve gone away from eating nose to tail; since
we’ve gotten away from traditional foods, from soups, and stews, and slow cooked foods
that are made with broth or that are made from meats on the bone. For example, a ton of the recipes in Mediterranean
Paleo Cooking, you don’t have to use broth in them, you can be using meat on the bone;
as you slow cook the dish, it essentially makes broth in the dish. And so, when it comes to the composition of something
like gelatin or collagen, we’re getting amino acids from these protein sources that
are not present in muscle meat, and they’re not present in some of these other powders,
like a whey protein or an egg white protein. Specifically here talking about glycine and
proline. Glycine specifically, with regard to gut healing,
is one of the main reasons why broth is so healing for us. It’s essentially for healthy skin, connective
tissue, and muscle tissue as well; supportive of our central nervous system, essential for
helping to heal our digestion and support our gut lining cells, supporting bile acid
production. We’re just not getting that elsewhere in
the diet. So you don’t need to use the powders; you
can be eating broth in its whole form, and you’ll do just fine. But most of us aren’t; so I think that’s
something important to note. Whether collagen peptides are beneficial for
athletes, for example, like in a post workout shake… They’re probably not ideal for that
because they don’t contain branch chain
amino acids, which are leucine, isoleucine, and valine, that do support muscle repair
and muscle growth the most. But my recommendation on that is generally
to combine whatever you’re doing, because you are going to get benefit from both sides
here, and they’re definitely beneficial all around. That’s all I’ve got for you guys today. Remember, I post new videos every week. Subscribe to my channel so you don’t miss
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