class x 10 Science biology-life Process CBSE NCERT full chapter

Class X CBSE life process notes life processes the processes that are
necessary for an organism to stay alive e.g.
nutrition respiration etc nutrition the process in which an organism takes in
food utilizes it to get energy for growth repair and maintenance etc and excretes the waste materials from the nutrition. 1. nutrition Auto equals self trophic=nourishment example plants algae
Bluegreen bacteria 2. heterotrophic Nutrition hetero equals others trophic
equals nourishment example (a) saprophytic nutrition:- organisms
feeds on dead decaying plants or animals material the example fungi bacteria. (b)parasitic nutrition:- organisms obtain food from the body of another living
host endo parasite parasites no parasite parasite lives inside the
body of the host example tapeworm roundworm EXO parasite parasite lives on
the body of the host example lights leech. (c) hollows oeq nutrition organism
mostly animals take in whole food and then digest it into smaller particles
with enzyme eg amoeba Paramecium animals human beings Oh steps in hollows oeq
nutrition (i) ingestion taking in a food (ii) digestion breaking down of complex
food into simpler absorbable form. (iii) assimilation utilization of digested
food from the body. (iv) egestion removing undigested food from the body nutrition in human-beings alimentary canal mouths Safa gives
stomach small intestine large intestine important gland slash juices peristaltic
movements rhythmic contraction of muscles of the lining of alimentary
could from the stomach villi small finger like projections on the walls of
the small intestine to increase the surface area for the absorption of food
six large intestine forums respiration the process by which
digested food is broken down with the help of oxygen to release energy types
of respiration I aerobic respiration to anaerobic respiration some common
features of respiratory organs I large surface area for greater rate of defeat
or gases to then permeable walls to ensure easy diffusion and exchange of
gases three extensive blood supply respiratory organs are richly supplied
with blood vessels for quick transport of gases
human respiratory system external nostrils nasal cavity trachea bronchi
bronchioles alveoli rings of cartilage present in the throat ensure that the
trachea air passage does not collapse when there is less air in it who they
are spongy elastic bags consisting of bronchi bronchioles and alveoli you transportation transportation in human
beings blood hi it is a fluid connective tissue two components one fluid medium
plasma to red blood corpuscles three white blood corpuscles for platelets
suspension carbon dioxide nitrogenous wastes and center
hard is a muscular organ which works as a
pump in the circulatory system it is the size of our fists it has two sides which
are separated by a partition so that the oxygenated and deoxygenated blood do not
get mixed up it has four chambers two upper chambers called atria lower
chambers called ventricles working of heart
left side I left atrium relaxes and the oxygenated blood enters it from the
lungs through the pulmonary vein to left atrium contracts and the blood enters
the left ventricle through the valve 3 left ventricle contracts and the blood
is pumped into the largest artery equals aorta and is carried to all parts of the
body right side I right atrium relaxes and the deoxygenated blood from the body
enters it through superior and inferior vena cava to right atrium contracts and
the blood enters the right ventricle through the valve 3 right ventricle
contracts and the blood is pumped into the pulmonary artery and is carried to
lungs excretion in human beings
of excretory system (i) kidneys (iii) urinary bladder (ii) ureters (iv) urethra
kidneys(i)two in number (ii) being shaped (iii) present in abdomen on either side
of the backbone (iv)basic unit is nephron ureters transport that you’re informed in the kidneys to
the urinary bladder urinary bladder muscular bag like structure to store
urine urethra helps in removal of urine when the urinary bladder is full
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