Christmas Fruit Cake Recipe–PART 2–Kolkata Christmas Plum Cake at Home–Calcutta Anglo-Indian Recipe

Calcutta Christmas Cake

Part 2: Baking the cake what makes a good fruitcake? rich brown colour
(inside + outside) closely packed dense structure evenly distributed fruits & nuts First of all a BIG thank you to all of you who shared your cake mixing photos with us As promised here we are back with the second part of the Christmas cake recipe In case you have missed the first part of this recipe, go watch it right now! Before we begin we wanted to tell you that this video is a collaboration with our friend Karen Ahmad over at Kravings. Karen has also baked a Christmas cake on her channel this year. Go see her version after you watch this one Besides the cake recipe itself she also has some great frosting and cake decoration ideas Karen has over 400 amazing recipes on her channel Her videos are light-hearted, fun and superbly entertaining Go check her out, and tell her we said hi! Enjoy this video, and good luck to all of you who will be baking your own Christmas cakes. Let’s get started. plain all-purpose flour 275g (for a 4 pound cake) softened butter 275g
salted; at room temperature brown sugar 275g almond 75g, pistachio 40g
blanched and peeled cashew 40g 5 eggs allspice 15 pcs; optional
cloves 8 pcs, cinnamon 1 pc,
nutmeg ¼ tsp (link in description)
soaked dried-fruits watch part 1 zest of an orange; be careful not to grate the white, bitter pith nutmeg shavings allspice, cinnamon, cloves nutmeg grind almonds ground almonds keep the cake moist and give it texture chop cashew and pistachio in 5mm pieces butter a 9 × 4 inch loaf tin don’t miss the corners! line with baking paper; leave extra overhanging paper for easier
cake removal repeat for the shorter side tie a ‘cake strip’ around your tin for an even rise and to prevent the cake from drying in the oven full details on our website (linked in description) all set! let’s bake now preheat your oven to 150°C softened butter cream butter until airy and pale brown sugar cream again until light beat in eggs, one at a time ground almonds spice mix orange zest incorporate good bye, whisk! sift flour so no lumps remain fold in using a spatula; no whisk
after this point don’t overmix, or the cake will become chewy (because, gluten) cashew and pistachio soaked dried-fruits Our fruits have absorbed all the alcohol. If yours have excess liquid, strain and add just the fruits. notice how dense the batter is fill the baking tin push to corners; level the top clean up the sides bake in a preheated 150°C oven but check after the first 2 hours bake low and slow this cake bakes at a low temperature for a long time if you try to bake it faster, at a higher temperature, the outside will brown while the inside remains pale and undercooked if using thermometer, insert it after 2 hours cake is done when the internal temperature reads 95°C clean skewer! cool completely in the tin optional; feed the cake for an even richer, deeper cake poke holes ‘feed’ the cake a spoon of rum, brandy, or
whisky once a week this keeps the cake moist and deepens flavour you can bake this months in advance and keep feeding it store at room temperature wrapped in baking paper and aluminium foil it’s finally time to cut! this is a rich cake, ideal for sharing with friends and family Merry Christmas from Bong Eats