Chicago’s Best Healthy Eating Food Truck: Corner Farmacy

food trucks and healthy don’t always go
together but we had an overwhelming amount of suggestions for corner
pharmacy including one from money Myron who said treat yourself to the goat
what’s the go oh the best breakfast sandwich in the city
it really isn’t it outstanding breakfast sandwich crispy and cheesy now I’m
hearing that the goat is what I really need to try it should be the Geo 84 the
greatest of all time Emily what are we going to be making today on the truck
well we gotta do the goat that’s our egg sandwich that’s I got egg
bacon arugula avocado peach rosemary preserves and a little Ellis Farms honey
people have referred to spread the the word of the gospel of the goat you know
Emily’s been spreading the gospel of her own one of sustainability and delectable
‘ti how did you guys get into this because you guys all had like corporate
jobs before you started the food truck yeah distant memories now but I was
eating up the food trucks myself and there was nothing healthy I was going
back after a lunch and feeling sluggish and I really thought there needs to be
something a little more healthy alternative something’s gonna give you
energy you guys are really big on this farm-to-table yeah but we call a farm
defender our niche is the local seasonal fresh high quality food it’s not your
average food truck feels right when you order it do you
a little bit more connected to your food I actually wash your last food truck
show and it was missing this one and it needed to get on there so I recommended
it yeah thank corner pharmacy is one of Chicago’s best corner pharmacy is
powered by three Iowa girls dedicated to bringing clean eats to the streets of
Chicago one sandwich at a time look how fresh these are these are from seedling
farm they’re the first stone fruit pick of the season this is the benchmark of
the go they’ve got apricots and rosemary it smells amazing in here by the way
just letting you all know while our preserves get down I learned a
little breakfast Sammy 101 it gets you didn’t be it garlic fresh cracked pepper
I kind of do a little swirl and then I lift up the new dance world this is our goat
cheese when I heard I was making the go I thought we were doing like real go all
right we got our preserves all right now we’re gonna add the saltiness to our
sandwich the bacons we get the bacon from Beeler’s farm and Iowa
basically we say they go to the pig spa they get massage and you know you can
really taste the love you can taste the love of love and eggs bacon arugula all
right and then drizzle some honey on there that’s it top this day back and we
got our go are you ready to eat oh I’m always ready so this is the famed goat
that’s a good fish I think it’s a good one the apricot preserves where you get
the salty of the bacon the goat cheese arugula it’s just such a great
combination and something I would never fuck and you know we see what’s
available and we’re just brainstorming constantly about what to do you’ve got
another one of your favorites on the menu the veggie burger our veggie burger
which is delish the juice is great you girls for okay go you feel good about
eating it love this food truck greatest of all time you go to right here