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the use of celeriac, or celery root which is a really great substitute for
potatoes has inspired me to make quite a number of recipes, the celeriac recipe
I’m demonstrating today is a substitute for either a split pea or potato soup,
this soup is hearty nutritious comforting and very filling, so let’s get
going and make my celeriac bacon soup for this soup the macronutrient ratio is
3.6 to 1, with 6.4 grams of total carbs, 1.1 grams of soluble fiber, 0.5 gram of
insoluble fiber, resulting in 4.9 grams of net carbs per serving, as with my
other recipes I begin with fresh whole food ingredients, which I always weigh
out and prepare before beginning to cook even though I’ve used celeriac many
times I still find it interesting how unfortunate looking this vegetable, is
both on the outside and on the inside where you have all these dark spots and
circles, but don’t let the appearance distract you from using this really good
tasting and much lower carbs substitute for potato recipes, after peeling the
celeriac bulb and cutting it into even wedges, and then into even size cubes, I
next dice the celery stock and I also use some of the leaves, to make cutting
the bacon easier here’s a tip, put your pack of bacon into the freezer to harden
a bit, about 30 minutes should do it then cut the bacon as I’m showing here, also
roughly cut the garlic, in my stirring pot set over medium heat, I first add the
ghee and when it’s sizzling, add the chopped bacon and saute until your bacon
is starting to get crispy, you can place your bacon into the pot while it’s still
chilled and clumped together, and as it’s frying just use a spatula to separate
the pieces, when your bacon is starting to get crispy scoop it out with a
slotted spoon, set the bacon aside it might be a good idea to reserve about a
quarter cup of this prepared bacon which you can use to garnish at the end,
to the bacon fat which you left in the pot, add the diced celeriac, chopped celery,
and garlic, saute for about ten to fifteen minutes, and stir the vegetables
occasionally, next add the salt and pepper and return the prepared bacon to
the pot, and pour in the chicken stock here you can substitute two cups of the
chicken stock, with two cups of the bone broth in this recipe I would not use
just chicken bone broth, because chicken bone broth has a much stronger taste than
stock, and you don’t want to overpower the delicious taste of celeriac, when
you’ve added all your ingredients stir and then cover your pot with a lid, and
simmer for 20 minutes on medium heat in the meanwhile hard-boil 3 eggs, when
the eggs are done drain the hot water from the pot and add cold water in order
to cool the eggs, and when they’re cool to the touch
peel off the egg shell, now that your soup is done reduce the heat to low and
add the heavy cream, and olive oil and stir well, continue cooking at a low
simmer for 5 minutes next pour the cooked broth into a
blender only filling the container to half full, but remember to puree hot
liquids in batches, and before you turn on the power place a tea towel or oven
mitt on the lid and hold down gently as you puree, to a smooth silky looking
texture and voila that is all there is to making this
delicious celeriac bacon soup, and you can serve it now and enjoy it as it is,
or you can fancy things up with this optional garnishing step, here is how I
like to garnish this soup, I get my cold hard-boiled eggs and cut through the
whites but leave the egg yolk as a ball then I chop the whites into very small
bits and I press the yolks through a
fine-mesh sieve to create very fine yolk granules the final step is to place
about one teaspoon of the chopped egg whites just off the center area of your
bowl, and place the egg yolk granules next to the whites, then for a bit of
contrast decorate with a green leaf such as cilantro, and sprinkle the reserved
bacon between the whites and the yolk if you think your bacon is too wide
just cut the bacon into smaller ribbons lastly also I used a tiny piece from the
top of the celery stock, I’d like to mention that this garnish is not only
pretty to look at it’s also very tasty addition to the soup, but as I mentioned
earlier the entire garnishing step or any combination of it is completely
optional, I just thought I would show you how to take this very simple ordinary
soup, and create a fancy presentation which you can serve either hot or cold,
enjoy. Lastly I’d just like to make a few meal suggestions, the soup goes very well
with my keto pan fried lemon lamb chops or with the keto chicken souvlaki, I’d
really like to hear from you so in the comments section, let me know what you’ve
paired your soup with, thank you very much for watching please subscribe and
join me for the next video, see you next time the link for the celeriac bacon
soup printable recipe, is available in the description below as are the video
links for the lemon lamb chops and the chicken souvlaki