Brooke Ence’s Nutrition Strategies

[Adee] I’ve worked with many elite athletes including CrossFit Games champions Olympians and NFL players I’ve seen some of the most amazing bodies on the planet but Brooke Ence definitely stands out amongst the group So like Drake says in his song ‘Only’ “She’s got a body so thick she makes everyone in the room uncomfortable.” I get the question all the time of what do I do differently with elite athletes than I do with our regular members and the answer is always nothing our program is completely individualized to their needs, but they’re also entirely human, so people like Brooke have the same struggles that you do We have struggles with body image struggles with traveling struggles with peer pressure She really is just like you and I and before I dive into the exact strategies that I gave her to help maintain her lean body all year round I’m going to talk about her background and her mindset, which is just as important. Going all the way back to Brooke’s childhood she’s always been active participating in many different sports finally settling on dance She was a modern dance major in university then went into bodybuilding endering a bodybuilding show focusing specifically on getting leaner of course then going into CrossFit training for 4 plus hours a day for many many years and of course through that she’s gained a lot of muscle mass just by looking at Brooke you can tell that she has a lot of muscle mass on her body which definitely increases her metabolism Putting Brooke’s background aside let’s talk about her mindset consistency accuracy and precision definitely come to mind being lean is a top priority for Brooke not just as an athlete but also as a brand she’s built a brand around herself in part by the way, that she looks so being lean is really high priority for her That’s why Brooke can maintain her lean body all year long because she makes sure that she does what she needs in terms of her nutrition so that she can maintain that progress not saying that you should adopt this mindset but just so you know it is super high priority for her which makes it easier for her to commit to the actions that it takes to get there Brooke is a movie star, she’s been in Wonder Woman, The Justice League and she’s also been to the CrossFit Games so her life is pretty crazy traveling weekend to weekend always in a different city So we’ve had to develop some strategies and learn what works for her so that she can maintain her lean physique all year long no matter what her schedule is like First strategy that she implements is she always has some type of cooler bag with her where she can bring healthy snacks wherever she is Usually it’s something like cut up vegetables or chicken breasts no matter what she’s hungry or in a bind she always has something to snack on Brooke has developed great self-awareness over the past couple years of being on top of her nutrition So she absolutely knows what’s going to trigger her or what’s going to make her want to indulge a little extra or more than she’d want to One example of a food that does definitely trigger her is peanut butter that girl loves peanut butter if she even allows herself to have a tiny scoop of peanut butter she knows that it might have her craving more and more and more and then she’s just gonna end up having a bunch of spoonfuls putting it on anything you can find in the house So one strategy that she implements is she doesn’t keep peanut butter around. Brooke travels all the time she’s in a different city every single weekend and most of us who travel maybe we travel once a month maybe we travel two times a year and when we’re there we use this opportunity to eat out at restaurants to try new foods try out the most popular restaurant on Yelp, but Brooke has being lean as part of her top priorities so what she does is she makes clear that she needs to hit up a grocery store whenever she gets there Either she uses apps like instant that can deliver the groceries right to her hotel or she asks a friend to help her out but getting to a grocery store and getting the food that she needs needs to be on top of her nutrition is definitely a top priority this might seem really simple but this is a really hard thing to do being in a new city being around new people being around people that you haven’t seen in a while you want to be around celebrating enjoying foods together but when being lean is a top priority for you, you definitely have to make sacrifices and Brooke is willing to do that She also might even stay at hotels or Airbnbs to make sure that she has access to a fridge or kitchen so she can prepare some of her meals and pick and choose when she’s going to estimate or be a little bit more lax and eat out at restaurants One thing that Brooke has the luxury of taking advantage of is meal prep companies like Trifecta Trifecta prepares food for Brooke when she’s on the go and they can send it to her wherever she is Something that she uses from them is the al a carte menu where they offer bulk options of simple ingredients or one ingredient so she can mix and match her own meals to suit her needs for the day Using meal prep companies can make things really convenient for you and take a little bit of the stress out from being on top of your nutrition and maintaining that physique What makes Brooke so successful all year long and maintaining that physique we talked about it her background, her consistency, the years and years of consistency, the mindset that she has towards her food and nutrition and of course the hard work effort and discipline What Brooke’s willing to do… she knows her priorities She knows exactly what she wants to do and makes sure that all of her actions align with that goal She’s going to be willing to make decisions that not most people are willing to make she’s going to sacrifice that pie at Thanksgiving dinner or make a decision not to eat at the restaurant and go just for the social occasion instead Brooke is implementing discipline and hard work and effort in every day of her life