Brenntag Food & Nutrition is at Home Everywhere in the World

Brenntag Food & Nutrition is at home
everywhere in the world. We build a strong local infrastructure across each
of the 76 countries in which we operate which is how we’re able to turn local
trends into marketable products for our customers. Brenntag Food & Nutrition
is at your service in the universe of food. We’re able to deliver focused
solutions and innovative approaches thanks to our 28 Food & Nutrition
Application & Development Centers across the globe. Our wide range of
capabilities for food applications and functional ingredients include:
application assistance, comparative analysis, formulation advice, key
parameter testing, process optimization raw material and ingredient
recommendations, and starting point formulas. Additionally, we employ over 900 dedicated food and nutrition experts all over the world who make it their life’s
work to understand the regulations, policies, developments, and trends in your market. Welcome to Brenntag Food & Nutrition.
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