BREAKING NEWS !!! Fitrus Plus Health System Creates Customised Exercises and Nutrition Plans

if you are looking for a little help and
assistance to keep your body in top physical shape or just to start a new
fitness regime and nutrition plan you may be interested in a new portable
health companion called the fitrus plus designed to provide a
pocket-sized system that can accurately measure your
body’s composition using its companion smartphone application to provide
customized exercise and nutrition plans specifically tailored to your body’s
composition fitrus plus uses bioelectrical impedance analysis to
measure your body’s composition in particular body fat BIA is a method in
determining body fat compositions by measuring how easily a tiny electric
current flows through your body tissues or to be more precise the opposition or
impedance to the flow the current flows through hydrated tissue with less
impedance than tissue that does not hold much water muscles holds about 75% water
while fat is the least hydrated tissue in our body with about 10% even bones
hold more water than fat tissue this is then used to estimate fat free body mass
which is then subtracted from body weight to derive one’s body fat so
weight – fat free body mass equals body fat the fitrus spit nough system which
has been designed by Douglas Lee based in Chicago with earlybird pledges are
available from $129 or 93 pounds if the campaign is successful worldwide
shipping is expected to take place during September 2018