Booty Band Workout | Exercise Band Workout

what’s going on everybody it’s Sarah from the super sisters and today we’re gonna do a booty man workout that’s right we’re gonna work the buns you guys and all you need is one of these they’re so so cheap to buy and Liz and I say all the time you don’t need to strength train all the time there’s so much you can do here on body weight I’m a big fan of yoga you guys already know that but I also love yoga sculpture routines which that’s what we’re gonna do today with this band for the booty so grab a band pick your level these come in all different kinds of intensities so find one that’s challenging for you a lot of the time you can buy a pack too which is awesome I’ll put a link in the comments below you can order them off of Amazon for super cheap so let’s go ahead and get started because you guys already know I’m a fan of yoga no shoes take your shoes off if we put our feet and shoes all day long get your band on no shoes put it right around ya right above the ankles okay I’m ready we’re gonna start right away with just a little side to side so come to one side of your mat if you’re on a mat like neat squat it down push the booty back make sure the knees aren’t going over the toes and we’re just doing these nice little like crab walk side to side really working the outer glutes oh good back the other way put a smile on your face we’re gonna get warm really quick side to side keep it low squat it down good job you got it stay strong keep your chest up core engage side to side oh good the wider each step the better more you’re working that booty good job keep it up whoo side to side this is come back to the middle Freddie okay squat it down lift it up leg raise good squat to the other side squat it down lift it up whoo don’t know about you but my booty is already whoo good job squat push that booty back in the squat good I lift it up you gotta stay strong lift two more last one squat it down hand up okay good from there I turn to the side so you guys can see this her and do some leg lifts to the back okay hands on the hip core nice and engaged lift it up for ten nine eight seven six five four three two and one good cool like that shake it out other side one two three four five five four three two and one good right away back into that side to side you got it stay strong whoo chest up right partially booty back should be burning already good you got it keep going ladies you’re gonna have such a nice booty where maybe there’s some guys here hey deej the wrong we all want a nice butt right beside Oh especially with summer right around the corner so I’m channeling my tropical vibes today all right stay strong oh that burns just keep breathing through it here we go come back to the middle you know the deal stand it up oh yeah their self a little bit of a break ha ha all right you ready let’s do this squat it down lift it up squat and lift squat and lift good job you got it squat it and lift it squat it and lift it whoa stay strong two more last one squat it down stand it up okay ready right away into those leg lifts let’s go one two three four five six seven eight nine and ten quick switch it out one two four five six seven eight nine and ten whoo all right walk around for a second you take the band off if you want so let yourself rest for about a minute here give those muscles a quick break pause this go back to the beginning one two two more times you got it stay strong okay that’s all I got for you today hopefully you enjoyed this booty band workout work in the booty and I know that you kicked its butt today so if you’re looking for more videos like this join our supercharge community to where we have a video vault of everything you could ever imagine it’s only $10 a month click right here to join you won’t regret it hope to see you inside see you next time