Body Confidence – Tips To Gain Body Confidence

hello and welcome to she TV the place
women come to become powerfully feminine from the inside out.
I’m Candice Oneida now today what I want to talk to you about is body confidence
and why that is such an important thing for you to get to in regards to your
feminine power re-emergence so let’s start with this what is body confidence
what I mean about body confidence now to do this I want you to start to watch
people in the world I want you to watch people out there and the way that you
recognize people’s body confidence at first is by watching them walk and move
through the world so what I want you to get to ultimately is that you are able
to move confidently feel confident and love your body as you move through the
world and it will be evident by the way that you move okay so I’m gonna give you
a bit of a background here today the how-to is really the entire body of work
that I do with you so what is body confidence essentially body confidence
is when a woman feels love for her body she loves being in her body she loves
moving in her body she loves the way she feels in her body she loves the way she
can give and love through her body she loves her sexuality she loves the way
her body is in the sexual space she loves the way that she can hold and love
people with her body in short this is a woman who loves her body feels confident
in it whether it’s wearing a plastic bag or whether it’s wearing something
absolutely gorgeous and sensual or whether she’s naked another way that
you’ll know that your body confident is you feel really comfortable happy proud
loving when you’re naked with a partner and that you love what your body can do
and how it feels with them now you need to notice that I said
feels body confidence is something that you feel it has zip zero and nothing to
do with what it looks like there is a multi-billion dollar industry out there
that it’s pure intent is to make women believe that they are supposed to look a
certain way that there’s a certain ideal image frame shape form colors whatever
hairdos that will suddenly make you the perfect woman will suddenly make you
more attractive will suddenly make you feel better about yourself now look I’m
all about the adornment piece of the feminine I’m very girly I love doing
that myself but my work here with you is about becoming powerfully feminine from
the inside out okay because when you feel confident when you feel feminine
when you love your body then you radiate from inside out and then anything you
add on top is like the cherry on top or the cream on top or the icing on top
okay so you can’t invent body confidence overnight you can’t make it up but I’m
just trying to position here today that the look part of it is a decoy and it’s
not going to change anything not for very long you can they have this concept
show me what it’s called you can dress up a pig but it’s still a pig I’m not
saying you’re a pig but you’re what we wanting to do is if you dress things up
or you put lipstick on the pig it’s not gonna make you feel less like the pig
what we want you to do is to start to feel like the Panther inside or a
lioness inside or what is that sense of the animal that you feel inside of
yourself how does it feel for you to move around in your body and to love
what it feels like to move around in your own body I would speak about my
body is my temple it’s sort of the first and foremost
of my sovereignty of my domain that I can take care of that I can make sure is
fed will has the best water I can give it has the best food organic food that
has a good diet that I know what to put inside the temple the air I breathe is
really beautiful good quality air the people I hang around encourage me
reflect me support me love me right this is my sovereignty this is my first
sovereign position as a queen right and it’s from that standpoint that when we
seat ourselves in our body when we own this body when we own our energy when we
take responsibility for it when we love it and then we’re able to be really
filled up so as a woman one of the things I say again and again is we need
to learn to plug in in order that we fill up and then we can really shine the
plugging in peace we could talk about plugging into your body or plugging into
your energy but in truth of fact it really has a lot to do with plugging
into life force and hence sexual energy there’s are a lot of videos on here that
you can look here about me talking about sexuality and it is one of the
foundations of my work with women we can’t not talk about our pussy and our
sexuality and now in our desire and our needs or we’re not plugging into true
feminine power what we do as women is we need to learn to plug in in order that
we can turn on brightly from the inside out and then we fill up and then we are
full to overflowing it’s from that standpoint from that vantage point that
we can then give and serve others so many women’s malaise is that they give
and they do and they do everything else for everyone and everything first and
that they end up really deprioritized in their to-do list in their priorities my
positioning here is you put yourself first and then the Queen can emerge she
can be seated in her body she can feel confident and loving in his
juicy powerful body that we have as women and it’s from that positioning
that we can really love and we can really serve and we can really run our
missions as women so body confidence I just wanted to give you an overview
today as to why this is an important result you need to get to in any work on
becoming powerfully feminine whether it’s with me or anybody else look for if
they do embodiment work look for if they show you how to feel good in your body
feel good in your body not look good in your body that needs to become secondary
the look part because I can promise you when you start to go out there and look
at people and watch them you will go wow that woman feels so confident in her
body but your eyes might go she’s not traditionally beautiful or according to
this multi-billion dollar industry but she’s really sexy she feels powerful
she’s really confident she’s really attractive and so when we have body
confidence we are attractive we’re magnetic we attract things toward us
because of how we feel okay so in conclusion body confidence has to do
with how you feel in your body at any time not about what you look like and it
has a lot to do with how you move through the world how you move how you
feel confident in this body as you move forward in life and how you move through
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getting questions from you and remember when you have the courage to go out
there and shine you give others permission to do the same so let’s go
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