Best Protein Supplement for Building Lean Muscle | My Top 3 REVEALED

I’m about to reveal my three favorite
proteins [for building lean muscle] I’ve never done this before after almost 20 years in the industry so
do not miss this one it’s what I use and the experience starts right now! What is going on? My name is David Barr [CSCS, CISSN, RSCC] if you’re looking to get bigger faster
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bell, so you don’t miss the latest tips and tricks. Today I’m gonna share with
you what I use my three favorite proteins I’ve studied muscle protein
synthesis I’ve been in the industry for almost 20 years research different
supplement companies, muscle and fitness, NSCA, I’ve never talked to anyone about my
favorite proteins and I’m going to do it now I’m not making any money
I do not link to this stuff I’m not sponsored and endorsed anything like
that but I gotta stop pretending I don’t use stuff right so we all use stuff so
I’m about to show you my three favorites your subscribers stay tuned to the end
I got your next step for optimizing performance, muscle growth, and also fat loss. So
number one whey protein I use ON whey, I’ve been using this stuff for years and
years mix is great great flavors they weren’t involved in the protein spiking
scandal which is a big big deal to me if you don’t know about that let me know in
the comments below what we need to talk about this probably the biggest protein
experiment in the world you may have been part of it but it’s something you
need to know about so again I don’t work for optimum nutrition it’s just an
awesome awesome product I’ve been using it for years and when you’re done with
the container you can store the dog food in it and they’re staring at me right now
with those hungry eyes they think they’re about to get that and they’re
not so you’re disappointing my dog why are you doing that? Here’s a bonus tip for it
after years of studying muscle protein synthesis of the growth recovery
adaptation response were all after I did a video on BCAA’s versus whey protein
I’ll link to that in the top right and the description check that one out do
not miss that one it’s quick it’s simple check it out number two okay I know I’m
cheating again this is on whey [ON casein] optimum nutrition it’s casein great mix great
flavor again I do not work for them I swear I just like their products I’ve
been using this stuff for years probably pretty much every night or every night
I’m not consuming solid food like cottage cheese this is what I’m consuming this
is gonna be a lifesaver for people who have to go long periods of fasting
without intentionally trying to fast I mean this is actually great for half as
well no reason to go protein fasted ever as far as I’m concerned so the idea of
having a little protein in your blood all times get in the muscle maintain
muscle protein synthesis or at least made to get that catabolism this is what
I use now here’s a bonus tip for you talk about three key tips for casein, this
is one of my most popular videos yet talk about some of my research but I’ll
link to that in the top right and the description if you’re using casein or
you’re thinking about using it it’s one of the most effective supplements out
there be sure to check it out alright my next favorite protein source this is the
Gatorade show I talk about this in a different video because these are great
for traveling and the key here here for me after 20 plus years of choking down
protein these are the best flavored products best drink and best bar I’ve
ever had they just both happen to be Gatorade strictly coincidental but man
these are awesome great texture great flavor about 20 grams of protein can’t
speak to the quality or the speed of the protein not doing that but I’m saying in
terms of just portable protein this is going to be big also there is a ton of
carbs in this so great for pre post workouts or having half a bar for
example if you just need a little protein no big deal
carbs aren’t going to kill you but probably don’t want to be slamming a ton
of fast absorbing carbs you don’t have to just my personal preference again
we’re talking about what I use this is just what I do not tell me what to do so
I’ll link to my video on travel proteins it’s really quick really simple but
helps you get through those times when you just can’t have enough protein
traveling no one wants to stop to try gas burger or some kind of protein not
always easy to get it by a link to that in the top right and the description so
real quick what are your favorite proteins not going to accept any links
or anything like that but I do want to hear what you use let me know in the
comments below so your next steps to optimizing protein for fat loss muscle
growth and athletic performance sure check out that casein video check out
the whey versus BCAA video and check out the travel nutrition tips –
everybody travels at some point do not let your nutrition slip when you’re
traveling a lot of us do no need to let that happen especially if you’re
traveling for competition it doesn’t even matter what you’re traveling for it
just don’t let your nutritionist level so there’s my three favorite proteins is
what I use finally after all these years thanks for watching I’m David Barr ,until
next time Raise the Barr