Best Fruits To Get You Through The Winter on a Raw Vegan Diet

This is the video on how to let you guys know
how I get through the winter eating a plant based raw food diet. So you know many people
may have been thinking, “Hey John, you know during the winter fruits dry up, there is
not that many” But you know what, if you look hard enough then I will give you tips
in the video to show you how I do this. You can get a wide variety of fruits during the
winter besides just apples and bananas and maybe even some grapes. So more or less, what
we gonna do is give you guys a tour of literally all the different variety of fruits that I’m
eating this winter right now in January so let’s come along and check out some of these
cool fruits. Now I’m gonna give you a tour of the very fruits I’m eating right now
in the winter time So the first thing I wanna show you guys is
that I want you guys to have abundance in your life, abundance in your financial life,
abundance in your love life, abundance in everything in your life including the fruits.
That’s why the first tip to you is being successful in the raw foods life style. You
wanna have a wide variety and mass quantities of fruits available at all times then you
will eat these stuffs instead of the junkie stuffs that we don’t want you guys to eating.
So I am very happy to say that I have a lot of different varieties of fruits right now
and besides having just the oranges. I have a whole bunch of other citrus because citrus
is what is in season in the winter time in a warmer climate. Before I go on, I wanna
talk about eating seasonally and eating locally. Those of you eating seasonally, you are gonna
eat things that are in season although they might not be in season in your own neck of
the woods and if you eating locally, you gonna eat things that are local in your own neck
of the woods, so I prefer to eat locally and seasonally whenever possible but in the winter
especially depending on where you live, that may be challenging. Most of the fruits that
I have here are actually grown in California. They are few exceptions so I try to focus
on mostly local but I can’t do mostly local of course I am gonna neglect things better
in season and other parts of the world because I don’t wanna stick to local food because
if I’m stuck in the local food zone only, you gonna miss out a lot of nutrient and calories
and fun calories from other parts of the world that actually may have other fruits that are
growing in their climate especially this is the special part in the winter time. It’s
amazing So the other thing I want to say that you
might have noticed that my little fruit display looks like a purse carrot counter and what
I want to encourage you guys to do is make your fruit displays on your own. Looks like
a purse carrot and once again, we wanna create that by means of facts. So literally I have
each kind of fruit in a little box, and if you wanna duplicate what I am doing here,
I’ll show you guys how to do that. So what you gonna do is you gonna get this little
boxes here and these boxes are available for free at the local warehouse. They ship the
different protus items in these boxes and you may buy some protus as well but I go there
and pick up a whole bunches of these boxes because I have boxes that are identical so
these makes it looks really nice all of these boxes are nice because there are stacked on
each other so when you are transporting them, you don’t wanna crouch your food down below.
I always encourage you guys to get your fruits outta the plastic bags and plastic containers
as soon as possible because you know the plastic doesn’t let the moisture out and there may
be problems that you keep your fruits there for too long like some of the oranges actually
where packed in plastic bags basically go bad faster, so you wanna get them out so that
the fruits can breathe just like you know you won’t be able to breathe if you were
packed there neither the fruits because the fruits need to respirate. Pick up one of these
boxes and you will be able to set them up and look pretty simpler than it is for free.
And also when the get caught up mostly sometimes, you get some bad fruits that go bad and you
just go ahead and recycle these or compose these and get some more because they always
have a ton of them The next I wanna talk about my specific diets
so I’m on a plant based raw food diets and majority of my calories are from carbohydrates
and that’s no secret and I encourage you guys that you know you wanna eat a high percentage
of carbohydrate in your diets. The main sources of calories in this diet could be carbohydrates,
fats or protein so I tend to actually eat much more carbohydrates than the other two.
So the kind of carbohydrates you eat is also very important because all carbohydrates are
no pretty equal. I actually encourage you guys because eat is unrefined carbohydrates
because these are the carbohydrates that have the complete package including the fiber,
the vitamins and minerals in one package. You know refined carbohydrates are things
like extracted white sugar and white flour and other highly processed foods even including
raw foods like you know for me garden nectar, a garden sebino packaged is a refined carbohydrate,
it’s not in natures package. It’s a lot of sugar and it has a lot of nutrition so
just because its raw doesn’t mean it is healthy so you wanna eat unrefined whole carbohydrates
that’s found in fruits and vegetables and other natural foods as they are found in nature.
The first food I’m gonna show you is pretty much common fruit that you guys should be
able to find wherever you live in the united states actually. So we got some navel oranges
and you might be noticing there is a difference in color of the navels you got. You got this
kind over here, and this kind over here in different shapes and I mean is one riper than
the other or not. Well, I wanna let you guys know that just like apples come in different
varieties like fogy apples, revolutionary apples, bold and delicious apples, honey crisp
apples, cameo apples so are the navel oranges but unfortunately most of the times they are
actually labeled “navel” oranges in the store and you don’t actually know the actual
color to buy or the variety so when picking navel oranges, I always like to pick you know
the ones that are a little bit soft but also heavy. You don’t wanna make them too light
because you know they can be really old and you know I like the dark orange color you
know the colors that are more attractive to the eye. So I have over a hundred pound of
navel oranges here and you might be thinking “hey John is that, that sounds like a lot
of oranges, you really eat all that?” Well let me tell you something I mean I get a little
juice like five pound, six pound for one seeding of juice and then they’re gone so I like
to have a lot of them on hand. The other day, I wanted to mention to you guys that you know
this one actually has the organic sticker here and these are actually organic but don’t
have the organic sticker. Actually the majority of the protus that I have her is organic and
I told you guys to support organic agriculture whenever possible. On summer, some of these
here are very hard to find or impossible to find organic so I would get conventional protus
items that are on the clean fifteen list or the ones that that I will not be eating because
you just literally can’t find some of these things that are organic. So the main reason
I use these oranges are primarily for juicing you know I mean if I didn’t have any other
citrus fruits that’s why I eat some of them but I prefer some thirstier citrus fruits
to eat so let’s get into some of those nests. So the next fruit I wanna talk about that
help me through the winter are these guys right here and you might be thinking “Hey
John, are those grape fruits” and yes, these are all organic grape fruits and I consider
the white grape fruits and the pink grape fruits and I prefer the pink grape fruits
before the white because they have a much more higher level or crinoids or anti-oxalates
in them. Although they both have their bitter afro taste that some people may not like so
for that reason I got some other kinds of citrus fruits similar to grape fruits so let’s
check them out. We got these slender one, we got some of these guys. These guys are
called the horoblanco so these horoblancos are a cross between a panaleo grape fruit
so they don’t have that bitter afro taste and actually these guys, they got a lot of
lime in them that’s really good if you juicing these windows you get the coloring out of
the outside and just a rhyme in the inside. They are other nutrients contained in the
white pigment of the horoblanco. These are the horoblancos which are cool.
Besides the horoblanco which are cool, the next is my favorite grape fruit overall and
actually these guys are called the cock-tail grapes. Why are they called cock-tail grape
fruits? Well I don’t know if they put them in cocktails but I like them particularly
because they are execessively sweet and they don’t have the bitter grape fruit afro taste.
And these are because there is cross between the mandarin and a sweet pamelo.It is sweet
with little acidity I love just making grape fruit juice because it is very sweet.
Next, I’m gonna talk about some fruits that I like to eat out of hand. I prefer the citrus
and you might wanna call me a citrus fruit snubber. Those guys really taste good but
I prefer those guys much more. These guys right here are called
mandarin oranges. These mandarins I Have right
here, I don’t know the variety because there are not labeled but they are actually delicious.
They are filled with seeds and almost acidic free. You guys may not be able to pick your
fruits from the tree of buy from a farmer because you are buying it at the local grocery
store. These stores pick the fruit, transport it and sale to you
and they do this before they are ripe which
makes it highly acidic. SO whenever you are eating citrus fruits, you gotta brush and
ensure your dental care. These guys are completely ripe and low acid besides these guys right
here are the mandarins and these other guys are called the tangelos so they tangelos are
crossed between the mandarin and the grape fruits so you can eat these guys out of hand
although I still prefer then juicy but they are better navels. So these guys are actually
really good and
are less expensive than the tangelos because they produce more abundance on the tree.
Next we are going to talk about more tangerines and more especially my favorite kind of tangerine
called the honey tangerine. More specifically the California honey tangerine, the code on
it is 94055. They are delicious and seedy. Mandarins may not have seeds but these guys
have seeds so you deal with the seeds when you get to the flavor. They are the sweetest
and are quite juicy and quite delicious. Now you don’t wanna confuse these standard honey
tangerines with flora because that’s a different variety of the tangerine and not the one I’m
talking about so you have to make sure these guys are from California. These guys are low
in acid when they are ripe. Next I’m gonna talk about these citrus talking
about low acid you might be asking” John what is that like, a lemon or something”?
No, these guys are actually called sweet limes. They are very delicious and are a cross from
sweet lime and lime. When they are ripe, they are actually yellow not green. Most limes
when they stay on a tree longer, they turn yellow not green so you eating green limes,
you eating unripe fruit which is more acidic. But in any case, these guys are the most acid
free citrus. When you sip these guys, they are like water with no acidic taste. So these
guys are rare, you see them in special ethnic stores because these fruits are popular amongst
them. You can eat them out of hand but they are not so sweet because of the low sugar
content. We have a few more citrus fruits over there
that I wanna discuss with you guys and we got some more mandarins with skins and it
doesn’t drip but not as good as the other citrus. These other guys are called mild lemons
and there are a bit bitter and sweet but not as sweet as the sweet lime. Once again, when
you pick limes, make sure it is yellow as possible
The final citrus we gonna have today are called blood oranges. Many people have not seen this
before and I’m gonna take the knife and cut it open for you guys. The reason I like
them is that when you’re juicing citrus, you don’t have to put another fruit in there.
They have a purple pinkish color and because of the different color, they are much higher
in anti-oxidants which are pretty cool. That will round up the citrus.
You guys may have been eating the mandarins but I wanna encourage you to try all the different
kinds depending on where you live. If you can’t find any, you can ask the protus guy
to order other varieties or check other ethnic markets in your area. Some may have different
nutrients from the other. So let’s talk about the prices on the average, you can get
it for 68 cents/pound and that’s a good deal for organic fruits.
So let’s get out of the citrus and get into some other cool fruits that I am eating. These
are called cactus fruits imported from Mexico and they add nice flavor to my juice so I
usually juice it like a coconut milk and it is actually delicious. Once again, the cactus
fruits are high in antioxidants and I like to eat my fruits with nice colors. The color
is often not just pleasing to the eyes but also contains different vitamins and vita
nutrients. There are studies that show that cactus fruits help to solve the problem of
blood sugar issues and other things but I don’t care about those, I just know it is
healthy. These cactus fruits I have here are seedy and you can’t swallow the seeds. I’m
gonna show you guys a quick tip here. I didn’t pick them but bought them in bulk but if I’m
gonna select this at the store, I’m gonna take the ripest. The colors of the ripe ones
are dark red colors and these ones I bought in bulk are green so I won’t actually pick
them. So the darker the fruits, the better the cactus fruits and you might pick them
a little bit soft but not too soft. When they are ripe, they are more anti-oxidants and
have more vitamins for you Once they are riper they taste sweeter, when
they taste sweeter it’s more enjoyable, but also when they are riper they have more
antioxidants. So the next fruit we are gonna get into are these guys from the backyard
these are just your standard papayas, so the standard papayas help getting you through
the winter time when there is not a whole lot of other local fruits. So these guys are
actually grown in Mexico, and I know what you guys are thinking “John is all GMO”
and GMO stands for (Genetically Modified Organisms), If you don’t know what that means so for
that reason I avoid pretty much all the papayas coming from Huawei that are imported unless
they’re organic. The ones from Mexico as far as I know are a variety of papaya called
the Maldo papaya, these are the longer ones not those other smaller ones and these guys
are based on my current information are not currently being genetically modified, so I
like to choose these guys. Now when thinking of papayas once again you wanna get one that
has a nice color. This actually has a nice color to some of the ones I got that are green.
You know just a little bit soft and you wanna specially check around the neck and or extended
and make sure it’s a little bit soft cause there is not gonna be riper,a lot of times
it might be soft this end but in this end it’s really hard and then up and when you
get to eat it up this end it doesn’t taste so good. Another way I like to use these papayas
if they are not really good, cause I like to eat my fruits you know just whole and fresh
if they taste good but if they don’t I like to make it taste better. So if these dull
guys don’t taste good I actually blend them up with some coconut water and some bananas,
that’s a nice delicious smoothie. Next I wanna talk about some more fruits and
what we got next are some mangos, I got some delicious organic mangos here and these are
amazing deal, I got five dollars for nine organic mangos, they don’t just get any
cheaper than that and these guys actually taste really good add up six for my words
today. So you know once again mangos are tropical these guys are actually coming up from Peru
and you know why for it to be here locally am gonna eat the tropical fruits I need to
get so that I can eat my cavalries and stay on my healthy diet as the majority of cavalries
are coming from fruits, so yes we got lot of mangoes here. Now when picking a mango
its very important you know you don’t wanna get necessarily mangoes that are green unless
they are variety that came in green and ripe, so the variety that comes to mind that can
be green and ripe and widely available are actually called the kits these are actually
Kant mangoes, so when you buy a Kant you wanna actually look for one that has a nice color
to them, you know this is a green one not so ripe this one is got some red some yellow
in there nice color and also you want it to be a little bit soft, one of the challenge
I have had with mangoes is that if you buy them you know if they are too hard and they
don’t have a nice color on them they just kind of rot before they ripen on you. So you
don’t want that happening to ya, so try to get some you know at least when they got
some color to them and when they are a little bit soft. Another thing am gonna point out
is that mangoes whether organic or conventional when they are imported before they are imported
actually they have to be hot water dipped to be sure to kill the potential pest that
are in there that can infest the agriculture here in the united states. So you know some
people may not consider these guys raw but I consider them raw, and they are definitely
good food although if you do have the opportunity to get mangoes from California and the California
keep mangoes at a very popular and also flood mangoes that don’t need to be hot water
dipped I encourage you guys to get them because they are actually much better. When they do
the hot water dip you kind of notice it kind of change the characteristics of the fruit
and it just doesn’t taste the same as the ones that has not been hot water dipped and
actually you know they taste a lot more delicious, so that’s what I got to show you with the
mangoes. Next of course besides the mangoes are really
common you know with you guys eating your bananas, so when you eating your bananas I
wanna encourage you guys to make sure they are spotted and make sure they are ripe before
you eat them cause they are gonna taste a lot better. You know banana can have high
percentage of starch and you know I don’t particularly care for that too much, s, well
I do eat bananas but you know they are usually lower part of my diet if I can get other fruits,
if I can’t get other fruits then, why, I will fall back on the bananas, but in particular
am not a big fan of bananas because actually you know they are not very high water rich
fruit, you know some other fruits I have can be 90% plus water percentage, bananas might
be like its 70. So I want to encourage you guys to eat water rich fruits because after
all we are creatures of water, we don’t live in the water but am 70-75% of water so
for not eating fruits at least all water percentage is robbing the water from us. So these guys
actually you got them at local grocery store at 69 cents of pounds, that definitely a really
good deal for organic bananas. Now one of the secrets if you get the bananas when they
are green as far as winter time and you need to ripen them up don’t just keep them in
the fridge in your house, your banana needs a certain percentage of temperature to ripen
up well otherwise you get funky like green yellowish color which doesn’t go well so
you wanna keep a nice temperature because they are like tropics, they use tropical temperature
so can have it around 70­­­­0 in your house if not put them somewhere warm like
your dehydrator so that they can ripen properly or what you do is put apples in a bag and
seal the bag off and these guys will ripen off so you don’t have to eat unripe fruits
Besides the bananas, we got another one called the avocados and we have right here the hoarse
avocado. Most stores sell the hoarse avocados and that is really sad because this just came
to evolution not long ago. I don’t really like the hoarse avocado and I am holding my
favorite avocado called the forte avocado and the interesting thing is that the hoarse
avocado was derived from the forte avocado meaning the hoarse avocado is a forte avocado
with bumpy skin. The forte has a better flavor than the hoarse but the hoarse is been selected
and grown all over the place because they are certain desirable qualities that it has.
Besides the forte avocado I got some binging avocados and I don’t like them too much
but they are three for a dollar. The important thing is that they have lower fat than the
hoax and the forte. I don’t eat a whole meal of avocado because of high fats. I take
my calories from fats below 25%. Another tip I wanna give you guys is when you get an avocado
that is not yet ripe, do not put them in the fridge, if you do they may never be ripe enough.
You may wanna keep them in under a room temperature or a sunny window cell or on top of your fridge.
Some of the varieties of avocados have problems with the ripening property.
I got fruits here that you might be thinking “Hey, that’s not a fruit, it’s a squash”
but you know squashes contain some seeds so yes, squashes are fruits. I like butternut
squash because they carry a sweet fruit so sometimes I choose the butternuts because
they last a long time if you get a good deal on them and I think they may be 30 cents a
pound. They last over a month here without going bad.
I have one of my home old grown pumpkins here which I will be juicing up soon and some other
fruits. I got this guys right here, onions and I know you will be thinking “Hey John,
I thought you don’t need onions you know on a fruit base, you don’t need onions”
I do like to include air tense in my juice sometimes and this onions and garlics contains
nutrients that I need but in addition, I don’t wanna exclude anything from my diet, I wanna
include. I have four onions here compared to hundreds of pounds of other kinds of fruits.
I like to include onions and garlics once or twice a moment. When you get the yellow
sweet variety, it tends to be sweeter than the standard onions and they don’t have
that hard bite. We have all levels of ripeness. Before I go on, I wanna talk about all these
protus items that you have seen and as we put them out we will go through them to ensure
that they are no bad spots. We have to separate them so that the bad ones won’t affect the
good ones. I wanna keep these guys as fresh as possible and one of the ways I do this
taking note of the temperature. The granny smith apples will store in a cool house once
the temperatures is not jacked up to 70 or 80 and these apples will stay for months
We are going to eat some of these fruits. We will take out the ripest ones and eat them
first. We will take the softer ones which are riper and expires faster. All these are
to preserve your products so that they can last longer. If you buy in larger quantities,
you get a discount. I like to keep the ones I can keep outta the fridge because I like
to eat my fruits at room temperature. Things that are frozen or cold might shock your body
temperature and they need more energy to digest. This is quite obvious in ice-creams.
Next, let’s get to my most favorite fruit that will help me through the winter. They
are called the king of fruits and they are actually called jack fruits. I like the jack
fruits because they are available in the winter time. They are grown in Mexico. They actually
taste like juicy fruit gum. It is a dollar per pound for wholesale and like two dollars
a pound for retail. It smells like a bubble gum flavor. You need one that has a nice color.
You just burst the skin with your hands and pull out the pods. It’s yellow as possible,
smells nice and soft. Most cultures use the jackfruit not for the fruit but the seeds
inside. Jack fruits that are not ripe are sticky so they gonna clean up the mess with
oil like coconut oil Besides the fruits that I am eating for winter,
I also eat other things because you know life is more than just fruits. You gotta eat other
fruits for diversity of nutrients in the body. These guys are called hukermore and are tuber
root vegetables and are really delicious because they are mild and 90% water. They contain
phosphorus and ADC. They have neutral flavor and neutral taste. When buying them, I will
encourage you to get the ones that are not cracked. Also get a nicer color. It takes
a long time to grow. To get a good quality, I encourage you guys to plant the fruits yourself.
Next food that helps me get through the winter is a tuber or something that grows from the
ground. Many people focus on the calories but I want you to take it to the next level
you know focus on the nutrition, I mean the vital nutrients in the food because they are
more important than the calories. The next food I’m eating is
these guys and these guys are called the sweet potatoes
and not too are confused with yams. I’m gonna break it open and inside, they are actually
orange colors here. Let me show you guys the reasons I like the sweet potatoes. The sweet
potatoes are fairly high in calorie and fairly high in sugar and also have some antioxidants.
Due to its nutrient profile, it can be eaten raw but I sometimes I like to juice these
guys up. The next and last food is the young coconuts,
maybe not super young. We have the white coconuts from Mexico and the super young ones called
Thai coconuts from Thailand. I prefer to use the Mexican coconuts because they are fresher
and also because Thai coconuts are dipped in fungi’s and sulphides. The Mexican coconut
are about 50 cents each and last longer. They are delicious. When you pick up a coconut,
you might wanna shake it. The less water means it is younger and fresher but lesser meats.
I take out the meat and dehydrate it with coconut flakes which taste nothing like the
crap you buy in the coconut food store. The ones you buy in the food store are bleached
and don’t taste too good. They are so delicious. I can make coconut milk out of my coconut
or dry the coconut to make my own coconut butter then i can even make my own coconut
oil or cream. And I have videos on YouTube showing how to make those items. To me, one
of the benefits of coconut is coconut water so I actually encourage you guys to drink
it. I
wanna tell you guys to make sure you always eat fresh foods with
high quality of service. These
video will help you when choosing from wide
variety of fresh fruits to ensure your life is juicy. Hope you enjoyed this episode. Once
again, my name is John. See you
next time and remember, keep eating your fruits and vegetables