Best Calisthenics Exercise for CHEST & TRICEPS? How to Make Dips Harder. Progressions for Beginners.

The dip is a bodyweight exercise that helps you build foundational upper-body strength. This press movement works the
same muscle groups as the push-up and bench press but in a slight different way. Everyone thinks about the bench press when it comes to building a massive, juicy chest, but in reality the dip is a
great muscle building exercise too. In fact, you should prioritize dips over isolation exercises if your goal is to get bigger in your upper body overall. If you’re someone who’s had a rotator cuff injury in the past and you have to stay away
from the bench press, weighted dips could be a great alternative to effectively overload the same muscles. The only reason why you wouldn’t want to do dips is if you feel an acute pain in your sternum. The bone in the middle of your
chest. Not everyone has the bone structure to perform this exercise. Dips also require a certain level of mobility in your shoulders. If you’re not quite there yet, you could be better off performing other alternatives to target your triceps. Finally the best thing about dips is convenience. You don’t need to buy any specific equipment. You can perform them in a calisthenics park, somewhere with bars or between two solid platforms. In today’s video I’ll be showing you my
top 10 dip progressions for those of you who are relatively new to strength training However I would highly recommend building a base level of
strength with push-ups, bench dips, eccentrics and assisted with bands before jumping into the following progressions. Once you can do 12 plus
bodyweight dips with proper form and full range of motion, you know it’s time to make things harder in your training. Ready?