Beginner Gymnastic Rings Workout – 5-Part Exercise Program

Hi, I’m Lachlan Fyfe from Raising the Bar
Callisthenics Training. Today we’re working with Urban Strength. We’re going to bring you a beginner’s workout
that you can use on a pair of rings. The great thing about rings is once you have
a pair you can use them really anywhere you like. If you’ve got a bar you can chuck them over
a bar. If you’ve got a veranda they can go under
your veranda, or even if you’re out at the park, they can just go over a tree branch. First exercise is ring push-ups. If you haven’t done ring push-ups before they
can be pretty tricky. So the best way to start is at an angle like
I am. So walk the rings out, pick a good spot for
your feet and do your push-ups. Now, when you do your push-ups, you don’t
want your elbows to go wide. While you’re doing push-ups on the rings it’s
important to keep your core engaged to stop your hips from sagging down like this. So tight core, as you get down lower, it’s
going to look like this. Watch my core. As you can see there my elbows aren’t flaring
out and my hips aren’t dropping in. Next exercise is the ring row. Same as the ring push-up. Bring the rings out to start, you’ll find
it a lot easier while you’re beginning. Keep your body nice and straight, keep your
core tight, want to pull the rings to your chest and feel a squeeze in the top of your
back. To make it harder, just step forward. If you have to bend your legs a little bit
that’s okay, just make sure that from your knees to your shoulders is straight, you are
tensing your core, tensing your glutes to keep your body nice and straight. The third exercise is called ring support
and you’re just going to hop up into the rings, straighten your arms out as much as you can
and hold yourself up. So main points for the ring support. You want to keep your elbows and the rings
in nice and close to your body. You have more strength in this position. The other key points, you want to tense your
core again, squeeze your glutes and point your toes. Again holding the hollow body position. The fourth exercise that we’re going to demonstrate
today is the dead hang. So we’re just going to be hanging from the
rings to improve our grip strength. When you are practising your dead hangs, if
you have the room, feel free to hold your body completely straight. You don’t have to hold it in an L-set as we’ve
demonstrated here. Just remember to engage your core and to point
your toes. So the fifth exercise for this workout is
knee tucks in a ring support hold. So jump up onto the rings into your ring support
hold. Now you want to pin your shoulder blades back
and down. From here you want to slowly start to bring
your knees up past the rings. When you start this is going to be hard, and
you’re going to feel the rings shake a lot but that’s okay and that’s natural. As you practise, you build more stability
in your shoulders and those knee raises will get a lot easier. We encourage you to try your chin-up holds
in a range of different holds. So don’t just stick to the one, over and over
again. Try different holds and see how they affect
you. In terms of sets and reps for this beginner
workout, you want to just stick to 3 sets of 10 reps or for the holds 3 sets of 10 seconds. This is a good way to start out while you
build your foundation. Now this workout is going to be best for people
who are struggling to do their first chin-up. These foundational exercises are going to
help you build your biceps, triceps, chest, core and your back.