Avocado & Matcha Green Tea Smoothie Recipe – Protein Treats By Nutracelle

hey guys welcome to Protein Treats by
Nutracelle today we are making a really healthy matcha green-tea and
avocado smoothie so stick around I’m going to show you how delicious this is
and how easy it is to get the healthy fats you need into your everyday diet alright to make this shake you’re going to
need about a cup cup and a half you can even put extra in of spinach now you can
use kale as well but I’m using baby spinach here and I have a teaspoon and a
half of matcha green tea powder and that is so full of antioxidants and it’s got
a little bit of a caffeine kick for you too so perfect to have in the morning
I’ve got a couple of tablespoons of stevia here just to sweeten it a little
bit if you don’t want it sweet you definitely don’t have to use it and then
I have about 1/2 a cup of Greek yogurt now I like to use a full fat Greek
yogurt but you can go ahead and use one that has a little bit less fat in it and
then I have a whole avocado that I’m using and avocados are amazing because
they are so full of fiber and healthy fats and I don’t know if you guys know
this but a new study came out they studied 150,000 people from all over the
world and looked at their fat consumption carbohydrate consumption and
then looked at cardiovascular disease and what they found is fat especially
you know your saturated fat and your monounsaturated fats your fats are
protective in fact its carbohydrates that cause heart disease fats have a
protective effect on our health so really really important to getting lots
of fat fat does not make you fat and of course we’ve got our vanilla Nutralean
in here we’re going to be adding about 3 scoops of vanilla Nutralean full of
fiber prebiotic fiber that helps with your gut flora and of course our whey
protein which is 100% whey protein and it’s been cross filtered so you’re
getting all of the peptides and the nutrients that you need from your whey
protein and from your fiber and then we’re using about a cup of ice and
a cup of unsweetened coconut milk now you can use an almond milk if you want
you could even use an unsweetened soy milk but I like to stick to coconut milk
so let’s put this yummy shake together now add in the ice now I love spinach
spinach and kale are so nutrient dense and they taste really nice and mild so
they’re great to use in your smoothies and I’m just going to put my matcha
green tea powder right in there I’m going to throw in a little bit of my
stevia here and my Greek yogurt and Creek yogurt is great because it is
really high in protein and it really helps with getting good gut flora and
then our avocado here which I’ve already taken the pit out and I like to just
squeeze it just like that and get all the goodness out there we go
and I’m not put the other half in and I love avocados I love everything about
them the flavor the texture I don’t know if you guys notice that you can even use
them in recipes like my brownie recipe using some avocado in there tastes amazing
alright and now we’re going to put in our vanilla Nutralean and that’s going
to give it a really nice vanilla soft vanilla flavor as well as make you feel
full for hours and hours and hour so here we go get my lid on nice and tight
so we don’t have a mess in the kitchen hey everybody this is my son my nine
year old rain rain can you say hi to everybody
hi rain is going to come and he is going to taste test our matcha green tea
avocado shake so rain what’s your favourite shake the kale ginger shake
the kale ginger shake and you think you’re going to like this one with the
with the avocado and the matcha green tea in it I’m not sure you’re not sure
should we taste it yes yeah okay good a little bit more in here for you
all right here you go hmm we think it’s really good
is it really good do you think you can have that for breakfast the morning a lot
of the time and you like it better than the kale ginger about the same of both
the same all right I’m going to try it too mmm that is really good all
right rain thank you for coming and trying the shake with us you say bye
everybody bye all right okay guys thanks for watching make sure you subscribe and check us out next week we have lots of great recipes coming for you and of
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