Atta Dry Fruits Laddu | सर्दियों के लिये पंजाबी पिन्नी लड्डू । Winter Special Punjabi Pinni

Namaskar Welcome to Today, we will make the Punjabi Pinni It is tastier, energy provider. You should make this during the winters to consume every day. Come, let us start the cooking For preparing the Pinni, we will fry edible gum. Add 1/2 cup of clarified butter in the wok Heat it Clarified butter has heated Moderately heated clarified butter is required to fry the edible gum. The flame should be low- medium We took 1/4 cup of edible gum We won’t fry edible gum on the high flame otherwise they
will roast from the upper side and stay raw from the inside. It has expanded, appears light brown too. Drain them out We took 3 minutes to fry the edible gums. Add 1/2 cup of Almonds We will roast them on the medium flame until they expand and colour changes. They have expanded and are bursting They have roasted We took 2 minutes to fry almonds We are taking 1/2 cup of Cashews which are broken Cashews. Roast them on the medium flame until light brown Their colour has slightly changed Dry Roast 1/2 cup of Muskmelon Seeds Roast them until they expand and colour changes. Keep the flame on Medium-High Seeds are expanding along with the popping sound. Its colour has slightly changed, they have roasted. They took 2 minutes to roast This is 1/2 cup of grated dry coconut We will roast it while continuously stirring for 1 minute. Its colour has changed, there is soothing Fragrance We roasted dry fruits in the wok so we will utilise the
clarified butter after filtering it using a strainer. Add 1/2 cup of more Clarified Butter We took 2 cups of Wheat flour Roast the flour on the medium flame while
continuously stirring it until Golden Brown. Clarified Butter seems to be littles less in
the quantity so we will add some more in it. The colour of flour appears dark There is a soothing fragrance which means it has roasted Switch off the flame and stir it for a while in the wok. The wok is hot from the bottom. If we will stop stirring it then, flour might burn from the bottom. We took 15 minutes to roast the flour Coarsely grind the roasted Edible gum for it. We can use a rolling pin or a mortar to crush it. We will keep it granular Edible gum has roasted properly. To check, you can break
the edible gum to notice that they are crispy from the inside. In the same way, we will crush the roasted Cashews Add them in one bowl because we have to mix them We will save some Cashews for the garnishing. In the same way, we will crush the roasted Almonds We have crushed them. You can crush them in the mixer also. Add the crushed coconut in it Muskmelon Seeds You can increase or decrease its quantity according to your taste Now, we will add the roasted flour We have to mix all the Ingredients when they are hot Now, we will add Boora in it We took 2 cups of Tagar You can increase or decrease its quantity according to your taste We can make Boora in our homes too Its recipes available on my website and channel You can buy it from the market also We mixed all the Ingredients but, the mixture still appears dry We will add saved Clarified butter It will mix in it easily because the mixture is still heated Add 1 tsp of Cardamoms powder Mix all the Ingredients properly The mixture is ready so let’s start making the Pinni Lift some mixture and bind it into the round shaped ball. You can decide its size according to your taste Place a piece of cashew over it like this Bind it We will make all Pinnis in the same way We have prepared all the Pinnis which are 25 out of prepared dough. Wheat Flour Pinni is ready to be served Be careful that, Roast the dry fruits slightly, do not make them dark. Roast flour while continuously stirring it If the mixture appears dry then, mix the melted clarified butter in it If it appears wet then, leave it in the open air for a while. Prepare the pinni once it cools down You will prepare amazing Pinni Store them in a container and consume for the 2-3 months so you make them and eat them Share your experience with me I really enjoy replying your comments Do subscribe to my channel If you haven’t subscribed to my channel yet then, subscribe it now. Click the bell icon to stay updated regarding my new videos