ASMR – カレイの煮付け【入れるだけ!簡単ふわふわ◎】糖質9 g

Fluffy Shimmered Flounder Sous Vide – Japanese Cooking Set BONIQ to 70℃ for 20 mins. To remove the smell, put paper towel on flounders and pour hot water (80℃) over. Put them in a bowl of ice water, then take them out and pat them with paper towel. Put flounders and seasonings (boiled down SAKE and MIRIN to take away alcohol) in a freezer bag. Vacuum seal the bag and when BONIQ gets the target temperature, submerge the freezer bag in the hot bath of BONIQ and start sous vide cooking. When the timer beeps, take out the freezer bag. Dish up the founders with the broth left in the bag. Clap the SANSHO to activate the scent and put it on founder.