Apple Cider Donuts Recipe | healthy, low carb, paleo recipes

so today I’m teaching you guys how to
make really delicious healthy apple cider donuts they’re gluten free dairy
free grain free and so delicious and moist plus they have a really perfect
cinnamon and sugar topping so if you want to see how to make them let’s just
get right into it so this is everything you’re going to
need to make these healthy and delicious doughnuts I’m starting off with a couple
of eggs you can try this with a flax egg I haven’t but if you leave it to gel for
good 10-15 minutes you should be okay to that I’m adding in some maple syrup but
you could also use honey if you wanted a little bit of vanilla for flavor and
then some apple cider so apple cider is a bit different than apple juice I just
found mine at my local grocery store if you can’t find apple cider you can use
apple juice as well but the Shires makes it a little bit different so I’m
whisking that together and then to that I’m going to be adding in some melted
coconut oil and then just whisking that until combined
next is time for the dry ingredients so I’m adding in some almond flour as well
as some baking soda and then some apple spice so this is just apple pie spice
but you can definitely use just cinnamon as well and I’m combining that until
everything is nice and smooth and then all you have to do is add in the mixture
into your donut pan mold if you don’t have a donut mold these definitely make
really great muffins I just get silicone mold off Amazon they’re really
inexpensive and I like the silicone for popping them out after it makes it
really easy while those are baking I’m just making a quick cinnamon sugar
topping with a little bit of coconut sugar and then some cinnamon and then
once they’re done I’m just dipping them into the coconut sugar to coat them I
did trim the sides because they overflowed a little bit just for
aesthetic purposes for the video but you can definitely leave it on if it
overflows a little bit it kind of gets like a muffin top on your doughnut so
you rolled it around until it’s nice and covered but these are honestly so moist
and delicious and cakey you’re gonna love them and it’s also a super simple
recipe I would suggest keeping them outside of the fridge for about 48 hours
but beyond that you’re gonna want to freeze them so they stay nice and fresh all right guys I hope you enjoyed this
video I’m going to leave my healthy fault playlist right here there’s lots
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