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– Hi, this is Dr. Jami West with West Functional Chiropractic, and I wanna tell you why
vitamin D is so important. When we look at vitamin D, and we look at our values, medical lab values showed
that it should be between 30 and 100. But when we look at where
things are functioning perfectly, the functional lab
values are between 60 and 80. So if you see them below that, it means that they are too low, that the body’s not
able to work perfectly, but if it’s below 30, then
we know you a deficiency, and we don’t wanna operate in that world. So we wanna look at where things perfect, and how do we get them
there if they’re not. First of all, why is vitamin D even important? Vitamin D is known as
the sunshine vitamin. It’s actually thought
of as more of a hormone. So, in patients with anxiety, depression, people that have thyroid issues, where we have increase fat storage, we see vitamin D deficiencies. We also know that between 60 and 80, that if there’s cancer in the body, it can’t necessarily metastasize, so there’s another reason. It will help with weight loss. It will help with anxiety,
depression with mood. With immune function, it’s
the number one thing to keep as high as possible. So we also know that morning sun is best, but let’s talk about
nutrition in vitamin D. So when we eat the standard American diet, and we have all of those, white, processed, sugary,
floury food that come out of boxes and out of drive-through windows, we know that those are not
necessarily the healthiest thing, but let’s look what
happens when vitamin D, or when sunshine hits our skin, we can’t use those things for food stuffs, because it’s not nutrition, they’re chemicals. So what happens when we
eat a healthy, paleo diet? We have lots of colors in
our diet, bell pepper… We have spinach, blueberry, strawberry, all of the wide rainbow of
colors that God gave us. When vitamin D hits our skin
after we’ve eaten those, our bodies can take the nutrients
from all of those colors, those fruits and vegetables, and they can use them to
provide fuel and nutrition for our body. That’s when you seeing health turnaround. So, we need vitamin D from sunshine, in the morning. You want as much of your
skin exposed as you can. You wanna make sure that your
eating colorful vegetables and fruits, a wide variety of them, nothing out of a box, and nothing out of a drive-through window. That’s not where health comes from. You wanna sure that your vitamin D level is between 60 and 80. So if you need to supplement supplement, but you have to get it up there. Using the lab range that’s on your sheet that comes right back from your doctor, is not where it should be. So you’ll see a lot of auto
immune disease turnaround. You’ll see a lot of anxiety
and depression go away when you start treating with vitamin D and getting it up to where it should be. You’ll see an increase in fat loss. You’ll see a healthier body overall. So vitamin D is super important. Those are the things that
you can do to get them up. If this helped you or you know
of someone with those issues, please share this video with them. (upbeat music)