5 ZELDA Gadgets in REAL LIFE – Breath of the Wild vs Fruit Ninja (IRL)

what up what up ninjas it’s Chad wild
clay you guys have been requesting that I do Zelda weapons for a very very long
time many months we’re finally doing it today we were gonna buy five Zelda
weapons test them out in real life stay till the end because we were chopping some
things up making them explode here we go to help me test out these Zelda weapons
I have if I don’t find us attractive anymore V what happened to oh you sound
just like her though for everybody that’s confused bees actually over here before make up after makeup you guys
know Justin what is up guys the first Zelda weapon we are checking out is the
Master Sword it is a sacred blade which evil ones may never touch only one
worthy of the title of hero of time can pull it from the pedestal of time we have got
a weapon exactly like this one Vy where is it she’s the brains of the operation in the
box let’s check it out ninja dagger hold up hold up hey I got a ninja dagger in
my hand a harpoon very sharp yes very careful almost cut away from
your face away from your face I love blue and blue logs you Justin that is a
beautiful sword a look at that thing that actually looks just like the game
Oh gold good combo and that is a rich solid blue let me see yeah yeah like 24
karat yeah you can always you can always tell by
biting it with gold right grab that handle somebody are you the chosen one
be can can you pull it from the pedestal of time you’re the chosen be Blaz shiny very shiny shinier than usual
beautiful Wow oh it’s got the symbol right here I don’t forget can see it
check that oh they’ll the symbol the triangle what’s the cone we look it up
so we don’t look like it is it’s that Zelda triangle man it’s totally like
Zelda II the Triforce symbol the Triforce of ninja weapons yeah now you
got your grimy fingerprints all over it you remember the fruit ninjas in the
game Zelda right oh there’s tons of watermelon than just pumpkin ninjas
they’re all going down right before we go and test this out though we have to
look the part guys we got to look like Link and Zelda no you’re gonna be zelda
Vy I found these amazing costumes online here Mic costumes calm or maybe it’s
Mike I don’t think it’s make costumes why what’s wrong with oh it’s a
derogatory slur against Irish folks costumes click on the link to get your
link costume at miccostumes I don’t know how do you pronounce the MIC
costume mi see costumes calm first up we’re looking at the Legend of Zelda
breath of the wild link cosplay costume that’s gonna be me that’s link oh that’s
me oh yeah that’s link just it’s a very feminine link not a girl I don’t know
it’s a gender-neutral link anybody can be a link right honey there is Zelda
right there The Legend of Zelda breath of the wall Princess Zelda cosplay cost
that’s quite a bit more feminine pretty nice – yeah that will not be me there
that’s gonna be be be good thing we have super fast shipping of mail so let’s go
get those costumes here comes ready Wow and Vy where’s yours
oh there’s Vy so first up we have got the link costume
well while doing that I will be showing off my costume mine’s already open. Link don’t make a stink. A top, a skirt, little skirt well it comes with pants oh that’s a short skirts for
me to wear yeah we don’t want to see that just we do not want to see that
pretty isn’t it no all right let’s have the real female try these on and I’ll
try mine and we’ll meet you guys outside with these costumes on here we go so your Zelda no no your I’m laying oh
that’s right link to the past yes on the prep a wild play yourself leave a comment down below guys if you
like being blond hair or if you like being black hair hashtag the black or
the blonde I’m going with actually I’m not gonna said well I’m gonna see what you
guys say first it’s right you tell us spin around guys let me see the rest of
this thank you and it’s got a hood oh you look like Assassin’s Creed now –
we’re combining all the video games into one yeah attachments oh yeah you know
what go really well here on slingshot I hope we find one of those a little bit
later this one a man purse my my murse named Zelda what about me
dang link link link your click on the link put them up links if you wanted to
get this from mi see costumes make sure to click the link down below
back to the weapons we’ve got the sword master of time sword check that baby we
are ready to chop which bad guy from The Legend of Zelda does this remind you of
guys you gotta use your imagination because like any of them that much so
leave a comment down below pumpkin looks like lame
you name the enemy that you want this to be somebody kind of orange maybe like a
really bad tanner yeah we’re gonna have Selda chop up this enemy Oh
Zelda you’re using my sword that’s my sword there I’m gonna borrow it okay
fine you can borrow it fight all the enemies for me oh yeah done
you’re gonna you’re right you’re gonna rescue me this time later it done oh
brother I am a princess not because I wear a crown but because I protect my people Oh jeez I didn’t know Zelda was so violent
I guess protect my people Oh text me I should break up Zelda I’m
scared he cannot your boat be repelled bag it
off Instagram our next weapon is the Hylian Shield the Hylian Shield is a
recurring shield in the Legend of Zelda series yeah I’ve seen this shield in
every single video game ever made not Super Mario Brothers oh but yeah you
know did all those Zelda games it’s a street fighter it’s an adult-sized metal heat shield
said to be the very same type of shield used by the Hellion Knights
alright guys comment down below how are you supposed to pronounce this word we
think it’s Hill Ian but we’ve seen a lot of people say Hylian and helium helium
Lake we found the exact replica of the shield what you got yeah too big for you check the back out that’s legit yeah I
can’t be too sure it’s lit bro yeah put the handle on later comes with a handle
check this beauty out isn’t that beautiful I don’t think this one’s made
of metal though no this wood a lovely wood shield but it’s magic wood yes
we’re on it impenetrable by steel blades and bullets we’ll see about that
yeah will we take it outside hello somebody here oh well let’s take it
outside and knock some other things into it what do you say guys Oh shield I was being protected from you
the evil just stood behind the camera I mean not a face bump and chair this year
this is amazing this is gonna block any enemy coming at me go ahead I’ll teach
you to punch at me that’s right don’t punch that link just click the link you
don’t punch the last four hey unless you want to punch the bell symbol favorite
part of the video where I talk about how you gonna click that Bell symbol because
we feature your comments bah blah blah anywho back to the real video back to
the fun stuff back to the fun stuff woo I think you should throw an enemy at
me and I got a block shield all right let’s do it
let us know what cell the enemy this one looks like the shield did a really good job of
protecting me I only got a little bit wet my arms a little bit wet my hand got
a little bit wet yeah well good job shield I really appreciate that
I didn’t want to get wet today and then Next Zelda weapon we are testing out is the
link fierce Deity sword this two-handed longsword is used when link uses the
fierce deity’s mask to transform into fierce deity of course aside from its
long range the fierce deity’s sort is able to fire magical light blue coloured
blast shaped like buzz saws this is a cool looking sword guys fierce
it’s very fierce you know beer look let’s get fierce and this sword Vy knows
how to get fierce don’t you be my goodness this is legitimately a fierce
that is a fierce I like how it has the adult loop on it
like you’re gonna wear this huge hulking thing on your yeah yeah gonna be a giant
you have to be beat obviously it’s made for me hey that
chick protector doesn’t do too much oh my gosh it’s so sharp it it got right
through the two protector that’s how sharp it is that’s cool man
really loving it I’m loving it we got to set McDonald’s and a Happy Meal yeah
protector off of there oh wow guys you see how big this is I don’t
know if you can hold it already Vegas we already back there Wow be nice I’m too
fitting in the screen love it let’s see if we can find a fruit ninja big enough
and fierce enough to fight this sword belt but even I’m not tall enough to
carry this big of a sword I guess you got to be like 7 feet tall to carry this
on your belt that’s legendary it’s fierce is one of the coolest looking
swords we’ve ever had guys yes it is looks kind of like the
infinity symbol I was just thinking that goes on forever and it shoots out
magical blue lightning balls balls balls blue lightning balls yes Zelda you hold
it you go Zelda hold it straight up in the air and let’s see if I can even get
you and frame up over your head how tall is Zelda now Legend of Zelda enemy again
we don’t know which one it is so you guys again leave a comment below say
watermelon looks like blank whatever Legend of Zelda enemy you think this one
most closely resembles maybe a green one yeah Green and meme and worry and lead
and it is very lame look look how long and lean this way he’s lean that way
he’s this Way’s little husky yeah let’s see how fierce we can get with this lean
green machine look at this do this that was kinda
fierce can you see he’s an eye patch that was
on purpose yes position swiping it was a it was a
haircut/eye surgery and that stools been with us for a long time
been a good stool but we’re still gonna use that’s right alright guys the next
weapon is the slingshot the slingshot is a recurring item in the Legend of Zelda
series this small weapon consists of an elastic band and a y-shaped stick
allowing the firing of projectiles at certain targets did somebody say
slingshot oh that one’s a little bit more your size than the last weapon
isn’t it you can sling shot look what I got woah you said a y-shaped piece of
wood right look it spelled my name me it’s a wishbone make it where this kind
of reminds me of Dustin from stranger things if you guys watch nature things
let me know and let me know if you think we should do a strange two things
weapons a strange idea speaking of projectile weapons link uses another
projectile weapon yes the bow and arrow I don’t know where we’re gonna get links
bow and arrow guys we would ever find that I don’t know now
this is the legit like replica guys check this out even says The Legend of
Zelda breath of the wine made by Nintendo I like that it’s breath of the
wild because I like the word wild I wonder why could never guess alright
let’s go outside and play breath of the wild clay hey I got a bow but I don’t
got any arrows how am I gonna shoot anything I guess we’re gonna have to use
your slingshot let’s go rock our socks off alright guys I found some pebbles
come here come here I’ll show you. there’s some plants here I’m just gonna take a couple
of these I’m gonna attack some enemies we’re gonna use the slingshot against
our buddy the emoji water balloon here you take out his leather right that’s
right exactly right oh jeez my satchel here I’m gonna just pull some some rocks
right out of that that’s what it’s for keep my rocks in there for my slingshots what a great little slingshot matches
your outfits okay who’s the fashionista now Justin that’s right and we can’t do a Legend of Zelda video
without using the weapon the razor sword it’s from The Legend of Zelda’s mo horse
mask this sword can be obtained by having zu Bora and Gomorrha the smiths
of the mountain village reforged links Kokiri sword for 100 rupees that’s kind
of expensive guys I got 100 rupees and I gave it to be and Chi sir be let me give
you by 100 rupees where are they spend it all at the mall here they are here’s
my 11 this my 100 rupees me I would like you to forge my sword beat thank you as
she’s down there forging the sword right now as we speak we just gotta wait she
works pretty quickly Vy is a master blacksmith she just
isn’t very strong how’d you do this yeah and then you got the plastic put on it
so fast yeah put it in a box check this out guys yeah fricken Ruby I see what
you did with my Ruby Ruby’s in the handle there’s a bunch all around the
handle too you turn the rupees into a Ruby oh hey guys wow this is the
craziest thing I’ve ever seen in my life wow I even made you a display Wow
hanging on the wall that’s so nice of you you may – eh – oh you’re so nice me
oh you gotta protect yourself with a sheep that’s a fake sheep Judy’s holy
sheep flip it on in won’t even I don’t think it’s gonna fit in there that’s a
tight fit now we can take it outside
let’s fight some hyrulean ninja warriors with this thing okay guys I have no idea
what the guys went I’m gonna go and look for them come on let’s go I’m just
getting the shave with the razor sword by my barber Justin here hi guys he likes
to get it really close yeah exactly it’s a razor store it so it’s it’s made
for shaving oh you know what’s the currency in the legend of Zelda, Rupees
the rupees 8,000 rupees that is expensive gel you know if you want it
done right you gotta cough it up that’s right here you go link oh and I get to
keep the razor no now it’s a good yeah I hope link is ready for my banana throw
Oh ready link Oh bananas he’s a Nana cake banana squeezy
he’s shout out to all of you notification then just I am showing your
comments down below thanks forget here in the first hour hanging out with us in
the comment section another huge shout out to em I see
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