5 BIG Food Industry Lies | Vishen Lakhiani

You may not know it, but if
you’re the average person alive on Earth today, you are being lied to,
and you’re buying into five great lies about the food you put in your body. These lies cost you money,
they cost you your longevity, they cost you health, and they
negatively impact the health of your family. Billions of people buy into these lies
and eat and drink things that they think are healthy. But when you understand the truth,
you gain the ability to immunize yourself from these lies. Doing this will not only add years to your
life, but it will save you and your family thousands of dollars. The first big lie is fruit juice. We are trained to believe that fruit juice
is healthy because we associate fruits with health and nutrition. Fruits are healthy,
but fruit juice is not. Most modern fruit juices that you buy
in a grocery store are filled with sugar and artificial flavoring, and only
contain a tiny bit of the total vitamins and nutritions that you
would get in an actual fruit. Big lie number two, companies like
Coca-Cola, in their worldwide marketing, create an artificial connection
between their drink and your happiness. Coca-Cola isn’t happiness
and positivity in a red can. It is obesity and diabetes in a red can. Billions of dollars are spent every year
by large soda companies to associate their drinks with happiness,
positivity, a sense of adventure, and deeper human connection. All of these are triggers that entice us
as human beings, but within every can are slow poisons that
wreak havoc on your body. The big lie number three, sugar. Yes, our bodies do need small levels
of sugar every now and then. However, large food companies have
realized that sugar’s addictive quality means that when they add sugar to their
products, we can’t stop buying them and eating them, thus up to 70% or more
of products that you buy in the average American grocery store
today contain sugar. And sugar, says modern science,
is not just bad for your health, it can be as addictive as cocaine. Companies get you hooked on
eating more, and more, and more. Big line number four,
the lie of diet soda. In a brilliant move,
they took the word diet, a word that we associate with health,
and slapped it on cans of soda. It’s proven that diet soda, in many
cases, is actually worse for your body than regular soda, because it disrupts
the trillions of cells in your gut that regulate your biology. Lie number five is the exercise myth. Modern studies show that 80% to
90% of your body shape has little to do with exercise. In fact, most of your body
shape is based on what you eat. Companies like Nestle market drinks like
Milo and put sports stars on the package suggesting to kids in developing countries
that drinking Milo gives them the energy for them to go forth
and succeed at sports. What Nestle doesn’t share
is that Milo is 40% sugar. In fact, to burn off the number
of calories in a glass of Milo, a child would have to run two kilometers. It is no wonder that in countries
with high consumption of Milo, obesity is on the rise. These five lies flow together in beautiful
symphony, and brainwash billions of us to eat things that are bad for us,
to spend our money with large companies who get us hooked on substances
that destroy our health. And they are hurting, not just us,
but our children and entire generations to come. The way to get these companies to shift
is to expose these lies so that these companies take responsibility and
change their products for the better. The last time we created a video like this
to expose Nestle’s practices in Malaysia, we got banned from every single media
outlet in Malaysia because Nestle spends 3 billion a year on advertising. However, our video became the biggest
story in Malaysia because Malaysians shared it using WhatsApp. This pushed Nestle to side with the truth. In Australia and New Zealand. Milo lost its four and a half stars for
health and became one star. In Singapore, zero-sugar
Milo was introduced. When we stop falling for the lies,
we take away the power that these companies have to destroy our health. So let’s stop this blatant
lying to billions of people. Share this video and let’s wake up
humanity to the truth.