Hi, guys. Welcome back to my channel. In today’s
video, I’m going to be giving you some meal inspiration and sharing with you four family
meals that are healthy, quick and also vegetarian. We’re not a vegetarian family, but we like
to have one to two veggie meals a week because it can be healthier, cheaper, and even better
for the environment. I’m also really excited to be working with
Quorn on this video. I know some of you guys already know them and love them. They have
a huge range of protein products, and they’re a great alternative to meat. They’re packed
full of protein and fiber as well. I just like that they’re so easy to use. You can
cook a lot of their products from frozen. They’re a brand that really does care about
their carbon footprint. The majority of their packaging is recyclable and minimal as well. Simply by reducing the amount of meat that
you eat each week can have a really positive effect on your family. It can help you take
in less calories, saturated fat, and also lower your carbon footprint. If you want to find out how much it will lower
your carbon footprint, on the Quorn website they have a really cool little sustainability
calculator, so I’ll put all the links in the description down below for their products
and for their website as well. But today, I’m going to show you how delicious
these veggie meals are. These are my top four favorite ones that I love and that the kids
love as well, so I hope you really like these recipes. For my first recipe, I’m going to share with
you a classic family favorite. This is veggie spaghetti bolognese. This is my son Jackson’s
favorite meal. I’ll link all the recipes in the description down below as well if you
want to go ahead and make them yourself. But, all you have to do for this one is heat
some oil in a sauce pan. Add onion, carrot, and garlic. Soften that for five minutes.
Then add in some mushrooms for another two to three minutes. Then add in a can of chopped
tomatoes, some vegetable stock, and a glug of ketchup as well. I cover that and simmer it for about 10 minutes
before I stir in the Quorn Mince. This needs to cook for about 12 minutes, which is great
because I can let that cook and simmer and also cook the pasta at the same amount of
time, so I just do that and serve it up. As I said, this is one of Jackson’s favorites. For my next recipe, I’m going to share with
you my favorite veggie stir fry. This recipe can be adapted to suit your family and which
veggies you like. I also include Quorn Pieces in this. This is my favorite Quorn product.
It’s my secret ingredient. It has a really nice texture that the kids will really like
as well. You can use it from frozen, so it’s super easy. It’s already in bite sized pieces,
so I love using this in fajitas, or stir fries, pastas, things like that. But to start off, just put some sesame oil
into a frying pan or wok and add your favorite vegetables. I’m putting in some baby corn,
yellow peppers, red peppers as well. Then I also add in my Quorn Pieces. I will just
eyeball this and just put in the amounts that I think that we need. These need to be cooked
for just 12 minutes, so I let all of that cook down a little bit before I add in something
like carrots, bok choy, ginger, and garlic and [mung 00:03:08] too as well. The sauce is super easy as well. All I do
is add in a bit of sesame oil, and I also use a light soy sauce as well. Again, I just
eyeball it, but I’ll put the proper measurements down in the description as well. Then all
you have to do is make your favorite noodles and that normally takes just four minutes.
Then mix it all together and you have the most delicious stir fry. My next recipe is a veggie chili. This recipe
does take the longest, but it’s not labor intensive because you pretty much just leave
things to roast and to simmer on their own. But to start out, you preheat your oven to
200. Then roast some sweet potatoes. Stick them onto a pan and then add a pinch of cumin,
a pinch of cinnamon, and a pinch of cayenne pepper if you want to. Obviously, if your
kids don’t like the spice, don’t add this on. You can also add some pepper and some
salt as well, and just whack that into the oven for 40 minutes. While that’s cooking in the oven, you can
get on with the rest of the chili on the [hobber 00:04:07]. Just put some oil in a pan and
fry up onions, red peppers, yellow peppers, and garlic until they’re soft. Then you can
add in some fresh chili and spices if you want to. I’ll put the recipe down below, but
it’s completely up to you how spicy or not you want this dish. Then add in one can of cannellini beans, one
can of kidney beans, and then two cans of plum tomatoes and let that simmer. Keep an
eye on it and stir occasionally for about 30 minutes. Then once the sweet potatoes are
done in the oven, you can add that to the dish as well. And you have yourself a delicious
chili which you can serve with rice if you want to or just eat it as it is. My last recipe is another family favorite.
It is good old sausage and mash, but the veggie version, so I’m going to be using Quorn Sausages.
These are quick and easy to make. You can do them on the hob in 10 minutes, or in the
oven for 12 minutes. They are low in saturated fats, but also high in protein. My boys really
like these, so obviously make the mash how you normally would and then cook up the sausages. Then I thought I would teach you a really
nice vegetarian gravy. For this yummy veggie gravy, all you have to do is fry up an onion
in your frying pan until it’s soft. Then add in a knob of butter, and then a tablespoon
of flour. Mix that together until the flour is coated, and then add in a teaspoon of mustard
powder. Then gradually add in vegetable stock, so just add a little bit, and make sure you
get rid of all the lumps, and then keep adding more and more. Let that simmer until it’s
the consistency that you want, right. Those are my four recipes. I really hope you
enjoyed this video. Let me know in the comments which recipe is your favorite or any other
vegetarian recipes that you liked to have. Thank you so much for watching. Thank you
to Quorn for working with me on this. I’ll see you in my next one. Bye, guys.