Today we going to make some protein bars! You going to need some Jumbo oats. Just put them inside. Let`s put some different Jumbo oats types. Granola And let`s put this, Oats with raisins inside Nice! So, what we going to need we going to need one banana some nuts, mixed nuts some dry fruits and some some raisins Protein we need…. Bars need some protein. Let`s put some scoops….like, I think 3 will be enough. some sunflower oil let`s mix it now You are not mushing a banana yet? I will mush it… I will do it everything together with my hands after that. This will be the best part. And let`s put some sunflower oil. Just a little bit. Ok! And now… We need some peanut butter. And put some spoons of peanut butter. depends, maybe you going to need some milk after that to make it more like “stable” or more “liquid” Let`s put some milk inside This going to be the best protein bars ever! 🙂 I hope so 🙂 Sorry! ok, lets mix them just a little bit I already like this consistence. And let`s put some more milk just a little bit And now this is the best part. What flavour protein is this? It`s chocolate. That`s why we are not putting any chocolate inside. Ok Alright! And now…. use your hands! Just do…. like that! like you are very angry, you know releasing all your negative energy in this It is not too wet? Or it is gonna? It needs to go after to the freezer and after the freezer it will be solid….this is a good consistence now otherwise we not goona be able to mix it ok I think that my tray is too small. I put too much here. So, we are putting the mixture after you mixed it you are making like “snowballs” and put them on tray Protein “showballs” and the last one ok, keep it like that… and then we have to put a cover on and make it flat and put in a freezer for one and half two hours our protein bar mini bars after freezer we just gonna cut them and keep them in clean foil and eat whenever you want at work….every morning…every evening after training It`s been two hours. We gonna test our… check obviously this is number one, this is number two Frozen! It is frozen, but it is perfect! This is how it meant to be. Does it stay hard? I think it is little bit over in a freezer I think it is over, too frozen But it will be fine…it can stay little bit And then you just cut and make a protein bars let`s take a knife It stayed for a while outside… And I just cut it like that and you have ….mini protein bars… I already tried one. believe me….. it`s very tasty You gonna like it! Enjoy it! Thank you for watching my video!