2 WORST Exercises People OVER 40 Must AVOID (Yes, even though they’re popular…)

Hey out there. Coach Dan Long with
Get Lean in 12. And today I’m at the gym
and I have some exercises that I want you to avoid,
because they are no good. Now, not only am I’m going to
show you the exercise to avoid, I’m going to show you how
to replace those exercises with effective exercises
for people like you that are over the age of 35. Now, I’m 44 years old. I’ve been in the fitness
industry for over 20 years. I have trained everyone
from moms, dads, kids, to Olympians, MLB, NFL,
professional athletes worldwide. Now, if you are using
these 2 exercises that I’m going to
show you today, I want you to avoid those. I came specifically to
the gym to show you this. Now, the first exercise is this
machine called a hip abductor. The hip abductor. Now, is it a bad machine? No. But does it operate, and does
it give you the movements, 1, to shed belly fat? The answer is no. OK. Does it also hit
the proper muscles which are all on the outside
of the hips and the thigh right here, which is
your abductor muscles. The answer is no. It does hit a muscle. I’m going to show you right now. So I’m going to get
into this machine. Now, what you do is you
sit in this machine, right? You bring your knees
in by the pads. You sit the proper weight. You put your hands
on the handles. And you open and you close,
just like this, right? So you’re doing these movements. You’re opening and your
closing, just like so. Now, here’s the problem
with this machine. The problem is, as of
the abductor muscles that you’re supposed
to be triggering, there is a small muscle
deep inside your hip called the piriformis OK? That muscle is what really
this machine is working. Now, when that
muscle is overworked, because you’re doing
these, and possibly if you’re doing them too heavy,
when that muscle is overworked, it then triggers the muscles
around your sciatica. When you do that, what happens? Your sciatica will cause
problems inside your back. And this triggers that. Now, if you’re looking
to lose belly fat and you’re over
the age of 35, I’m going to have something
for you here in a minute. Don’t go anywhere. This link up above,
don’t click it. OK? But I got something for you here
in a minute for people like you that should be moving different,
that are over the age of 35. Now, again, when
you’re doing this, yes, you’re triggering minimal
inside the abductor muscles. And you’re using the
piriformis, which is inside, deep inside the hip. So I want you to replace that
exercise with a simple movement that you can do right at home. Now I’m going to show
you that right now. So you’ll go to floor
for this, all right? Very simple. You’ll lay on your side,
and obviously you’re going to do the
left and the right. You’re going lay on your
side, legs together, OK? Put your body in
a plank position. Put your hand right in
front of your stomach. And then all you’re
going to do, is you’re going to lift
this leg anywhere from four to 12 inches. Hold it for 5 seconds. And then bring it back down. Now, if your leg
starts to do this, it means you’re going
to high and your muscles are starting to pull. We don’t want that, OK? So we’re replacing
the hip abductor with a hip abductor
exercise that’s body weight that you can do
right in your own living room. Again, down like this. Lift this leg up, you
can go up 12 inches. Hold it for 5 seconds. And then you’re going
to bring it back down. And of course, then
you switch sides. And you would do the
other side to replace this old machine
that is not going to help you lose the belly fat. Now, come on with me. Because I’m going to show you
the second thing that we have inside of the gym
that people are using, but, I’m letting you know,
it’s not natural movements. That’s the problem with a
lot of these machines, right? We want what happens with
our body normally to move. What is our daily things
that we go through, right? Getting in and out of
a car, all the time driving, picking
up children, right? Going grocery shopping. Doing all of these things
that some of these machines are not natural movements. Now, I’ll take you
right over here. This, I’m sure you know,
is called an elliptical. OK? The elliptical movements,
what natural movement do you do that is any movement
that’s from an elliptical? The answer is zero, OK? Does an elliptical
burn some calories? Sure it does. But are the movements
natural movements of what you go
through day in and day out, by the time you
wake up and go to bed? The answer is no. Now, when you get on the these
machines, this elliptical, I’m going to show you
the movement here, OK? You can use your handles. You can also use this. But, if you’re
holding on to this, that means you’re putting
pressure on your back, OK? So now, when you’re
moving forward, just like this, what do
you do that’s this movement in an elliptical? There is no movement
that’s natural. So the point is, is when
you’re doing an exercise that is cardio and also
resistance for lower body, I want you to replace
the elliptical with, come on over here, this machine
here, which is the Stairmaster. The Stairmaster is
an amazing machine that not only
incinerates calories, it shreds calories
and lower belly fat. And I’m going to show
you the proper way that you should be doing this. Now, let me get up here
and start this machine. When you move, you
want to move in a way where you’re not
holding here a lot, and you’re also not
leaning here a lot. You want to move in a natural
movement, just like so. Now, let me go ahead
and crank this level up just a little bit. Here’s the thing, a couple of
things to pay attention to, if you’re holding
on here a lot, it means that you
need to slow down. And if you’re holding
on here a lot, either you have a bad
back, which is fine, but also, if you’re
holding on here a lot, you’re also putting
a lot of, you see how, you see this pressure? You’re putting it
on the forward? Just like so. You want to try to move
just like you would normally naturally move up and
down on the stairs, right? This is movements
that are natural. And these movements
shred calories. So replace in elliptical
with the Stairmaster if you’re over the
age of 35 and you want to lose that lower belly fat. Now, with that being said, I
hope that these 2 exercises, you’ll implement immediately. You’ll start impacting your
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