10 Top Kitchen Tools You Must Have to Eat Vegetables and Fruits

Alright, this is John Kohler with okraw.com Today we have another exciting episode for
you and in this episode, that I’ve never done before, I want to show you guys my top
10 kitchen tools that you should buy if you’re into a raw foods or raw vegan diet or if you
just want to eat lots of fruits and vegetables you know. I’ve been doing this diet now since 1995
so at present time that’s about 22 years and I’ve played with all kinds of different
kitchen gadgets, kitchen tools, small kitchen appliances. I know it all and in this video I’m going
to sum up my top 10. I mean every year for at least half a dozen
years, I’ve been going to that Nash, International housewares show to find out the latest kitchen
gadgets and tools that will allow you to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables. Every year I actually make a video at that
event so be sure to check out my other YouTube channel youtube.com/rawfoods where I have
a video of that event and all the cool things I find for your guys. Anyways in this video we’re going to show
you guys the kitchen tools, but that being said the first thing I want to say is that
you don’t need any kitchen tools to eat your guyses fruits and vegetables, you just
need a couple things. Your hands, and a good pair of teeth. So don’t wreck your teeth by eating too
much fruit and not taking care of your teeth, very important to brush after every meal but
to wait at least 30 to 45 minutes but after every fruit meal, especially dried fruit,
you want to rinse out and floss for sure. So that’s the disclaimer, you don’t need
anything, you just need actually the fruit tree, some vegetable plants and you can just
pick and eat stuff right? Some of the tools and appliances that I’ll
be showing you guys today make it significantly easier to increase the volume of fresh fruits
and vegetables you’re eating as well as make it a lot easier and simpler. Alright, so let’s get into this video. First off we’re going to go with the number
one thing you need, which is knives. So I like these ceramic knives here, I don’t
store these ceramic in with my standard steel kitchenware because they are quite delicate. Um, you know what’ll happen if you store
them and clank them around is this. You can see nice big chips in here and this
is one of my first knives. This is actually one in Japan and they tend
to be a lot sharper but also a lot more fragile than some of the ones I’ve gotten lately
in China. The knives live on top of my dehydrator on
top of a nice, you know like a dish mat or a dish drying mat so it’s nice and cushioned
surface so we won’t damage them and they’re all lined laid out. Some of my favorites ones actually are these
black ones and I’ll put links down below to everything that I mention to Amazon and
if you do click through those links please be aware that all links that I’m sharing
with you guys will support a non-profit animal shelter um that rescues dogs and cats that
may actually have deformities, may have you know problems with walking, no eyes, no sight,
all kinds of stuff. So thank you in advance for supporting the
links I have down below. So you can find these exact items. So yeah I got this actually from Amazon, it’s
actually a black knife and if you look at the blade there I don’t really see any,
there’s no major chips, I see a few microchips in there, but yeah this one’s done really
well. I like this one because it’s really good
for chopping. I also have like that was an individual and
then I got a set of these knives which I actually like a lot. These ones are also fairly good quality. Um, you know very little damage to them. No you gotta watch out for some cheap, imported
Chinese knives like this guy right here or this guy. What happens on these guys is like you can
see the blade, look at that, the blades like coming loose on here. So watch out for some inexpensive uh ceramic
knives. Now the thing is, you know ceramic knives
don’t have to cost a lot. This ceramic knife was like a dollar fifty
at a store in Southern California even Northern California maybe other places called die so. I like this ceramic knife because in general
they retain their edge a lot longer, they’re a lot harder than the steel knives that you
got to sharpen more regularly. Of course if you’re into sharpening your
steel knives regularly and they’re actually sharp, that’s good. But I like this ceramic knife because I’m
kinda lazy, I’m not like a chronic knife sharpener guy. They keep their edge for a nice long time. Plus I don’t get any steel ions in my food
or anything to oxidize my food unnecessarily. Now aside from the knives you also need something
else, a cutting board. And when I say a cutting board, I don’t
mean a little cutting board like this right? This is for cutting cheese, when you’re
cutting and eating fruits and vegetables you’re eating you know a couple heads of lettuce
and you need nice large cutting board. While this may be good for like when I’m
eating a meal of nectarines, I want to cut each nectarine before I eat it, you know I’ll
use something like this. But normally I like to have a nice large cutting
board you know something like this, this is actually quite huge. So get a nice, large cutting board. I like the bamboo cutting boards, I’d also
recommend other natural wood cutting boards, you know especially when using ceramic knives,
do not cut on any kind of glass or any kind of ceramic countertops or any granite countertops,
cuz the ceramic knives will actually damage those things. I only recommend you guys cut on wood or something
like plastic. I’m not a big fan of plastic cutting boards
myself. And be sure to oil your wooden or bamboo cutting
boards regularly. I like to actually use the coconut oil. So one last thing I wanted to say about the
knives and the cutting boards is you know I got the cheap Chinese ceramic knives but
if you want a higher quality knife, some of the best ones you can find at this time are
like right here. This si the Kyocera brand, Kyocera, they don’t
have good customer service in my opinion and based on my experience, but they make some
pretty decent knives. This set cost me about $50 and these knives
once again made in Japan, they’re more sharp but also more fragile, so if you’re really
good at taking care of things I would recommend this set and the real good kicker about this
set is the middle knife. I don’t know if you guys can see the detail
on the middle knife. But this is a micro serrated knife. This is unlike any Chinese knife I’ve ever
seen before. It’s actually like shark teeth. So actually if you’re cutting through tomatoes
and things that are hard to cut with regular knives, you’re gonna want to use the micro,
um, micro sharp Kyocera knife. So it comes in this set ad also you can buy
separately. Once again I’ll put links down below for
you guys. So the second thing you guys are gonna need
if you’re serious about eating more fruits and vegetables are nice, large bowls. You would definitely be surprised if you went
to you know some of my friends houses that I’ve been to and number one a lot of them
actually don’t have sharp knives, which really bothers me a lot and number two they
don’t even have nice, large salad bowls. I’m like man how are you even a raw foodist
if you don’t have nice, large salad bowls to eat nice large salads because your salads
should be your main dish. One of the staples of your raw food, plant
based diet or if you just want to eat more fruits and vegetables. You need to eat salads every day. My goal is to eat two pounds of leafy greens
each and every day and you know bowls make it possible. The thing is when you’re eating lots of
fruits and vegetables, right, you gotta eat a lot more quantity of food because there’s
not a lot of food because there’s not a lot of calories in that food. For example, you know leafy greens are just
100 calories per pound. So you could eat a whole pound of leafy greens
and it’s not even a 100 calories. And meanwhile one banana is like 100 calories,
depending if you got a nice sized one. Uh, so yeah, salad bowls are essential and
the kind I recommend, let’s go in my cupboard here are nice glass salad bowls here so this
comes in a set, I have bought actually a couple sets, to have salad bowls for you know friends
come over and what not. But these are the Pyrex fluted salad bowls. The reason why I like this is because it’s
actually a pretty good, cheap, affordable set. Number two reason I like this is cuz they’re
large, this is actually just a dinner salad size for me. The other reason is because they actually
have these lids, you know they have different sized lids, I think this bowl, this et comes
with like four different sized bowls, and each of them actually have a lid. So whether you can’t finish your salad you
want to just put a lid on it and put it in your fridge, or put a lid on it take it to
your work or you want to put a lid on it and take it to a potluck, you’re all set up
with these bowls. So yeah, get some nice bowls and you could
also get some wood bowls if you like, I personally like the glass ones because they are a little
bit easier to take care of unless you’re like fragile and dropping stuff a lot. The wood might be better. But I don’t like the wood because the wood
can get scratches in it and you could get mold and bacteria growing in there and they
can be harder to take care of because you got to like treat them with some oil every
once and awhile, kinda like the cutting boards. So once again, I’ll put the links down below
to this bowl set I like on Amazon, it also may be available locally near you at Costco
which is probably actually cheaper. The third thing you’re gonna need if you’re
serious about eating your fruits and vegetables are nice jars, right? I have a whole collection of jars, you know
whether they’re glass bottles for drinking juices, or whether they’re something like
the mason jars, right? Mason jars can be quite inexpensive, actually
one of the least expensive places I’ve found them is not actually online but at your local
Walmart store, they’re usually the cheapest there. This is the 32 ounce standard mouth Mason
jar, I do not like these style, I prefer you guys get the wide mouth Mason jar. Let’s see if we have any right here. Well here’s one right here, but it actually
has a special lid on it. So I like the Mason jars because they will
actually hold lots of volume, they have a nice large lid so you can even pack a salad
in here and you know take it to work or whatever and in addition you know besides the 32 ounce
they also have a 16 ounce, if we open my other cupboard over here, you guys can see, you
know they also have a half gallon size, so sometimes when I’m on a juice fast I’ll
fill these guys up with juice or times I’m just storing my actually home dried tomatoes
in there as well as a lot of other different ingredients. Now aside from the Mason jars, when you buy
the Mason jars in a case you’re gonna get the standard tops, the tops formerly were
made that had a BPA actually lining on there, the new tops I believe do not have the BPA
lining, that being said, there are a multitude of different tops you guys can get for your
Mason jars. So let me go ahead and open this up and show
you guys my, basically a little basket of all the different tops that I use, so uh let’s
see for example, for example I have these tops here that will basically screw on the
Mason jar so I can take it to go and it has a little spout so you can drink out of it,
that being said, these guys which are called recaps, I do not recommend you guys buy these,
they suck, they leak. I bought these and then I told them hey they
leak, they never responded to me, so now I just tell everyone not to buy these guys but
there’s a lot of other ones that are like this that are probably pretty good. The other thing I bought, I bought like this
standard, like at Walmart, you could get these just these standard plastic lids and I drilled
a hole in this guy and then this guy can put this on the top and actually I could put a
glass straw in there so then it doesn’t leak I think that’s the nice better solution
or you could do something like this which is once again I got that little grommet in
there and then on the top I’ve instantly turned this into a fermentation vessel now,
so this is a one way airlock. Now besides just like this style airlock there
are many other new kinds of airlocks on the market now, so I got these silicone airlocks
you just put on with a lid ring, now you can do fermentation in these jars. In addition, I have other different kinds
or fermentation lids, oops, including this one, I think this is from the company called
The KrautSource and so this one’s kinda cool, it just screws on this is all stainless
steel this lid, event the ring on the outside, but basically this has a little airlock on
the top that you fill with water a little cone that goes over the top plus there’s
a little spring tensioner that keeps tension on all the vegetables you’re fermenting. So I do like this guy a lot. Also aside from that you guys could get sprout
lids. Very important, this is why we want the wide
mouth because the sprout lids are generally only in wide mouth. They have plastic sprout lids like this, but
I actually prefer the ones that actually have the stainless steel mesh and then the plastic
surround right there and then you can do all your sprouting inside now when storing thing
you know they got these standard two piece lids which you could use but I found another
really cool thing to use and it’s actually quite inexpensive you know I’ve been into
like a lot of vacuum technology lately, as you’ll learn later with the vacuum blenders. But you know storing things under vacuum and
removing the excess oxygen is one of the best ways to store all your food whether it’s
your dried food and nuts and flax seeds, flax powder you make at home or whether that’s
your juices and smoothies right. The extra air layer that’s inside the jar
you know there’s extra oxygen in there and that oxygen is reacting with the food breaking
down to the valuable phytonutrients, antioxidants in the food so I found these lids right here
and let me show you guys what the lid looks like, these are very simple lids, they’re
plastic, I think they’re BPA-free, but they have a one way valve in here made out of silicon
and they basically these guys fit a wide mouth Mason jar no problem, so you basically, you
want to wet this lid because I tried this without wetting it first and it really didn’t
work but you just basically put it on and then you have this little pump here and this
pump you put on the top and then you basically put it on and you just pump it up and down
and then what happens is you’re sucking all the excess air out of the jar and you
take this off and now this lid is like fully sealed on here. Now I’ve done testing where I do it without
wetting it and then basically it will come loose, but once you wet it and you get it
a bit wet then it is actually going to hold on, like this one’s been holding at least
for like five days under vacuum, let’s go ahead and take it off for your guys so you
guys can hear it. A little bit of vacuum in there but you guys
did hear it go p-’s and oh it’s still stuck on, oh there we go, took out the rest
of the vacuum. Now you could pull it off and yeah there’s
the sealing ring that’s actually just a little bit wet I think that helped out a lot. But yeah actually this kit I found only $7.99,
it comes with like nine tops and the vacuum sealer which is an amazing deal, so yeah. Definitely get some Mason jars in the wide
mouths. Once again links down below. So forth kitchen tool you guys should definitely
get is a tool I use a lot, especially for dinner, where I turn things like zucchini,
English cucumbers, even things like butternut squash, even bell peppers, depending on the
appliance on the tool you’re using into noodles. So this could get you away from eating things
like grains that can that may not processed grains that may not be so good for you. So let’s go ahead in my cupboard and show
you guys what we got so there’s a multitude of different noodle style maker things and
I have a lot of them actually, I’ll show you guys a couple here real quick. So you know these are called spiralizers and
what happens it you put like something like a zucchini in here or butternut squash um
and just turn it and rotate this and it basically put little slits in it and then it slices
it into these some of these amazing noodles. So this is my favorite this one is no longer
available this is the one I use the most um it’s actually by Lurk from Germany it’s
called the sprillo, I will put links to similar one’s down below. Another one that my girlfriend like a lot
is actually this guy may be known as the Begetti but there’s a lot of knockoffs nowadays
these guys are maybe as low as five dollars. Basically you just put a carrot or a zucchini
in here and just turn it, it has two sizes small noodles on this side and large noodles
on this side and just turn and the noodles will come out so that’s super simple, super
easy. I find that this can be a little bit challenging
to clean because it comes down to a little point at the bottom. So instead of using this I like to use uh
like just a simple 16 milliliter millimeter a mandolin strip slicer and so it has all
these little you know cutouts here so as you run the produce through if you run it through
long way it makes long strips and if you run it through the short way it just makes little
those little tiny strips. So I don’t know if you’ll find this one
on Amazon I got this at an Asian store but these are actually quite inexpensive in addition
they also have little peeler tools that you can use to make the noodles. I don’t generally like the peeler tools
to make the noodles because you can you know cut yourself with that if you’re not careful. So the fifth kitchen tool that I believe you
guys should get are some kitchen utensils. So these are like hand operated tools that
could help you out significantly as someone who want to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables. Trust me when I say I’ve tested a lot of
them and actually own a bunch as you guys can see I have a drawer full of all kinds
of crazy stuff you know I got ice cream scoopers for scooping out ice cream when I make ice
cream but you know I’m gonna sum it up and just give you guys my top few kitchen tools
right now so probably the first thing that I recommend that you guys get is one of these
guys. This is a spatula and this is a special spatula
this is a silicon spatula and it’s nice and flexible plus it’s also like long and
skinny and narrow. So this is quite essential especially when
I’m making things in my blender which is coming up pretty soon to scoop things out
also to scoop things out of bowls when I’m done made eating my super salad I scoop out
the edge and just really could squeegee it down to get all my delicious food into me. So get a spatula, I don’t I’ll put links
down below to ones that are like this one. This model I got at Williams-Sonoma but unfortunately
it’s no longer available. Other things I really like a lot kitchen tools
are right here some chopsticks. Super critical super important I want you
guys to slow down when eating now unless you’re Asian, the chopsticks are probably going to
slow you down a lot when eating because some of you guys can’t even use them. But you know most people eat way too quickly,
I want you guys to take each mouthful chew each mouthful into a mush. I mean this is why God nature whomever has
given us teeth to chew everything to a mush, that’s why we feed babies baby food because
they don’t have teeth, they need food to be a mush and we need food to be a mush so
that our our the villi in our intestines can digest the food as oftenly as possible and
extract the nutrients out of them. So chopsticks will definitely help you guys
out check out you know a local Asian market most of them have chopsticks there. Another thing I like, oh can’t forget this
guy. My coconut de-meating tool, right? This depends if you’re going to eat a lot
of coconuts or not these are for the mature coconuts not the young coconuts but I use
the mature coconut meat quite often to make things like my amazing raw vegan ice cream
I’ll put a link down below if I remember to the video where actually I use this tool
to get out the coconut meat and make a delicious raw vegan ice cream. I also use the coconut meat to make fresh
coconut milk that I’ll infuse with some of my juices to get higher uptake of some
of the beneficial phytonutrients and phytochemicals, especially when I do something like my deep
rich red cactus fruit juice or even sometimes carrot juices and other leafy green juices. So the next kitchen utensil I think you guys
should have are some reusable straws, right? One of the challenges you can have as a raw
foodist especially if you’re drinking a lot of sweet smoothies or sweet juices is
that the sugar can get on your teeth so like I just have it go into my mouth and you know
avoid my teeth and swish it around and chew your juices and smoothies before swallowing. So I like personally like the glass straws
the most you know they have a lot of glass straws now, if you look really closely you
can actually find ones with a nice large diameter so really thick smoothies will go up it. Um also you can actually find nice tall ones
that will sit in you know even 64 ounce Mason jars or even your blender craft without sinking
down too much. You know here’s another glass straw that
you know as these little things on the side so it won’t roll off the counter. I prefer the ones that actually have a nice
little bend to them. And then if you want to you guys can get some
stainless steel straws, so if you’re like you know a butter fingers and drop glass things
and break them a lot. You guys can get the stainless steel ones. I don’t personally like the stainless steel
ones you can’t really ever see if you cleaned it inside good enough you got a lot of crust
in there. Um so if a good glass straws actually come
with some uh some nice pipe cleaning brush so you can actually clean off on the inside. I mean I could sit here forever talking about
all my cook kitchen utensils here but I’m going to show you guys the last one and the
last one I really like a lot are these guys. So these are kind of similar but they’re
a little bit different and I have a whole collection of them there’s three different
sizes and actually called the avoloops and actually this is called an avoscoop. So I started out with the avoscoop and this
allows you to basically take the avocado out of the avocado skin really easily but this
also works for things like watermelons and cantaloupes even mangos, I use this for mangoes
to basically get right near the skin so I get all the delicious fruit out. These guys can be hard to find, normally they
have tines in here to seperate avocados into slices. I’ll put a link down below if I’m able
to find this guy for you guys. Otherwise I’ll put a link for these guys,
These are the avoloops and I like these a little bit more than that other one in some
ways these are amazing because these are adjustable by simply just grabbing this and you know
pulling it in or pulling it out you guys can get a nice scoop of your fruit. So this will work for like you know cantaloupes
and watermelons, they got smaller ones for like mangos here and this guy for mangos is
amazing I could peel a mango so closely with this and hopefully I’ll have an upcoming
video for you guys. And then they got smaller ones for you know
a smaller avocados or even smaller mangos. So the next kitchen tool I think you guys
should have you know starting for like you know more major equipment than some of the
things you guys saw earlier is water filtration. This is super critical super important if
you guys are buying organic produce and then you’re using just standard tap water to
wash your produce you may be contaminated with chlorine, chloramines and even fluoride
right? We want to try to remove as many of these
things as possible. That was one of the first things I did when
I moved into this house, I got a whole house water filter so every will every iota of water
that comes in is getting all the chlorine removed as well as all the sediment. And that comes out on this big spout here. And then furthermore if I want a finer rinse
or if I’m cooking or I mean making raw food preparations, I’m going to use this spigot
which is actually a reverse osmosis system. So I like the reverse osmosis for making drinking
water. That being said, my goal everyday is to drink
no water out of that tub. I don’t like to drink water that is not
alive. Personally I like to drink living water. So coconut water that was actually filtered
by the coconut palm or I like to drink fresh juices. This time of year I have lots of cucumber
and celery juice. Some of my favorite things to drink. Or you know other vegetable juices you know
even fruit juices you know for my liquids as well as if you’re eating a proper raw
foods diet which should include fresh fruits and vegetables and plenty of them you’re
going to get a lot of hydration. You know from the foods you’re eating. So I don’t currently have a recommendation
for a whole house filter you know the one that I bought and installed here I no longer
recommend um but for a reverse osmosis system for your drinking water which you could also
use for washing your produce. I like the system they have at Costco actually. It’s an affordable system plus you got the
Costco forever warranty and it’s a decent reverse osmosis system. So the seventh kitchen tool you guys should
get if you want to eat lots of fruits and vegetables and this is where it gets a little
more spendy is a juicer and I’m gonna say juice before any other appliance first becuase
I believe the juice is one of the most important tools you guys can have because literally
take a pound of leafy greens and compress that out and make literally one cup of fresh
vegetable juice to drink. You can also juice other vegetables and fruits
as well to make your vegetable juices sweet. I don’t necessarily recommend juicing straight
fruits that being said if you’re still somebody that actually drinks Coca Cola’s and Gatorades
and all these things 100% straight fruit juice is still way better than those but I prefer
to people to drink vegetable juices especially ones that have lots of leafy greens in there
at least a half pound or one pound of leafy greens and different kinds of leafy greens
each and every day. Lately I’ve been on a kick of juicing lots
of purple carrots and beets with some leafy greens and some pineapple ginger for sweetness. And the juicer I like the most out of all
the different juicers, cuz that’s what I do on the side, I sell juicers, or that’s
my main business be sure to check out my other YouTube channel youtube.com/rawfoods for all
my videos where I compare the juicers and please be sure to visit me at discountjuicers.com
to make your purchase. This allows me to continue to make these videos
that I do on YouTube so thank you so much for your guyses support for those of you guys
that will support me and for those of your guys that have supported me in the past. But anyways, my favorite juicer based on what
I juice and what I do in the kitchen is this guy right here is the omega vsj843. It’s a slow juicer it runs at 43 revolutions
per minute. It juices leafy greens quite well, hard vegetables,
also standard vegetables and also fruits and it does a really good all-around job. It also allows me to make the coconut milk
super simple super easy. It’ll also make things like nut butters
and frozen fruit sorbets, so that’s one of the favorite things to do with the juicer
is you can take frozen bananas and frozen other fruits put it through the machine it
will basically mush it all up and make it like a frozen yogurt style consistency. So along with the juicer a few other things
I believe that you guys should get that we’re including in number 7 are nice glass catch
cups and a sieve. So you know I like a stainless steel sieve
many juicers come with a sieve whether you get the vsj843 it does not but other juicers
do. And also the glass collection bowls. So I juice a lot every day I use this eight
cup Anchor Hocking um measuring cup to collect my juice and also use sometimes if I’m not
juicing so much I use a 4 cup Anchor Hocking measuring cup. Pyrex makes similar cups, but I prefer the
Anchor Hockings they fit a little better and they work a little better in my opinion these
are available at even some place like Walmart or Target for even this big guy and even this
big guy actually comes with a nice cover as well. So aside from the vertical juicer that I like
the most for my juicing style because it allows me to juice the fastest and that’s what’s
really important to me. I may be losing some you know nutritional
quality and some yield you know in that case if you wanted those two like highest yield
and more nutritional quality than this guy will put out and you’re not going to juice
a lot of fruits I would recommend the green star pro that one will get even a drier pulp
and even more nutrients and even higher yields on this like carrots as well as leafy greens. And if you want to juice a lot of wheatgrass
and sprouts and you’re more into Hippocrates style green diet then you’re going to want
to get something like the omega nc800 which is my favorite horizontal auger style machine
that allows you to juice greens, sprouts, and wheatgrass significantly better than this
guy or the green star pro. So the eighth appliance I think you guys should
get is not a Vitamix, nope, it’s a vacuum blender and unfortunately at this time Vitamix
does not have a vacuum blender and I personally don’t foresee them coming out with one any
time soon although there are people hopefully making modifications for a vacuum blender
for your Vitamix. That being said I only recommend you guys
get a vacuum blender at this time and the only one on the market at the time I’m filming
this although there will be more coming out later this year is the Dyna Pro by Tribest
this is the sole blender that I use in my kitchen myself the reason why I like this
it actually has a nice large 64 ounce style carafe and unlike any other blender on the
market at this time it comes with a special vacuum put that you actually just put on to
the top of the unit and then you basically suck out all the extra oxygen in the container
so as you guys saw I showed you the vacuum storage vessels that allow you to store your
food you know maybe four to five times longer depending on what it is when you’re blending
in any blender you’re doing massive oxidative damage to the food you’re blending you know
for example if you’re blending blueberries you’re looking two and a half times of some
of the polyphenols in the blueberries you could be lowering the vitamin A or C by three
times you’re not getting those nutrients because all the excess air in there is doing
massive oxidative damage and I do have videos on this where I show you know blending an
apple under vacuum with and without in the DynaPro I’ll put a link down below to that
and it you don’t want to spend you know this guy’s pretty spendy it’s $550 at
this time hopefully the price will come down on vacuum blenders I have a video actually
that I just put up how you could just take your own nutribullet which you might already
own and for like 20 bucks you can buy a kit here and actually you can make your nutribullet
into your own vacuum blender right by just literally sucking out the air with the simple
vacuum kit that actually came up with so I’ll put a link down below to that as well um you
know for a small personal sized blender I actually do like the nutribullet I do travel
with the nutribullet when I can’t take a full size blender and now I have my vacuum
attachment for it by just taking out these two pieces and a little cork so I can maximize
my nutrients on my raw foods diet. So if you guys are looking to buy a vacuum
blender, hey be sure to visit me at discount juicers for the DynaPro and be sure to check
out my YouTube channel youtube.com/rawfoods for videos on the DynaPro and I’ll also
have videos on the new Kuvings vacuum blender that’s hopefully going to be out here in
July. otherwise I’ll post a link down below once
again to the video on how to turn the nutribullet into a vacuum blender. Alright so we’re down to the ninth kitchen
tool I would really encourage you guys to get and it’s right over here it’s a food
processor. Now this is coming in really low on the list
you know right when I got into raw foods diet I used my food processor like a lot right
I originally owned like a CuisineArt and the CuisineArt you could get with it you know
besides just the standard S blade besides just the standard slicing or shredding disk
they actually have a french fry disk which was actually my favorite cuz I would put literally
cilantro, corn, tomatoes, avocados, onions like everything in there and just make like
a mash and just cut up all the different produce items to a nice uniform consistency I would
just eat it as what I would call chow and this was quite good and I barely do that anymore
because I prefer to actually to cut my produce up by hand and just kind of like I feel a
better connection to my food than extra motor spinning and cutting things up but for a lot
of people food processors can be essential because they can be a big time saver so whether
you get a food processor I just got the Hamilton Beach food processor here it’s really inexpensive
at Walmart I chose it because it actually has a nice large bowl and that’s one of
the most important things you know you’ve got to want to choose a food processor with
a large capacity. One of the best deals on food processors that
I recommend for most people these days are actually the CuisineArt they have actually
at the Costco inside the store that’s one of the best deals at this time. If you don’t want to get something like
a food processor they have little manual style food processors let me go ahead and show you
guys one my girlfriend likes next. The only reason really I use a food processor
these days is with an S blade and I use that to make like a dough to put into the next
item the dehydrator to make like a pizza crusts but what my girlfriend likes and she uses
almost every night actually is the Swiss pull chop by cone recon I’ll put a link down
below to this and basically this is a simple food processor it basically has a blade in
there she’ll put onion she’ll put tomatoes she’ll put whatever she needs to chop and
instead of me chopping manually which takes a longer time but I’m more precision she
just takes and puts the stuff in here and pulls this and she’s done. But then she has to clean this little contraption
thing out I’d rather just clean my cutting board and you know I’d rather have a better
connection with my food chopping my food with my ceramic knife on my cutting board. So my tenth and final kitchen tool that I’ll
be showing you guy today is the dehydrator. This did not come first it actually came last
because one of the things that I’ve learned after being on a raw foods diet after 22 years
is that you know while a dehydrator may be fun especially when you’re new and especially
when I was new I used it a lot more but knowing what I know now about food dehydration and
how it can lower some of the phytonutrients in there lower it can lower some of the enzymes
and also removes all the water or you know almost all the water you know dehydrated foods
definitely better than many cooked foods and many processed foods and packaged foods but
I personally want you guys to eat a fresh food diet these days the main reason why I
use the dehydrator is for number one convenience number two for reducing the volume of food
I need to eat when I’m traveling so many times I’ll basically harvest things like kale
and I’ll make kale chips and I’ll take those kale chips with me on the airplane so
I can have a nice big salad um you know so it’s basically a salad with kale and my
dressing that I dehydrate into kale chips and take it on the place so I can be eating
my own food on the plane other ways I use it if I have big harvests or peppers or tomatoes
I’ll dehydrate those in the dehydrator so that I could preserve my harvest and eat it
later in the season also I use dehydrated foods as thickeners in some of my recipes
so I could reduce the amount of nuts or seeds that I may be putting in there which is normally
used as a thickener. Other things I like to do is actually dehydrate
crusts so I’ll make like a cauliflower based pizza crust we’ll dehydrate in there and
we’ll basically put fresh you know vegetables and tomato sauce and a nut cheese on top of
the cauliflower crusts and have nice little pizzas to eat. And so this also gets me more cauliflower
than you know I’m not the biggest fan of eating cauliflower raw like I have some friends
that do so the dehydrator that I personally use in my kitchen this the excalibur stainless
steel dehydrator it’s stainless steel on the outside and on the inside it comes with
the stainless steel trays has a two time two temperature settings this actually runs $1,000
so it’s actually quite expensive it’s also commercial certified so if you have a
restaurant you could use it for your commercial kitchen that being said most people are not
going to buy a $1,000 dehydrator so they do have a version with the electronics for around
300 and I think 29 or $350. I’ll put a link down below to that um that’s
the one I like the other model that I would encourage you guys to look into is the Sedona
Express I like that one as well it’s a computer controlled dehydrator and it has a two time
two temperature function which I would strongly encourage you guys to use one of the challenges
I’ve learned about the dehydrators and how it’s taught to be used in raw foods is maybe
not the best way after learning some new information some publish scientific studies basically
raw foodist say you should never dehydrate more than 105 or 118 depending if your dehydrator
is like 10 degrees or 15 degrees off you know that’s why they say 105 because they dehydrate
even if you set it at 105 sometimes it goes up to 118 but none the less they say that
enzymes degrade or start to degrade at 118 degrees and enzyme degradation from what I’ve
learned is actually and time and temperature thing some enzymes are more sensitive than
others. That being said you know enzymes are one component
of a food right. Another component of a food that I believe
to be more important than just the enzymes are the phytonutrients and phytochemicals
and antioxidants. And the challenge that has come up in my mind
a proven by scientific studies that if you dehydrate a food at a lower temperature for
a longer time you’re losing more of the valuable phytonutrients you may be keeping
more of those enzymes but let me tell you this if you guys are eating dehydrated food
for your enzymes you guys are high you guys are on drugs because you know let’s face
it dehydrated foods while they may have some enzyme content you should be eating your fresh
foods for enzyme content you should be eating fresh sprouts for enzyme content those things
have enzyme content going off the roof right don’t eat dehydrated foods for your enzyme
content right eat them for your phytonutrients right eat them just to get more fruits and
vegetables in ya that you might not would have eaten anyways right and so the thing
that’s been shown through scientific studies is that the shorter time you dehydrate at
the hotter temperature even if it’s above 118 degrees you’re going to preserve more
of these valuable phytonutrients so these days what I like to do is I use the two time
two temperature and for the first couple hours maybe three or four hours some cases if it’s
tomatoes I’ll dehydrate at 140 degrees you’re like John you’re killing all the enzymes
well here’s the thing if something’s really wet like you know tomatoes has a lot of moisture
content the food temperature is still not getting above that hot but this allows me
to you know rapidly evaporate off some of the moisture which is going to shorten the
overall dehydration time after about four hours i’ll drop the temperature down to
111 you know on this dehydrator because I think the margin or error is like seven degrees
to dehydrate for the rest of the time. That being said you know the next kitchen
tool that didn’t make this video that I’ll be getting is actually a freeze dried machine
which is actually absolutely the best way to you know preserve your raw foods because
it’s going to keep the highest level of nutrients and also keep the highest level
of enzymes because it actually does it does it at a freezing temperature and it locks
in all the nutrients. Now the other thing that I would highly encourage
you guys to get with the dehydrator are these sheets right here right. So as you guys can see I got these nice stainless
steel sheets here on the dehydrator but I don’t dehydrate on the stainless steel sheets
and let me tell you why because if I dehydrate on the stainless steel sheets as much as it’s
stainless steel and that’s cool these things are a pain in the you know what to clean dehydrating
kale chips or anything on this stainless steel grids the food gets stuck in there and you
got to come with a knife and you know start scratching it off and scrubbing it off really
not a fun thing to do so I would encourage you to maybe use the reusable teflex sheets
but I don’t really like to use those because they contain the PTFE or the Teflon which
might not be good for us so I like to use the these guys this is actually silicone parchment
paper this has been used up maybe like four times and it’s still good after about one
or two more uses it will get kind funky and then I’ll basically just shred them up and
then they go into my compost but yeah that’s the best best thing that I and the best place
to get the parchment paper you can get it at your local grocery store but actually at
Sam’s Club they got this the non stick parchment paper great for baking lining and steaming
um works really well super cheap the other thing I like to use the parchment paper for
is fi I like cut open a Jackfruit or a watermelon and we don’t eat it all instead of using
plastic which is actually not recyclable or while it is recyclable but it ends up in it
doesn’t degrade in the landfill I’ll use the parchment paper to line it and then I’ll
just put a rubber band around it.to store my cut fruits and vegetables. So i think that rounds it out for my top ten
raw food raw vegan fruit and vegetable kitchen tools I think you guys should buy once links
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