【What A Ballerina Eats in a Day】My Healthy Easy Japanese Diet & Cooking

hi everyone its melody Narita I received tons of requests for a what I eat in a day video so today I thought I’d focus on the dinner portion so I can show you exactly how to create every dish along with my healthy diet secrets and detail it’s a menu I highly recommend as a ballet dancer plus it’s very easy to make even if you don’t have much time or dislike cooking so please stay tuned until the end this menu is rich in collagen and vitamin C from the edamame rice the main chicken dish steamed veggies and Japanese suits that will be terrific for your health and getting beautiful skin I also created a Japanese version of this video so please check it out in the info box below if you’re interested call module camo nihongo bottle a diode on connect when I go back in max so let’s begin I want my ingredients to be nice and fresh so I often go to Trader Joe’s or school foods for grocery shopping here’s what you need first Betty I recommend getting a variety of colors so you can obtain all the different nutrients plus it’ll look much prettier then chicken edamame Drive wakame seaweed Japanese green tea leaves ginger paste and rice of your preference so let’s get cooking in the kitchen starting with the FMO moonlight I always use these ones that are frozen coz Amami is rich in vitamin C and protein which helps revitalize the skin or end Izanami beam into your washed rice and ask for salt and Japanese cooking sake now normally you would cook rice with water but since this is a recipe to get healthy skin my secret tip is to put in such a canoe Green Team pour in your green tea and gently stir the vitamin C in the green tea area edamame is strong against high temperature heat so even if it cook right with it it will not break down and the body can absorb it Wow while we let the rice cooker do its thing has made food other dishes starting off with the main dish oils paints again chicken especially chicken skin is great and collagen which provides the skin elasticity and strength you can remove the chicken skin if you wish the for today’s menu I’m going to use some of it since it helps to get plump skin after cutting into bite-sized pieces later on on top of two layers of aluminum foil and brought the end so that it becomes each plate like this then add some soy sauce sesame oil cooking sake and oyster sauce top it off with some ginger taste and scallion so it looks like this mix all together the great thing about this menu is that you can replace the chicken with whatever else you prefer they can use it for variety of dishes and it will taste just amazing making sure the sauce doesn’t spill out bring the four corners together and segment ends so that there aren’t any cracks for air to come out we’re going to makes a veggie version the same way Supriya choose whatever vegetables you like I went with onions green yellow and red bell peppers mushrooms and broccoli the reason why I specifically chose broccoli is because it boosts collagen production meaning it’ll be awesome to have in combination with a chicken dish once you’ve cut everything up place it off in soil again and people on some clothes pepper blue yah outer and a little bit of organic mayo it’ll make the dish more flavorful than using oil wrap it up a swallow like this and put it in the toaster or oven at 375 degrees Fahrenheit or 190 yes for about 20 to 25 minutes this is incredibly easy to make even when you’re busy because in half ingredients cut up beforehand and all you would need to do is add the flavoring and pop it in the toaster for the soup I’m going to put in dried wakame seaweed and Japanese hold the sheet or bonito fish soup stock and boiled water and then add some ginger piece ginger is amazing to teach and when you’re feeling sick or need a little pick me at then add a pinch of salt if you wish and while we were utilizing our time making the dishes the rice is now ready as you can see it’s super fluffy and warm and economic smells wonderful when you open up the foil spoon chicken you should smell the aroma from the sesame seed oil and juicy chicken the veggies are also ready to serve at the same time if you’re in a rush or feeling a bit lazy you can place the entire wrap on to the plate itself so that way you won’t have to do the dishes today I’m going to make it a little bit more presentable by saying that on some plate so now here is my finished ballerina diet what I eat in a day in our version for healthy skin and body please give this video also if you found it helpful and subscribe to my channel for more healthy diet recipes if you recreate any of these recipes please send them to my instagram facebook or twitter at melody and rita because i really like to see a I know a lot of those suckers and the harsh UV rays at 80 during this time of year so please get some extra less the skin listening stitches I would also really appreciate it if you can comment new any video requests down below so I can make content and you would love to see again feel free to check out the Japanese version of this video if you bite thank you for watching bye