✅ Check Labrador Food Guide For Choosing Healthy & Delicious Meal 🐶

My friends welcome to Labrador food guide. You have made a first step in preserving your
Labrador health and extending its life and now you probably ask yourself why is that
so, right? Well choosing the right dog food for Labrador
is the most essential part because low-quality foods can cause very dangerous health problems. Ok, to avoid Labrador retriever health problems
you need: Labrador food guide part 1: choose foods with
quality ingredients. High-quality ingredients means that vegetables
and fruits need to be produced natural ie. without pesticides. As you probably know in these days there are
many producers that produce GMO ingredients with a lot of pesticides. I highly recommend you to stay away from these
products. I placed for you video in the info card above
where I show you list of worst dog food ingredients which are dangerous for dog health so you
need just to check it. Labrador food guide part 2: choose foods with
a high level of animal-based proteins. Meat contain the high level of proteins which
are essential for active dogs like Labradors. This brings us to the fact that high-quality
food will have meat as the main ingredient and vegetables level will be very low. The meat contains animals-based proteins which
have high nutritional value for Labrador Retriever. On the other hand, it is very hard for a dog
to digest plant-based proteins. Labrador food guide part 3: choose foods with
ideal proteins to fat and fiber ratio. When you purchase some dog food you can see
the percentage of food ingredients in the composition. Ok, now you probably ask yourself what is
an ideal percentage, right? Proteins to fat ratio should be 1/2 ie. if
the brand contains 40% of proteins it should contain 20% of fats. Proteins to fiber ratio should be 1/4 ie.
if the brand contains 40% of proteins then it should also contain approximately 10% of
fibers. Labrador food guide part 4: choose foods with
ideal calorie level. Well in order to choose perfect calorie level
for your Labrador Retriever you will have to know you pet characteristic. This means that you need to know its: Age. Weight. Gender. And lifestyle. Every good product will contain guide on the
background with a precise calorie level that you need to provide to your dog depending
on its characteristic. And the Labrador food guide part 5: choose foods that
are produced with right technology. Did you hear someone recommending dry food
as the best dog food for Labradors? This is a lie and dry diet are in fact dangerous
for every dog as well as Labrador. Dry dog food is produced on 250 degrees and
higher which causes proteins and fibers become carcinogenic. I suggest you choose dehydrated products with
the freeze-dried technique of production which preserve ingredients as raw and full of valuable
nutritions. These foods will preserve your Labrador health
and extend its life. I am a dog food judge and I made a comparison
of the most popular dehydrated dog foods. I place my comparison test results in a table
which you can download for free. A link is down below in the description. So now you can choose the most appropriate
food for your Labrador Retriever dog. If you like this video, hit the subscribe
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