हर्बल लाइफ शेक कैसे बनाये ? How to make  Herbalife Formula 1 shake ?  +91-953-894-7588

हर्बल लाइफ शेक कैसे बनाये ? How to make Herbalife Formula 1 shake ? +91-953-894-7588

Hi in today’s video. We’re [making] a simple herbalife formula 1 shake I’m susan bowerman registered Dietitian. I’ve asked my friend jan to come in and help me make my shake. Hi Jana. Hi, Susan How are you? I’m good. How are you? That’s great to see you you too so my understanding Is you’ve actually never made a shake before I have not you’re gonna have to walk me through that very simple just a few steps [ok] all right, [so] we’re going to take the top off the blender of course that’s a good place to start and [we’re] going to add about 8 ounces of milk to the blender. I’m using low-fat milk You can use nonfat milk if you want to you can use soy [milk] if you want to Usually we say don’t use rice milk. Don’t use almond milk and the reason is they don’t have that much protein in them We’re trying to get more protein into the [shake], so that’s a good place [to] start now You’re going to take your power and before you scoop no, don’t open yet. There’s a little trick shake your canister a little bit first and why my Face is shaking You know you’re going to shake [it] because it kind of settles want to get Shift and this way we want to be sure you get just the right amount [of] powder now You can open it [and] you’re going to put 2 rounded scoops you can choose your flavor. I chose vanilla this morning. There you go Now you could stop there, but I like to put ice in my shake it Just makes it a little thicker and give it nice textures to go ahead and put it in there It’s going to take a couple seconds longer to blend with the ice we want to get all crushed up But it’s going to make it a nice thick texture ok go forth That sounds good. I’m good. Yeah, let’s try it Say to my first shake. Oh, I think he did a great job It was really in today told you it’s so easy chairs is He’s really good Herbalife Nutritionist +91-9538947588